1. K says

    We can’t let this happen. Hartsell (district 36) is a possible no vote and is being targeted.
    If you live in his district you NEED to call. Say your name (as you’re registered to vote), tell them the address you’re registered at, tell them you’re one of his constituents and you want him to vote NO on this amendment if it comes up for a vote. NO NO NO NO NO! Be polite but firm. Send this to people you know in NC.

  2. SFshawn says

    Thanks Doc.
    One has to wonder who entrusts their medical care to such a wacked out nut job as this crazy old bigoted man?
    Any gay patient going to him also needs their head examined.
    North Carolina sounds VERY unenlightened?

  3. yonkersconquers says

    What blows my mind is that people still camly sit through this hateful bigoted nonsense without throwing eggs or at least jeering.

    What an unthinking complacent gobshite he is.

  4. Dan says

    Where is all this evidence that we die 20 years younger than everyone else? Is he referring to people with AIDS? Otherwise, what is killing us so much earlier? This is just wacky.

    PS Note the use of “homosexual”… what a creep.

  5. Paul says

    So, some more fabricated statistics and
    “the choir” nods in agreement….
    Keep in mind…they’ll be “returned to dust”
    soon and we can relish the thought that as the younger generation of Americans arrive in Washington, our rights will be recognized.
    Now, how can we facilitate their journey???
    Oh, let’s use their own hocus-pocus on them…pray the farts away!

  6. Rick says

    “Where is all this evidence that we die 20 years younger than everyone else? Is he referring to people with AIDS? Otherwise, what is killing us so much earlier? This is just wacky.”

    I don’t know if there is any dependable data on this, but it would not surprise me if gay men have a much shorter life span than the general population. It is well documented that we have higher rates of drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, smoking, sexually-transmitted diseases (all of them, not just AIDS), and depression…..and that most of us have severe difficulty forming lasting relationships…….all of which would contribute to a shorter life span, over and above the emotional stress that living in a homophobic society entails.

    All that considered together, I would be shocked if the average life expectancy of gay men is not at least 10 years below the average for the population as a whole, even after you take out people who die of AIDS.

  7. Rick says

    “Ah, more old, fat, white, bigoted men from the south”

    That you Derrick?

    Seriously, I don’t really have a problem with this comment EXCEPT that I am quite sure that the individual making it would never say “Ah, more old, fat, black, bigoted men from the south” if the individual in question were black, nor would he ever say “Ah, more old, fat, white, bigoted men from the northeast” if the individual in question were from New York or Massachusetts….AND except for the fact that the usual suspects (Ernie, Derrick, etc.) would not object to this statement, whereas they would be all over someone who made either of the other two hypothetical statements…..

  8. justme says

    Clearly, the worst thing about him is that he’s fat. Which is why we hate all fat people. Sorry, Grandma, but you’ve let yourself go!

    Silly me, I thought the worst thing about him was that he’s an idiot in a position of power.

    And, seriously, that man is obviously all kinds of gay to hate on the homos that much.

  9. anon says

    Well, the closeted ones that marry women to hide their gayness probably do die 20 years early, and they make up the majority of his gay clientele. So, I see this as a sympathetic call for gay men to come out of the closet and lead a normal, healthy life.

  10. says

    Yep, he’s another bigoted old white man from the South. They’ll all be dead and gone soon enough. But, until then, a bigger problem is the fact that he was ELECTED to public office by a constituency of unenlightened, ill-prepared, “Churchgoing”, lemming voters that do whatever they’re told on Sunday morning by the bigotted old white man on the Church Stage rather than think for themselves.

  11. Steve says

    Even if the average life span is shorter, this doesn’t mean that everyone automatically dies 20 years earlier.

    Anyways, thus numbers are based on Paul Cameron’s ridiculous “studies” during the height of the AIDS crisis. First off, he is a loon and a quack. Second, there are effective drugs today

  12. says

    My advice to any gay patients of Sen./Dr. Forrester: Run (literally, for your lives)!!!!

    He’s clearly quoting mortality statistics from the 80s or pulling them out of his a$$ (while not acknowledging the existence of lesbians, of course), and I’m pretty sure he’ll be 6 feet under before most gay people I know, but, really, what does health statistics have to do with marriage equality?

    Would writing discrimination into the constitution magically turn gay people straight and make them live longer? Is that his reasoning? You’d kind of think allowing gay people to form strong, legally protected family bonds would be the best medicine, but Dr. Homophobe clearly doesn’t understand that simple logic. Stunning that such a person is allowed to subject his patients to unhealthy, diseased ignorance.

    @Rick: Don’t pretend to speak for me, or Derrick. We’re capable of speaking for ourselves. And, while you may have “severe difficulty forming lasting relationships”, many of us do not.

  13. says

    If you look at the pictures available on Google Images of this man you will note he spends a great deal of time fixing his hairdo to have this enormous floppy curl in front- a hairdont that no straight man would be caught dead with. I would not hesitate to state that he is a self-hating closeted homosexual.

  14. Micklest says

    I can show him a photo of my friends, ages 84 and 92, who got married in NYC last month after 57 years together. He should live so long. Repubs put out these fake “statistics,” and people swallow them. They are truly the party of the willfully ignorant.

  15. scollingsworth says

    This is clearly the GOPs way of culling the herd of gay men because studies show men who are married, live longer! So that obviously explains what he says he observes, and he must want us to keep dying younger.

  16. Jim says

    Keep fighting senator. Just because this country is going to he’ll in a hand basket doesn’t mean all the masses want to. Thanks for fighting for those of us who want this country back where it needs to be. Away fro
    People who care nothing more than about themselves and what the country can do for them and not what they shod be doing for it.

  17. johnny says

    @Rick: Nope, not derrick from philly or anyone else, I’ve been posting on here for a few years now under the exact same name with exactly the same email. I’m not from the northeast nor the south, I’m from the midwest (and we have our own huge share of bigoted, old, fat, white men).

    Also, I’m not black.

    Here’s the deal, it’s all about statistics:

    I would never say “old, fat, bigoted, BLACK men” because that’s almost never the case. If it were, I’d say it. And because these men ARE from the south, I have to state the obvious, since most of these types of ignorant Repub characters come from where?

    The south!

    OK, recap….

    Most Republican politicians are:

    1. Old

    2. Fat

    3. White

    4. Male

    5. Bigoted

    6. Southern

    Although a notable few which ARE NOT from the south are:

    1. Middle Aged

    2. In-shape

    3. White

    4. Female

    5. Bigoted

    Ok, got it? There might be a test later, so study up!

  18. kodiak says

    Crystal clear brilliant deep thinking well researched compassionate are a few of the words that come to me that describe what is missing from his thoughts. This MF possesses a brain the size of
    a walnut. I believe his functions are mainly regulated through his brain stem, the most basic, primitive part of the brain. Dude appears to be a normal functioning male, but really is in a “waking coma”, and on invisible life support apparatus. That’s my august medical opinion. Doesn’t matter that I’m not a doctor.

  19. EJ says

    The Eskimos had the right idea !
    Lets find a small but traveling ice flow, collect Nancy Kern and James Forrester plant the comfortably in place and shove them out to sea,.

    By, By, bigots,

    Hello to a slow rather cold death, it is actually more than they deserve!

  20. Jamie says

    I wake up every morning, eat my breakfast, go to work, come home have dinner, see my friends, have a drink at the pub…HOW is this not ‘normal’??….what cause in the privacy of my bedroom I take it up the ass from a person of the same sex..GROW UP…this is the 21st Century..I don’t care what he does in his bedroom so why should he care what I do in mine.

  21. JD says

    @Jack M
    NO WAY. I will NOT let that slide.
    Veterinarians are IN NO WAY inferior to physicians. We have the same amount and level of schooling, and veterinary school admission is much more competitive. Veterinarians treat those unable to speak for themselves, and also work to safeguard the health of the human population through food safety, epidemiology and medical research. We do all this paid at FAR below the value of of our contributions and expertise.

    Insult this jerk all you want, but don’t you dare drag my profession through the mud to do so.

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