1. Rob says

    It’s a tragedy for both families?

    Brandon is still alive. Lawrence is not.

    How is that a tragedy for *both* families?

  2. Red says

    These two women are complicit of murder, in my opinion. I hope they never have to endure their child being murdered in cold blood by a homophobic racist.

  3. Mimsy says

    In California, 14 year olds are tried for serious felonies as adults. It doesn’t matter if they are intelligent or from screwed up families. There’s only one victim in this case- Larry King.

  4. tarraraboomdeeya says

    This is appalling. This ‘very damaged and intelligent young man’ shot another kid through the head. What part of murder do they not understand?

    They are complicit in a miscarriage of justice. They must have taken ‘other factors’ into consideration – like the fact that he was heterosexual and he shot a homosexual. That apparently just means he’s damaged.

    I am astounded they would show their faces. Truly I am.

  5. jimsur212 says

    @MIMSY Yes, in California a 14 year old can be tried as an adult, which is an absolute outrage. Among all democratic nations, only in the U.S. can a child be tried as an adult. This is a shame on the nation along with the death penalty. American justice is as right wing conservative as its policy on gay marriage. Just because the victim here is a gay kid doesn’t change the fact that justice in the U.S. is consistently and unduly barbaric. I understand that if he were charged as a juvenile, he would be incarcerated until he was 25. For a crime committed at 14, that is a LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG time.

  6. Rin says

    They should never have tried a 14 year old as an adult. Until the day comes with 14 year olds are also legally allowed to quit school, drink beer, get married, join the military, drive, etc it is absolute BS that they can be considered an “adult” so that prosecutors can act tough on crime.

    This kid absolutely 100% murdered his classmate, no getting around that. This happens in neighborhoods like the one I grew up in every single week and it doesn’t make headlines because its poor kids in bad schools.

    We need to ask ourselves what are we doing wrong as a nation, as adults, parents, teachers, etc. that kids are killing each other.

    @Red, those women aren’t complicit in murder. We are all responsible for our own actions, not the actions of another.

    That said…we live in a culture where hate festers, where guns are accessible, where we are boxed in so tightly and rigidly that stress can snap a child in half. He had complained before that he had been molested and no one did anything. He was a loaded gun and the school system failed that dead student and it failed him.

    America is a depressed, unkind nation that lost its soul to corporatism and the placement of wealth above character. If we truly cared about our neighbor, our community, and “who” we become over what we own then both of those kids would have been in a loving, nurturing scholastic environment. They would have gotten help for their problems. They would have maybe even been friends.

    This is terrible sad and tragic that a child lost his life while the whole school and community fiddled.

  7. says

    Did these jurors just admit that they voted not guilty because they believed the state shouldn’t have tried McInerney as an adult??

  8. Paul says

    why on earth did that stupid woman worry about the perp first rather than the victim ? She had far more sympathy for the guy who gunned down someone…
    good decision making ? He SHOT someone in the head…thats not the same thing as a 14 year old getting their ear pierced or a bad tatoo.

  9. MrRoboto says

    “Another one… his life is over basically.”

    This quote troubles me greatly. I’m sorry, but Brandon McInerney’s life is not over by any means whatsoever. He may have a terrible life, but he’s got a life. Lawrence King is dead and gone. End of story. Not one iota of life left.

  10. Isaac says

    “In the end, nobody wins,” was what one of the jurors said, but it’s not about winning, it’s about JUSTICE, and what these jurors fail to understand is that for this kid to go scot free because they couldn’t come to a decision would be an injustice to King. What so many here keep tip toeing around is that if McInerney was a black 14 year-old male from an abusive, broken family, there wouldn’t be so much anguished debate as to who was responsible, and whether or not he should be sentenced as an adult. I would perhaps have a little more sympathy for his case if EVERY child who murders another person had so much debate, but that doesn’t happen. Minority children are labeled “animals” by some and no consideration whatsoever is given to their mental abilities or judgment. When all children, no matter their color or sexual orientation, are treated the same, we’ll finally have a bit of justice in this country.

  11. Karl says

    It’s so touching really to see such concern for the defendant, but somehow I’m sure he’ll pull through just fine. After all, he’s got his whole life ahead of him, unlike the unfortunate dead child. I would not be surprised if he was chatting right now with the friends and having a good laugh about the turn of events.

  12. galore says

    This whole “tried as an adult” idea is awful. If this is acceptable, then it also should be acceptable for a pedophile to defend himself by asserting that the child should be viewed as an adult.

  13. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “it could have been prevented thats the worst part.”

    What about the next one? When criminals are punished for their crimes, that is supposed to send a deterrent message to others who may contemplate committing the same crime. This guy is getting away with executing someone that made him uncomfortable. The next “intelligent young man” who looks to this case and thinks he can get a way with murder will have you ladies to thank.

  14. justinw says

    This was not an adolescent having problems with impulse control. This was premeditated murder. A 14 year old, unless he is mentally ill, knows what murder is. His sentencing could take into account his age and circumstances: but the facts remain. He murdered the other young man. Let’s say that again. He murdered the other young man.

  15. David Bailey says

    Had the murdered kid been white and “straight” (or rich), and the murderer been black, no doubt that there would have been a different outcome. Especially had the trial been conducted in Alabama. I don’t agree that 14 year old kids should be tried as adults, but to end up with a mistrial after all the evidence that was presented is a travesty. These women, and all the jurors, were sworn to uphold the >law< not their sympathies.

  16. Rocco says

    I’m with Mimsy & Isaac on this. I think it is an outrage that jimsur212 thinks that 11 years (juvenile)incarceration is an adequate consequence for murdering someone.
    HE TOOK SOMEONE’S LIFE. An innocent child’s life no less.

    If Brandon were not white this conversation would not even be happening.

    The message is loud and clear: kill a gay person of color and you will get away with it.

    Lawrence King is the victim here. It is NAUSEATING to listen to these harpies carry on about “little Brandon.”


    “It’s very emotional. A child died.” He didn’t just die, you ignoramus, he was MURDERED. Ugh, somebody pass me a 2×4.

  18. Timzilla says

    If McInerney had brutally executed a middle-aged white woman outside the Lifestyle Lift® clinic for blowing kisses at him these two would have voted to send him to death row and eagerly volunteered to administer the lethal injection.

  19. Harold Schreckengost says

    Why bother with 2x4s? Then we’re just bad evil people who want to destroy society… 😉

    What you wanna whack them with is a CLUEx4 >.>

  20. Randy says

    Shame on these jurors. How did this become about the perpetrator, and not about the crime? The first job of the jury is to simply answer the question “did the defendant commit the crime”, not “do you feel motherly toward the defendant”.

    You know what else 14-year-olds are not known for? Killing their classmates. It happens, but it’s pretty rare, and that’s why it makes the news. 14-year-old boys know that killing their classmates is wrong. What the hell is wrong with these jurors? Do they think this publicity is going to help them?

  21. jj says

    this makes me so mad. “14 yr old males aren’t known for their good decision making.” what 14 yr old kid blows another kids brains out?

    “what are they going to accomplish by having another trial?” seriously?

    I need to get out of this country.

  22. larson says

    you know, i’ve spent the last 2 hours or so poring over court documents and transcripts…and i’m not so sure i would’ve convicted brandon of first degree murder. definitely manslaughter, maybe 2nd degree.

    for me, this case is really not as black and white as a homphobic kid shooting a gay kid due to an instance of unwanted sexual advance (which i originally thought it was). i’ll leave it at that since emotions seem to be running high righ now.

  23. KD says

    This is becoming more and more disturbing as the details come out. Clearly these women have let their emotions cloud their judgement. It’s the job of jurors to assimilate the facts and give a rational and fair judgement of the guilt or otherwise of the accused. It is not for them to get personally involved or feel sorry for the accused (or indeed the victim). Law and justice are not served that way.

    Once guilt or innocence is determined their job is done.

    Incidentally, in the U.K. they would probably be held in contempt of court for commenting on a possibly forthcoming trial as former jurors. Comments like “what are they going to accomplish by having another trial?” apart from being nonsense could be seen as prejudicial.

    One wonders how these ladies would feel if they had a 15 year old daughter who had been murdered in the same way for making sexual advances to the accused. Pretty much obvious isn’t it?

    Fox News as always is biased and fools nobody.

  24. The Iron Orchard says

    I’m on both sides of this. I think it is wrong to charge a 14 year old as an adult, and I think the jurors did not do their job and came to the wrong conclusion. Do we consider a 14 year old to be able to consent to sex with an adult? Do we let a 14 year old drive a car? Do we let a 14 year old vote? Do we send a 14 year old off to war? Do we let a 14 year old drink alcohol? No, and there are reasons for that.
    When you sit on a jury you are not deciding if the law is fair, you are deciding if the person is guilty according to the law. These jurors took that oath to do that…they swore to it! I was once in a jury pool on a drug case during the Rockefeller drug laws. The guy had two dime bags of herion, and they were going to charge him with dealing, which would have been a life sentence. I answered every question in a way that I knew would get me off that jury because I felt there was no way I could go along with sending someone to prison for life for having two dime bags of herion. These woman chose to sit on a jury and judge the case according to the law, they didn’t do that. If they felt it was wrong to charge a 14 year old as an adult they should have expressed that and had themselves removed from the jury pool.

  25. Patrick Hogan says

    “Young men aren’t known for making good decisions.”

    They also aren’t known for shooting their classmates in the head. As for retrying the case: Do these women seriously believe that McInerney should get off scott free simply because the prosecutor had him tried as an adult? As others have already said: failure to retry is merely encouragement for other, similarly situated individuals to take the same action. Failure to convict McInerney is damned irresponsible, no matter how many trials it takes and whether or not he is tried as an adult.

    I also agree that he should not be tried as an adult, but if the max sentence when trying as a juvenile would have him free at 25…That is not justice. Quite frankly, I think it more just for society if he is tried and convicted as an adult than if he goes free by age 25; else, how strong a deterrent is the law?

    On a mostly-unrelated and much lighter note: back before I turned 21, I always argued that “minor in possession” should be elevated to a serious enough offense to try as an adult; that argument never went over well with a cop, but it was always fun to make it.

  26. Chitown Kev says

    ditto to those that said had the victim been white and the perp black or Latino they would have wanted to fry the kid (by Cali law I don’t think they could have done that, though)

  27. Mike says

    Nobody ever asks how he got access to a gun. And I’m sorry but even though it’s been a long time since I was 14, I don’t think I lived in a vaccum that age. If I had killed someone at 14 i would have been held accountable, and I’m pretty sure I knew murder was very very wrong at that age. So cry a river for him but the kid he shot is dead.

  28. Mike says

    yeah they’re a little homophobic, i can almost tell by the way they try to pretend they aren’t. they didn’t understand gays either when they were 14, is the consensus there i’m guessing.

  29. Rin says

    I keep reading, if it was a “white woman” or black kid shooting a white person, etc.

    I’ll throw that back, if a gay kid had been teased and came in and shot a classmate and they wanted to try him as an adult you would be crying homophobia.

    Very few states are evil enough to try children as adults. No other civilized nation in the world does this. Why? Because it is unfair to have the same expectations of a child that you have of an adult.

    If all of you really truly believe this, then when you have your own kids kick them out at 14. Tell them to get a job, get an apartment, get a credit history, learn to drive, and then be happy if they end up the gf/bf of some old pedophile.

    You’re angry. Of course you are. You’re angry because you feel what Lawrence went through. A “child” as you bring up was murdered…by another “child”.

    Yes, justice should be done. Justice, however, is not revenge. Justice is about the restoration of balance and takes into consideration more than just punishment.

    The prosecutors wanted to seem tough on gay bullying in the wake of the “It Gets Better”.

    I assure you, having grown up Detroit, that had this been two black kids a) it wouldn’t have made national news, b) they wouldn’t try the kid as an adult.

    I can also assure you that male on female violence occurs every few seconds in this country, every second in the world and justice is never done for them because it happens SO OFTEN.

    I hear that you’re angry. But blame the prosecutors for pushing what was unjust. Read the court transcripts, not just blurbs. Had they pushed second degree–or even first degree juvenile they would have had a conviction. The jury has explicit instructions about the law and they followed it.

    They then had people asking them why they felt the way they did and they — those people who sat through the whole thing unlike the rest of us– explained how they “felt”.

    Lawrence King should never have died. The school should have been more on top of this–especially when BOTH children were actively speaking with guidance counselors, teachers, etc. They were irresponsible to encourage Lawrence to act in a way that, while fun and a big middle finger to his classmates, was, realistically, something that would receive more negative attention than positive.

    If Lawrence had come to me, as many gay kids at the school I taught at did, I would have had him channel his energy into something positive for his own future–schoolwork, EC activities, yoga, sports, writing, etc. I would have likewise called in the kids that were picking on him, as I did in my job, and force them to explain why.

    I had one kid sit in the office with me for a half hour just staring until finally he broke and we had a conversation.

    The school could have done more. That is their freakin’ job.

    Lawrence was murdered. No getting around it. His parents lost their baby, their lives are effectively over now. This was a horrific tragedy of intolerance, apathy, hate, and irresponsibility.

    It will not, however, bring him back or even serve justice to try a 14 year old as an adult, preserving and accommodating a horrible precedence of law created by REPUBLICANS to look tough on crime.

  30. says

    When “lying in wait” is involved the crime automatically becoes an adult.

    Can all you people put down your crying towels for a moment and deal with what hapens if his creep isn’t tried as adult?


    Do you really want a cold-blooded urderer like this returned to society?

    It’s obvious the defense got the jury it wanted — WOMEN!!!

  31. Carl says

    “A child died.”

    Died?? He was MURDERED, a point not in contention. Quit saying he died, call it what it was. Stop minimizing the crime, regardless of the lack of verdict.

  32. Enough already says

    Ugh. We know from the trial testimony that McInerney planned to harm King days before he killed him. We know that because he told others of his plans. He first tried to recruit others to assist him and when they refused he made a plan that he could carry out on his own.

    He used a hand gun, which is easy to conceal, and he loaded it with hollow point bullets, which are particularly destructive. He waited for a class that he had with King and he knew that he would be sitting behind King or he chose to sit behind King. He did that because he did not want King to see the gun when he removed it from his knapsack and avoid getting shot. He fired two shots into King’s head so there is no question that his intent was to kill.

    What 14-year-old behaves like this? Only one — Brandon McInerney. He was tried as an adult because he behaved like an adult in every respect during this killing. He was patient and thoughtful.

    This hand wringing over McInerney is sickening and the complete lack of sympathy for King on the part of these jurors, and some commenters on this and other blogs, is revolting.

  33. antb says

    The jurors not only did not do their job, they were indeed “complicit in murder”. The jury is the only body charged with examining the facts and deciding guilt or innocence. Since there is truly no disagreement about whether McInerney murdered King, by failing to convict him they are complicit in his crime. And the shame of their failure should follow them the rest of their lives.

  34. ratbastard says

    What we see in these 2 ladies is why defense lawyers LOVE female jurors.McInerney EXECUTED, AT POINT BLANK RANGE, King. He didn’t accidentally kill him in a fight during the heat of the moment. He may well be intelligent, and some of the ‘dirt’ said about him may well be untrue or exaggerations. He still EXECUTED, IN COLD BLOOD, another human being [who may have taunted him, even provoke him, but didn’t deserve to be shot in the head].

  35. Fenrox says

    Shawn, NOT GUILTY? Nobody voted that, the mistrial was over sentencing, either way he is guilty and gets punished.

  36. bobbyjoe says

    KD says it best above. Clearly there were all sorts of personal emotions clouding any objective judgment.

    Every single g*d*amned crime that’s ever been committed COULD have been prevented somehow. And every single g*d*mn criminal probably has at least some aspect of a horrible upbringing or event in his/her past.

    If we ran every trail like this one was run, no one would ever be convicted of anything.

    By these idiots’ reasonings, you could give a slap on the wrist to a teenage serial killer if his school hadn’t properly disciplined another kid who once picked on the guy or the guy’s family had been mean to him. Boo hoo hoo hoo– oh, wait, there’s seventeen dead people buried under his floorboards— hoo.

  37. Yeek says

    I’m just waiting for the usual blurb about how 14-year-old brains aren’t as developed as adult brains. By that standard, most 14 year olds should be shooting people in the head – after all, they all have ‘undeveloped brains.’ Mcinerey’s behavior clearly was exceptionally violent, well beyond the standard we hold for teenagers (undeveloped brains and all). He murdered someone.

    I have to say that King sounds like a real jerk, using his difference as a gay teen as an excuse to act with deliberate cruelty towards others. If he’d had been straight, he’d have been sexually harassing girls. OF COURSE none of this excuses Mcinerey’s murderous actions – being a jerk is not a crime that is punishable by death. But King can stand criticism too, and it’s not wrong to say it. It’s just sad to see that there are so many spiteful people out there, young and old, who handle tough circumstances by wanting to hurt other people. We like to believe that kids are just misguided and are fundamentally good, but…I just don’t believe that anymore. King had the misfortune of harassing someone with an even weaker character than his own.

    As for the teachers, I think they were pretty much doomed to getting raked over the coals no matter what they did (e.g. insisting that King stop harassing other kids). In the hopes of avoiding one controversy they are in the middle of a one far, far worse.

  38. Mimsy says

    The amendment passed by the voters to try kids as adults was during a time of record high gang crimes in the state.What happened in the classroom had all the signs of a first degree murder.The mistrial in the this case just makes me hope the prosecution does a better job with jury selection and presenting their case to get a conviction.

  39. Derrick from Philly says

    “It’s just sad to see that there are so many spiteful people out there, young and old, who handle tough circumstances by wanting to hurt other people.”

    Especially if those “other people” continued to bully and hurt King everyday. I’d be f.ckin’ spiteful too.

    Whatever you’re blaming King for–he paid for with his life. Doesn’t his murderer deserve to pay something?

  40. Yeek says

    Yeah, Derrick, I DO think Mcinerey should be locked up. He’s guilty of murder. Sorry that wasn’t clear in my original post.

  41. Rin says

    Have any of you seen a kid kill a kid? I have. I saw a 12 year old on my street gunned down by a 14 year old over pot.

    I still don’t think that the 14 year old should be tried as an adult and at the time the 12 year old was my friend.

    Yes, the 14 year old in both cases should be punished, but not as a 30 year old should be punished. That’s not justice.

    You aren’t calling for justice. You are calling for revenge. You want a precedence set over this because you empathize fully, see your younger selves in this.

    The laws could be written differently so that a fair punishment could happen, but they are not. That is not the problem of effed up kids across America. That is a problem of how politicians write laws.

    The way the prosecutors CHOSE to play it was the choice in letting him out at 25 or letting him out at 80.

    You’re blaming the jury for the limited options they were given.

    Yes, he deserved to pay something. OJ deserved to pay something. Casey Anthony deserved to pay something.

    Unfortunately, in all of these cases the prosecution made mistakes and now it rests on the jury to deal with it and be responsible. They weren’t allowed to say: Okay, we don’t want to convict him as an adult, so here let’s give him 30 years.

    That wasn’t their option.

    But…go ahead. Blame women. We’re all anti-gay male closet homophobes. That’s right the entire jury was made up of WOMEN. The straight men on the jury probably voted in favor of the gas chamber.

  42. Mimsy says

    The straight men on the jury couldn’t have voted for the gas chamber. The death penalty in CA is only for adults. The most severe sentence would have been LWOP, life with out parole. I doubt the jury and judge would have sentenced Brandon to that.

    When I was a kid, my brother’s 16 year old kid killed another teen at school over drugs. The murder was out when he turned 25.

  43. Glenn Walker says

    The “sexual advances” were actually defensive, pretended flirting, the oniy recourse that kid King had against bullies, especially McInerery. A stupidly arrogant 14 year old coward shot a 15 year old gay kid in the back. What is so complicated? McInerery is guilty of murder, and he should be sentenced to the harshest penalty for taking King’s life, depriviing him of all he might have experienced, ever..

    –John Rechy