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    I really thought this guy was going to embarass the hell out of the gay community and my husband sat through the entire routine while I made Sundaes in the kitchen. When I came back he said the guy was damn good and “very entertaining”. Then we watched the judges grade him and listened to their comments. I was duly impressed. We used up all our votes for the guy as well as Chaz (you get five votes each). We’ll see how strong the gay community is. Here’s hoping they come in first tonight despite their less than stellar dancing skills! :-)

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    He’s a sad man because he likes camp and sparkles and glitter? The whole gay rights movement owes its foundation to “sad men” who like camp and sparkles and glitter. I don’t really *get* camp and I do feel slightly annoyed when THAT is the character the average American expects me to play, but that’s their problem, not mine, and not guys like Carson. Shame on you for looking down on someone for being themselves.

  3. Karl says

    “The whole gay rights movement owes its foundation to sad men who like camp and sparkles and glitter”. That is a totally false and ridiculous statement based on myth.

  4. Tyron says

    Actually the statement is only a generalization and slight exaggeration. Much of the success of the “so called” movement is a result of men who, regardless of their stereotypical effeminacy, moved to the forefront and stood up for things that many closeted “straight acting” gay men didn’t have the courage to stand up for. Personally I’m no fan of Carson’s but it has absolutely nothing to do with “glitter, sparkles, or camp”.

  5. Randy says

    Cha Cha CHA, I believe.

    I enjoyed the dance. It was good, and it was fun, for a first dance.

    Still, I’m not sure they made the best choice of partner for him. Straight people get to dance with partners they might conceivably be attracted to. Why wasn’t Carson assigned a studly gay dancer? It’s not like they’re hard to find.

    Dancing (on TV) is so incredibly uncreative and boring. If they have to stick to opposite-sex pairs, then why aren’t some of the women given the traditionally male roles? This would be one opportunity where it would work well, and I think Carson would love it.

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