1. Jason says

    That made me tear up! It’s a perfect combination of the celebration of two people, celebrating their love just the way they want to most. The outdoor venue is just wonderful, too.

  2. TJ says

    I never thought that I’d ever resort to such a trite phrase, but it just seems so fitting, given some of the comments above:

    Haters gotta hate

    – and must live really sad lives

  3. Mario says

    LOL! Loved it! Some of the haters here missed the obvious humor. Lighten up… maybe one day you’ll find your other half and get to celebrate with cheesy moments like these.

  4. JKM says

    Love it! Congratulations to them on their special day. Wish them many years of joy, good health and prosperity.

    @NODNARM, Shame on you for choosing to use that hateful word.

    @NODNARM, KARL & FERN, Stop being bitter old queens.

  5. Martin C. says

    So dorky, but it’s their day and they are entitled. Congratulations to both of you!

    Hope the gays can come up with a better templated format for these wedding receptions. The straights made them something to hate being invited to. We’re too creative to simply have a bad DJ (straights don’t know better–nor do many midwest gays), multiple round tables and a square dance floor be the standard model. Where’s the drama!!!!!

  6. says

    as for the rest of you bitter betty’s… you’re obviously the ones who only fight for yourselves and not the good of all. don’t want to get married? don’t worry about it…who wants ya?!

  7. scooter says

    I thought it was cute and fun. You know that now it will become common practice to do this at all straight weddings! Right after YMCA and before the Macarena (sp?).

  8. Max says

    I’ve done something just as awesomely bad at a wedding too. It wasn’t the first dance but the entire wedding party did a choreographed dance (the bride was a dancer).

    Just a sign that if two people can do something so asinine together and laugh about it after, they are meant to be together.

  9. Redebbm says

    I’m recently single again and *I* thought that was cute,
    some of you seriously need to get out and breath, smell a flower, or something, your TOO bitter. Even for my taste.

  10. DrJustino says

    I thought it was cute, and 10 times better than anything I’ve ever seen at a straight wedding, and I, for one, generally hate weddings. For those that made negative comments, don’t be jealous of their sweet dance moves. Why can’t you just support their choice to pay tribute to the gay icon of today?!

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