Movies: Run To “Drive”, Keep Ryan Gosling Working

Sarah Jessica Parker's new comedy is called I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT. The title is so star-flattering and boastful that you can almost visualize the improbable super star handling kindling and matches and gasoline and maybe a rope to tie her to a stake with directly to her army of haters. Is she a secret masochist? The title alone is surely enough to piss them off. I haven't yet seen it but, as with Madonna and other polarizing divas, you have to carefully parse response and reviews and immediately eliminate all opinions from people who will always have it in for that particular goddess. 


Dowager-maggie  road The Emmy Awards are Sunday night! And Downton AbbeyMildred Pierce's only real competition for Best MiniSeries, is returning soon. Will you be watching? I'll be liveblogging and tweeting the awards and I'm rooting for that absolutely addictive series. Any fans of Downton Abbey in the house? It's so  entertaining that you barely mind that the gay character is so irredeemably evil. OMG Blog has the trailer for Season 2 and The Awl hilariously teaches you how to make a dowager hat should you ever dream of dressing up as Maggie Smith for your next costume party. 

 road Here's a fine interview with the director of Shame, the sex addiction drama starring Michael Fassbender that's been setting festivals on fire. The film will open later this year… we're guessing NC-17 given its explicit nature.

 road And since it's Auteur Season here's an interview with the great Pedro Almodóvar on his work, his legendary relationships with his actress muses, and his new film The Skin I Live In with Antonio Banderas.

 road Are you excited for the Newsies musical that's coming to the stage? Didn't you love it when Christian Bale sang that "Santa Fe" number? Swoon. Let's hope someone great got that role.

 road Ugh. Doesn't Ryan Gosling read his rave reviews? Why does he keep threatening to quit movies? He says he won't make movies once he's making babies. Would it be improper to suggest sterilization? The movies need him!


  1. The Inveterate Insomniac says

    I stumbled upon ‘Downton Abbey’ on Netflix Instant late one night and proceeded to watch all 7 episodes in one sitting, thoroughly transfixed with Dame Maggie Smith. I also highly recommend ‘Any Human Heart’ with Sam Claflin (sigh…), Matthew Mcfadyen and Jim Broadbent as the 3 ages of writer Logan Mountstuart.

  2. Blake says

    I’m the sort of person who fast forwards through car chase scenes in movies, even on the first viewing, because they bore me THAT intensely. I almost universally hate them. Am I the only one who does this?

    After watching the trailer for that first movie, gotta say, it looks like it’s one loooooong car chase with a bit of movie wrapped around it. I’ll give it a chance though.

  3. Jeffy says

    I’m so excited for the return of Downton Abbey! I love the show, except, and I know this seems contradictory, I really wish they didn’t have any gay characters. I hate historical depictions of homosexuality because it’s always so depressing. There are no happy endings. I get this sinking feeling in my stomach just thinking about what it must have been like to be gay back then.
    I know we’re supposed to hate Thomas, he’s a villain, but I pity him so much. No wonder he’s horrible, think what he’s gone through. But I am supper excited for the return.

  4. Rob West says

    The first time I really noticed Ryan was “The Believer” where he played a Jewish white supremacist. He was astonishing. I think he’s sweet, strong and fearless, even in drag in “All Good Things” and lets not forget “Lars and the Real Girl” what a Guy…………….

  5. Do NOT Drive says

    I went to see “Drive” a glacial-paced exercise on waiting for Ryan Gosling to blink; the music was regrettable and I wish I’d had a wayto fast forward to the interesting bits -both of them-.
    In sum: *yawwwwwwwwn*.
    Thanks, Nathanilel!

  6. Christian says

    Drive: the one movie where you’ll get sick of looking at Ryan Gosling’s face, as “Do Not Drive” said, waiting to blink, speak, or take that stupid toothpick out of his mouth. I suggest watching a painting of Ryan Gosling’s face dry. Opening scene was good though, I wish the movie had gone along those lines instead of that half-assed love/crime story.

  7. says

    Sorry, you missed the mark on “Drive”. It was the worst movie I’ve seen in years. Almost got up and left twice. While Ryan Gossling is an excellent actor, Carey Mulligan was terribly miscast. The pace of the movie was either “on” or “off”. There were people in the audience laughing at the extended silences. I give it zero stars.

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