1. justme says

    It’s a surprising place for this woman, of all people, to start being sane, honest, and compassionate, but it’s as good a place as any and at least she’s starting.

    It is like watching a science fiction film to watch her being sane, honest and compassionate, but I’d love to get used to it. Here’s hoping there’s no turning back for her now.

  2. Andrew says

    This woman is really baffling me. I am so confused about why she has a job at fox, and the fact that she said “Don’t talk over me Bill.” was like WHOA! Maybe Murdoch getting in hot water is allowing his minions to actually speak the truth rather than distort it.

  3. Matt says

    As is often the case, my guess is that there is someone in her life who is struggling with this issue. Sometimes, it’s the only way to evoke compassion from these people.

  4. Brian says

    it’s the wrong time of year for this to all be one big April Fools stunt. So I’m at a loss. I can’t remember specifics, but given a lot of the things this woman has said about the LGBT community in the past, this is very unexpected, and I’m approaching with cautious optimism.

  5. Matthew says

    It would be amazing to see her pack up and leave Fox News and spill details of the inside workings of their propaganda machine. One can only dream, but it’s been great to see her stick up for Bono and transgendered people.

  6. Rowan says


    Your 100% correct. It’s always how it works with inherently intrinsic human beings (right wingers). It’s like all those GOP politicians-Bloomberg; his personal chief of staff and partner who both have worked for him for decades loyally-and GOP capitalists-Singer Mr Hedge fund and Dubya’s buddy; his son and son in law-who are strongly for gay marriage.

    It becomes personal.

  7. Dev says

    Exactly why we need more gay people being visible and coming out to friends and family. This is the only way to change the minds of society. People won’t care about some abstract concept of a gay person, but they will be forced to revisit their preconceived notions once faced with someone they actually care about.

  8. Rob says

    She was very passionate about this. I’m really starting to like and respect her. Her passion alone is making me think she had a revelation and that this isn’t fake.

  9. Rex says

    Wow! Who is she and what has she done with the real Megyn Kelly??? Now I’ve seen eveything! Maybe ABC’s paying her to get to the source. I mean we all know FOX has NO shame and she could lose her job over this… i.e. Colmes

  10. Jollysocks says

    OR MAYBE she’s a Democratic plant and now that she’s been with Fox long enough and has a high enough platform — she’s ripping off that mask and is going to town!

  11. Hollywood, CA says

    @ MATTHEW – I hope she doesn’t leave Fox. I hope she stays there and can open some other eyes about not agreeing with things that don’t makes sense. :)

  12. Paul says

    Ok, this is just too good to be true…but I find myself wanting to believe it. Yes, Megyn must have been “personally affected” by someone she loves for this epiphany to have occurred…and that’s good enough for me…if it sticks! I have my doubts, but I’m willing to take a leap of faith and trust that she really believes what she says.
    I give her a lot of credit for achieving what nobody else has done…i.e. shutting Bill’s mouth long enough to finish her thought. Who else has done this?
    And this alone raises her to a higher level than all the other fake blonde’s on Fox.

  13. Married in MA says

    Something has transformed this woman to be an ally to the LGBT community! It’s amazing. I really want to know what happened… certainly something in her personal life has radically altered her views. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt at this point. Thank you Megyn!

  14. oliver says

    More often than not I feel that the Fox News folks are just a bunch of actors showing up and playing a part (staunch, far right Repub’s) and taking home a paycheck. Two bit actors.
    It was quite obvious she wasn´t acting…this was genuine and from the heart. Now I totally wonder what the deal is and where this will leed?
    Ellen Degeneres should call her.

  15. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Earlier this week, I heard on Michelangelo Signorile’s show that Megyn Kelly had attended the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Assocation benefit in the past. He is likely to cover this today too. I wish someone would straighten him out about the pronunciation of Megyn. He always says Meegan and it drives me up the wall.

  16. says

    I used to really dislike this woman – she seemed like a pretty girl who could talk nice that Fox News got to say what they wanted her to say.

    But if there’s anything in that video that tells me she’s changed, and for the better, it’s when she tells O’Reilly to not interrupt her and when she mentions McDonald’s, which was the location for the most recognizable beating of a transgendered person recently.

    So I say, I love the new Megyn Kelly. Good for you, girl.

  17. Josh says

    Megyn Kelly has said some very irresponsible things about gay people herself.

    When the federal hate crimes bill was updated to include gays, Megyn Kelly and many Fox News personalities told their audience that the bill was updated to include pedophiles.

    That was their way of equating gays with pedophiles.

    That kind of thinking leads directly to hate crimes against gays.

    If you really think that the gay guy down the street is the moral equivalent of someone who rapes children you are going to go down there and bash his head in.

    She also defended Justice Scalia who said that being gay should be viewed as the moral equivalent to murder.

    She flatly stated on air that his comment was not an attack on the gay community.

    In the past she has promoted the view that being gay is morally equivalent to pedophilia and murder.

    And now we are suppose to celebrate her as a defender of the LGBT community?

    It’s great that she is defending Chaz, but what about her past comments? Doesn’t she need to explain and apologize for her own irresponsible statements?

    She also defended Carrie PreJean and Prop 8.

  18. says

    It’s nice to see people not only get impassioned like that and almost angry in their standing up to bullies but when she started to make some good points, Bill tried to shut her up and and snapped at him to not talk over her.

    That was… pretty cool.

  19. Clif3012 says

    I’m beginning to think Larry Kramer was on to something. Look how quickly we all fall over ourselves to give Kelly a medal for acting like a decent human being.

  20. Toto says

    LOL! Anyone who actually BELIEVES that FOX really stands behind any the ignorance they help spread around needs a serious reality check! If FOX was SOOO anti-gay and truly ignorant they would have canceled Family Guy (again) and Glee. Its called “business”. FOX’s whole persona is as manufactured as a perfectly primmed, tanned politician who invites Elton John to sing at his wedding while posing with Chris Colfer. FOX will always pander to the base but there are some free radicals that they can scoff at with the rest of society and say “See! We are sane! But your marriage still effects the health of mine!” Im not patting anyone on the back for dropping their act.

  21. Alex says

    Pretty great. It’s like the Cheneys — some people just figure it out, despite the fact it doesn’t fit into most of the conservative mindset. It’s a real marker of how far LGBT rights have come that we’re kicking up some allies in hardcore conservative circles.

  22. AJM says

    I TRULY hope that she is the tip of a larger political iceberg. I’d probably vote republican more often if they’d give up the issues of gay marriage and abortion.

  23. Clinton says

    Before I admire her, she’ll have to stop saying things like “… an otherwise healthy person.” as if being trans is obviously not healthy.

    A co-worker was explaining how hard HATE is to explain to her 3-year-old son. Acceptance is easy, celebration is easy. It seems like since she’s had a kid she’s been trying to create a better world for her next generation. Fascinating to watch.

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