1. James C says

    Clearly she was replaced with a reprogrammed cloned while away on maternity leave this summer. That’s the only way I can come to terms with the fact that she’s made sense and I’ve agreed with her on more than on occasion in just a matter of weeks. Maybe the right has gone too far even for some members of FOX’s regime.

  2. Lexxvs says

    So, what I got is that… Transgenders are zebras? Just kidding, but this stupid guy can’t even begin to understand the difference between biological gender and psychological one (provided by culture), so he has to get back to school or do a course. Nah… he is just a bigot.

  3. Robert says

    How lonely must it be for a bigot when even Faux News outs you?

    Terrific Job, Megan – Finally Fair and Balanced. One time in a million Faux news lives up to its tag line.

  4. Josh says

    Never forget that Megyn Kelly compared gays to pedophiles during the debate over the hate crimes bill.

    Never forget that she defended Justice Scalia when he said that gay sex should be viewed with the same contempt as murder. She actually said on air that it wasn’t an attack on the LGBT community.

    How is equating being gay with committing murder NOT an attack on the gay community?

    It does seem true that something has softened her position on gays though.

    She has also done some horribly racist segments on her show. She breathlessly hyped an isolated incident where two men were harassing people on a street corner near a voting center for months as the resurgence of a national Black Panther movement.

  5. LincolnLounger says

    It’s rarely ever fair to paint with a broad brush, and that remains the case for Fox News. For all the Glenn Becks and Bill O’Reillys and those idiots in the morning, there are some good ones like Baier, Greta, and Megyn Kelly.

  6. floria1 says

    This is a propaganda technique for – get the hate message out there for the IMPACT and get people voting GOP …. and then send the good cop out.

    Bad Cop Good Cop = this is an evil woman, still will be even if she turns out to support civil rights.

  7. Brian says

    I am stunned by this. A Faux News reporter who calls a colleague out for hating? A Faux News reporter who recognizes a blatant lie when she sees one? Is Roger Ailes still breathing?

    Megan Kelly has either been transformed by becoming a mother or has been reprogrammed while on maternity leave. Or maybe nothing is what it seems, anymore.

  8. says

    Another poster pointed out that we should not forget her previous transgressions as we applaud her for her for her current act of Acceptance. And I do agree, however, one most remember, this was BEFORE she became a parent. Now she’s realizing there are other people to consider in this world. What were to happen if her child were transgender, or gay, or to fall in love with someone of another race?

    Usually, when you have a child your heart opens to more than your original view. Not always, but often. Hopefully this means that as any of the non-parent newscasters of Faux (I love that one by the way) become parents, we’ll start to see some balance in their reporting.

  9. Michael says

    He says at the end that if “He came up to me and asked me: Am I a male? I would say no Brotha you’re not”
    Hmm…”He” and “Brotha” both in reference to Chaz… Sounds like he is confused or just a dumbass…I think both!

  10. Cal says

    Let’s hope the change sticks. This segment was definitely an evolution for her. She has pissed me off numerous times about the way she treats gay issues – blatantly homophobic in the past. But people do evolve. She mentioned in an interview recently with Rick Santorum about what her gay friends thought of him. My suspicion is that Megyn has actually gotten to know and care about some gay people who may be enlightening her a bit. Most homophobic and closed-minded people are that way more out of ignorance and lack of empathy than outright hatred, IMO. I welcome that she seems to finally understand it’s not a choice.

  11. Willbesurfing says

    Jerry, you are so right. I was thinking the same thing. If she keeps this up…her days are numbered. Hey Thomas Roberts worked for Fox…and look at him now.

  12. Josh says

    I am pleasantly surprised to see Megyn Kelly address this issue is such a responsible manner. I took real offense to her inaccurate coverage of the proposition 8 trial in California so I was skeptical going into this clip, but she really held this guy to the fact that his claims were baseless and irresponsible.

    I hope this does indicate that she has grown in her understanding of lgbt issues and will continue to address them in a more responsible manner than she has in the past. On this particular day, however, I’ll offer my thanks to her.

  13. Tim NC says

    I’m still trying to figure out why this “doctor” thinks that children will know that Chaz is transgender just from watching the show without their parents telling them? Does “Dancing with the Stars” plan on having an onscreen crawl explaining it every time he is on air?

  14. Bart says

    Chaz Bono’s sexuality wouldn’t be an interest if people like Dr. Ablow hadn’t written his ridiculous piece. This guy must think they are going to introduce Chaz as “Transgender Chaz” which for a show like DWTS would be the last thing they are going to do.

    Kids will never know that Chaz is anything but a heavy set guy dancing with Lacy Schwimmer.

    Only this rotted soul Dr. Ablow is turned inside out by it.

  15. Gigi says

    @Jason Or should we call you Pollyanna? Lol! I appreciate what you’re saying, and perhaps Kelly has changed as a result of becoming a mother, but this is certainly not the case for many who have children. Hannity (he does “opinion” and not “hard news”) has kids, as do my parents. None of them are all that sympathetic.

  16. Texistentialist says

    Ablow says, “We kindle behavior in one another.” Uh, Doc, as an impressionable gay kid growing up in the 50s/60s, I was exposed to a helluva lot of pro-heterosexuality (TV, movies, songs, 99.99% of the other kids at school, my parents and every last one of their friends) and the requisite homophobia of the times, yet none of that “kindled” me into changing from gay to straight. I must have hung out with the wrong crowd.

  17. Tagg2 says

    Are you guys really “buying” this crap? It was all pre-packaged! Do you really think he wasn’t prepped that she was going to go against him in the interview? It was all scripted drama…that B*tch hasn’t changed one bit.

  18. Dan says

    Ablow is compeltely disingenuous here–he’s perfect for Fox.

    Kelly is one of the stranger Fox hosts–she can be completely irrational one moment and completely logical the next. It’s very strange.

  19. Randy says

    “No, brother you’re not [a man].”

    Seems like Dr Ablow doesn’t know that brothers are male. If even he doesn’t get this traditional reasoning right, then he shouldn’t get upset with transpeople or anyone else who doesn’t fit into Box A or Box B.

  20. Chris in Irvine says

    So Ablow said to Megyn behind the scenes: “Why Megyn, what are you doing this to me?! Don’t bully me. You are a bully! Buahh, buaah, buaah” (crying)

  21. Married in MA says

    Amazing transformation, although I can understand the cynics here. Personally, I will give her the benefit of the doubt. She was very close to calling him a bigot when she said that LBGT people face a lot of hate and was he just adding to this hate! Just wow…

  22. Rin says

    Can I just mention Shep Smith? He has never been a knee-jerk Republican and took Hannity to task over Katrina, got ticked over waterboarding and torture…I could go on.

    Seeing someone on DWTS will not leave an impression on children. He should worry more about the geriatric crowd.

  23. Paul says

    Don’t get too excited about Megyn’s transformation just yet!
    Apparently, just today, her newborn son grabbed the pacifier out of Megyn’s hand, stuck it in his mouth grinning from ear to ear. He then rolled over on his stomach, glancing coyly over his shoulder and spoke his first words…”oh daddy”!!!
    Megyn had one of those “ah-ha moments”, and then went on the air to do the show.
    Sadly, she lapsed back immediately afterwards and once again is spewing her everyday filth.

  24. Kimberly Kelly says

    Megan Kelly, I applaud you for standing up to this very misinformed doctor. He knows nothing of the pain and anguish that Transgender and specifically Transsexual whether FtM or MtF. He is propagating hate and intolerance. Thank you for standing up against him and voicing reason, compassion and acceptance. Btw I’m a Transwoman living full time as me. Kimberly

  25. factcheck says

    A lot of people here seem to be shocked that conservative Megyn Kelly disproved a bigot. It’s important to remember that a person can be fiscally conservative and be against government intervention in the people’s private affairs (Libertarians).

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