Lady Gaga: I’m Meeting Obama Over Anti-Gay Bullying Suicides


Lady Gaga tweeted today that she's meeting with President Obama following the suicide of gay 14-year-old teen Jamey Rodemeyer, who killed himself last weekend after what his parents said was years of bullying.

Said Gaga in another tweet: "The past days I've spent reflecting, crying, and yelling. I have so much anger. It is hard to feel love when cruelty takes someones life."

Rodemeyer Rodemeyer offered thanks to Gaga in an emotional "It Gets Better" video he recorded earlier this year in which he talked about the bullying he was enduring.

Said Rodemeyer in the video: "Lady Gaga, she makes me so happy. She lets me know that I was born this way, and that's my advice to you, from her, and all you have to do is hold your head up, and you'll go far."

Rodemeyer's mother, Tracy, told CBS News:

"It really just started with all the boys, cause all the girls just loved him and they always defended him, but all the boys would say, 'Geez you're such a girl. Why are you hanging out with all those girls? What are you, a girl? Oh, you must be gay'…The bullies now are still walking around. They get to wake up tomorrow and go to school and see all their friends, but my son will not be given a second chance no matter how much I have prayed. I would have given my own life to turn back the minute we seen him."

CBS News adds:

Tracy Rodemeyer will bury her son in a t-shirt with a message of acceptance and defiance. It reads simply: "Born this way."


  1. Scott says

    This has been happening for a while now. . Why did it take a “monster” to do it before she’s suddenly in tears over it? Give it a rest already Gaga.

  2. says

    Ok, very sad case and we all feel for the kid and the family…BUT, lets stop acting like the kid was murdered by bullies at school. He chose to cut his life short over this teasing. Yes life is tough, and yes we should all do more to protect the kids in danger, get the schools to be more proactive and actually do something. Obviously participating in the Dan Savage self-promotion activism stunt isn’t enough and is so diluted at this point its a joke.

  3. secret identity says

    “The bullies now are still walking around. They get to wake up tomorrow and go to school and see all their friends, but my son will not be given a second chance no matter how much I have prayed.”

    The sentence above just hit me so hard.

  4. Paul says

    Scott where is your heart ?? Gaga is just a pop star but she meant something really big though to that little boy. If you haven’t got anything nice or supportive to say then don’t say it. If you have the time to sit down and write a comment then offer something that will help, or offer an idea that will inspire someone. Negative words led to this boy feeling so awful and unwanted that he felt life was worthless….as a community we are creative, we are powerful, and we certainly know how to use words. Lady Gaga might actually be someone really useful…or she might just be someone that makes young gay kids feel good about themselves. Scott…let’s hear an idea from you…What do you think we can do to stop bullying ? What can we do to stop kids feeling like they want to end it because they are gay ? What do you propose to do ? Attacking someone who is a friend to our community helps no one.

  5. Lance says

    No wonder kids think they’re worthless, look how some members of their own community treat them.

    Say what you want about Lady Gaga’s music, but the fact that she tirelessly campaigns for LGBT Equality is something to be respected. Until any of you haters can achieve what she has for our civil rights; do me a favor and shut the f**k up.

  6. Artie says

    Lisa G,

    You call the “It Gets Better” campaign a “Dan Savage self-promotion activism stunt”? Your comment makes your contempt for victims of anti-gay bullying very clear. Can we show some contempt for you? Piss off, troll. I’m sure we’ll muddle through without you and your big mouth.

  7. Dan says

    This story breaks my heart. I for one am happy that Lady Gaga is getting involved on this boy’s behalf. Maybe this case will the catalyst for some actual change. Oh, and Scott and Lisa, you are cold bitches.

  8. LincolnLounger says

    It seems the nature of the beast that Lady GaGa is now somewhat overexposed, and there’s always the crowd that likes to feast on tearing people down. That being said, however, the ugly comments directed at Lady GaGa above are puzzling. While a lot of celebrities pay lip service (like Brad Pitt not getting married, etc.), she certainly walks the walk — unlike some of the other “icons” like Madonna, Streisand, etc.

  9. Steve says

    I wish they would change the name of the anti-bullying campaign to “I Get Stronger” The false expectation of “It Gets Better” is not enough, its not empowering. Some of these kids cant wait around for it to get better. Sometimes it dosen’t soon enough. Obviously.

  10. Ryan says

    Has anyone heard anything from the parents on all of this? Where were they and what were they doing to help their son?

  11. Rory says

    Lisa I agree with you, yes it is sad that the kid killed himself, but he didn’t have to now did he? I’m a teenager I see what happens with bullies and whatnot, I even bully myself sometimes. Yes it is bad that gays get picked on but it’s nothing worth killing yourself over.

  12. TJ says

    Oh Rory, you are so cool. You even bully, too! No big deal, right? If only all kids could be as cool as you. Then people with actual hearts wouldn’t have them break when they hear about a kid not as cool as you who couldn’t take it anymore. So annoying when these losers harsh our buzz.

  13. Jay King of Gay says

    Scott, Gaga has been talking about bullying for quite some time now. Every other word out of her mouth is gay this, stop bullying that, what do you think was the motivation for her song “Born This Way”?? The woman is a tireless advocate for all the supposed “outcasts” of society.

  14. Tagg says

    Gurls…please just igmore that TROLL – lisa g – He/She is just a fly on the wall and will never be invited to the party. The bitterness is so obvious…

  15. Debbie says

    @Ryan I am from the Buffalo area, the parents of this boy had him in counseling to help him. As a parent I think these kids that bullied him should be punished in some way, bullying is a form of harrassment and we should treat it as such. These kids should be arrested and punished. Parents need to wake up as well and teach their kids to respect others no matter.

  16. deltamagnet says

    Lisa G: In some cases the law disagrees. If the stated intent of the bully is to create a climate of distress in the mind of the victim so as to coerce the victim to kill him or herself, the bully can be charged with murder or as an accessory to murder. In the case of the “MySpace murder” in NJ, a state judge ruled that an adult female neighbor (who impersonated a teen male in order to first seduce and then coerce a teen female victim to suicide) stand trial for murder 1. The neighbor was convicted. The sentence was appealed to the federal level and upheld, so that would seem to be the best guidance for lower courts on such matters.

  17. Brains says

    It seems to me that when we have these suicides the parents are always absent!! Where is their vocal indignity!

    Could the underlying problem be a lack of emotional support by the parents?

    I know that if my child was being bullied and harassed at school, there will be a problem at “school”!

  18. Casey says

    I know it’s hard to understand sometimes, but children in pain are simply not developed enough make decisions the way adults do. Combine that with years of unrelenting torment from one’s own peers, and yes, I can see why a child would believe there to be no way out. I work with teens in pain, and many of them are so damaged, and their self-image so distorted, that they need years of help to even begin to see themselves as they truly are. Please consider this before posting something callous about this child’s so-called ‘choice’ to kill himself. Children don’t do that unless they really see no other options – even when there are some. What we should criticize is the twisted culture of adults and misguided children who allowed this child to be tortured. Blaming the victim is simply not productive at a time when we should be asking ourselves how to prevent this from happening again, and again, and again, as it has been. Brushing it off and blaming the dead child is the same as telling a woman she deserved a sexual assault because she wore a skimpy outfit. Practice compassion, peace, and love!

  19. andypharmer says

    Wow… some of the comments on this are disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Yes, let’s blame the 14 year old gay kid that got bullied probably nearly every waking moment of his life. I guess the next time we hear about a 14 year old girl who is sexually abused by her father all her life and decides to kill herself, we should just assume that it’s her fault and she should have just walked out of the house. Makes sense to me.

  20. Michael says

    @Rory: You disgust me people like you definitely make this community look bad.Such a hypocrite bullying people when you probably have been bullied yourself.So that makes you better then the bully because you BULLY 2? Idiot.People like YOU are part of the problem with all of this period.Grow up already.

  21. Michael says

    @Rory: You disgust me people like you definitely make this community look bad.Such a hypocrite bullying people when you probably have been bullied yourself.So that makes you better then the bully because you bully 2? Idiot.People like YOU are part of the problem with all of this period.Grow up already.

  22. john patrick says

    Parents don’t always know their children are being bullied. I did not want my parents to know when I was being bullied in grade school. I felt ashamed. But I had a lot of love from my parents who were proud of me, and a sister and brothers who loved me, and I had some friends in school, so I made it through okay, even though some days at school were hell. Fortunately things got a lot better for me when I went to a good high school

  23. Sancho says

    I want to know what Gaga’s going to wear to this meeting with Obama! The meat dress? The lobster headdress? Will she arrive in the egg?!

  24. Sean says

    Only two celebrities out there are working very hard to promote equality right now! Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper. I would love to see this two wonderful artist work on a song together! Cyndi just opened the True Colors Home Residence for young LGBT homeless in NYC. They both make this world a much better place!

  25. Jesus says

    Really, my comments were deleted AGAIN?

    Oh, I forgot, this isn’t the place to have an intelligent conversation, just bray at each other like donkeys fighting on the f***ing internet.

  26. RJ says

    @LincolnLounger … Not sure what you mean by Brad Pitt paying “lip service”. He’s on record for having donated a lot of money to the No-on-Prop-8 campaign. What else do you want him to do besides frequently promote marriage equality (which he has also done in interviews)?

  27. Ricky says

    We know that we are readily available 24/7 — through email, cell phone, twitter, IM, Facebook – and we know that this very availability makes the bullying relentless – inescapable – exhausting and terrifying — for many gay and lesbian teens – going far beyond the high school hallways and other school activities — to their homes – their rooms – and seemingly their entire world — we know this — WE KNOW THIS.

    Anyone who provides any respite at all from this horrific daily fear and terror – be it Lady Gaga or Dan Savage – is a hero – a God Damn American hero — and are to be applauded and celebrated – period.

  28. kodiak says

    How could Lady Gaga not take this personally? She’s done so much, she wrote an anthem, appeared on talk shows, gave interviews, tweeted, fought for marriage equality, and on and on. Now a little boy is laid to rest in a tee shirt with her lyrics on it, and his last words were about how the song made him feel better. But it wasn’t enough to save him. We could take inspiration from her example of meeting with the president-she’s taking action in response to this tragedy-she’s doing something, and taking it to the top. I applaud her. What will I do in response to this senseless death? What will you do?

  29. reality says

    people post vile on here just to rile people up. they get joy out of making people angry, just like bullies get joy out of hurting people. Ignore the trolls. Reflect on life and remember those who have it tougher.

  30. says

    I have usually always been proud of my gay brothers and sisters, but after reading some of the thoughtless trash written on this thread, I realize we’re really no better than the worst of rednecks. Lisa, you disgust me to no end. If I had known about this kid, I would have reached out to him and done whatever I could for him. It might not have been enough, but I would have tried. Poor boy, may God be with you now and forever. When is enough, enough?

  31. Arturo Beeche says

    We, my husband and I, have three adopted sons. One is 19 and Gay. The other two (15 and 11) are NON-Gay.

    The two youngest have been bullied at their schools and even though we have reported the various (and at times daily verbal abuse they have faced) administrators have done little other than obtaining empty promises from the perpetrators…I say empty because these boys have continued the bullying relentlessly.

    We are now forced to elevate this matter to a legal level. We have had to get a lawyer involved to get the school districts of our youngest son’s elementary to get seriously involved. Even with me present the bullies have called our son all sorts of awful names…it has been a nightmarish for him!

    Our middle son’s school administrators promised to keep a closer eye on the boy doing the bullying…as well as on his friends who have decided to join in the bullying.

    Somehow many administrators just don’t get…and in some cases, not even after t is far too late to anything…

    It is simply awful!

  32. Joey says

    What beautiful child. Even though his life was short he brought so much to it. It is sad that a brilliantly light person such as he, so disturbs the darkness in some, that even in his death, they can’t stop the bullying. Rest in Peace dear boy. You, just being who you are, opened my heart, thank you.

  33. iawl says

    So, “Lisa G” if that is really her/its name, waddles out of her disgusting cave to stir up hate and try to get a response. She gets one– all the while dancing on the grave of a 14 year old boy. There are no words to express just how sickening “Lisa G” is. This is her MO. She does it in thread after thread. My guess? “Lisa G” is a warped religious right-wing troll simply looking to stir up trouble and take people off point. The real point? Lady Gaga with “Born This Way’ and Dan Savage with It Gets Better are flat-out heroes and have done SO much to make this world a better place. While scum like “Lisa G” continue to do all they can to make things worse…

  34. Rich says

    Rodemeyer’s story makes me feel helpless. When I heard about Tyler Cimenti’s case, I thought that the community, through institutions like Trevor Project, could give these victims the affirmation of self-worth that their families withhold. Near as I can see, even a supportive family, as Rodemeyer appeared to have had, just isn’t enough.

    @LadyGaga thank you for trying.

  35. Artie says

    @ Iawl,

    Like you, I’ve noted “Lisa G” on thread after thread spewing typical fundamentalist Christian BS. An obvious troll.

  36. MikeInSanJose says

    Don’t feel bad… My first comment appears to have been censored too. It was a little long, and I actually called out the religionists for encouraging and reveling in teen suicides.

    Funny how, after all the time religionists spend abusing and berating young children, that anyone could PRESUME to infer that they bear some responsibility in making this world unsafe for young questioning children.

    Funny too, how a comment that says as much would be censored and removed. Obviously someone has a gun to Towleroad’s head(s).

  37. Mike says

    The problem is in the schools. This kid knew who he was, he was comfortable with himself. But he would have started school a few weeks ago and he obviously couldn’t face some of the people there anymore.

  38. says

    . If you have the time to sit down and write a comment then offer something that will help, or offer an idea that will inspire someone. Negative words led to this boy feeling so awful and unwanted that he felt life was worthless….as a community we are creative, we are powerful, and we certainly know how to use words. Lady Gaga might actually be someone really useful..

  39. Gonzo says

    Poor boy, It did not have to end this way. It’s time for gays to stop being weak. I was bullied too in school but not once did I have suicidal thoughts. Life moves forward and so did I. Maybe it was because I did not care about my “social status” and most of these suicidal teens do. I was lonely but I did not care. Most of these bullies end up being low-life’s anyway. You just have to hang in there and it will get better.

  40. Von Lmo says

    The parents should be held more responsible. They should have had Plan B in place for pulling him out of that toxic environment. That child should have been presented w more options than he thought he had.

  41. Keithy says

    Oh Lisa G. Is that the best you can manage? Honestly my love, we’re going to have to send you back to Troll School for emergency remedial troll-work.

    Look dear, you’re letting down trolls all over the world with your clearly obvious attempts to upset people. Don’t you realise that the first rule of trolling is “don’t be obvious”. If people spot you’re a troll, then you lose all your power. You need to concentrate on appearing innocent and reasonable and getting other people to disagree with other, while you can just sit back and enjoy the misery you cause.

    You are giving hard-working trolls a bad name. Sort yourself out love. Towleroad is a good site, and it deserves better than your half-hearted, lazy attempts. Even that
    someone who barely tries, like Anatasisa Beaverhausen manages better than you.

    Improve – or get yourself over to Queerty, where you’ll find the trolling much more basic and suited to your level.

  42. Peter says

    A lot of people are clearly incapable of “getting it”. I’m reffering to those saying things like “bullying is bad, but it’s not worth killing yourself over so it’s his choice/fault”. No point arguing with individuals like this, since they’re not smart enough to understand (empathy is dependent on overall intelligence). Moving on from haters/trolls/idiots, this is one of the saddest news I got lately. Pleny of blame to go around. Bullies and their parents, the social worker who was counseling him, the school’s administration that allowed the bullying to take place over an indefinite period of time whithout acting, the international business corporation of child rape, murder, hate, discrimination, stupidity and violence (aka the church – all of them, in all religions) and so on and so forth. And we have another kid killed (because it is murder, no matter how much some people want to hide it).

  43. says

    She know she can’t illegalize bullying right? There’s no way to really tell what bullying is. Some if not most the times it’s usually an over reaction to excessive teasing. Also 14 is too young to know if you’re gay or not.

  44. Sabat says

    @DELTAMAGNET: “In the case of the “MySpace murder” in NJ, a state judge ruled that an adult female neighbor (who impersonated a teen male in order to first seduce and then coerce a teen female victim to suicide) stand trial for murder 1. The neighbor was convicted.”

    Which case are you talking about? There’s a very similar case (death of Megan Meier) where Lori Drew only got convicted of a misdemeanor violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, a conviction which was subsequently overturned.

  45. says

    Reading some of these hateful comments turns my stomach. There is enough bigotry and hate out there that we don’t need it within our own ranks.

    If I were Gaga, I would at least try to make it to the funeral, especially since she meant so much to him. If I were the parents, I wouldn’t hold back. I would publicly state that all those who bullied Jamey will now have to live with the fact that, and in their cold hearts remember, they helped cause his death.

    I did the below video almost a year ago on bullying. I hope some of you will take a look at it again….

  46. Rin says


    as incredibly weird as this may seem as a suggestion… have you tried a private school? Public schools have “protocols” that they must meet due to state obligations. Private schools can handle these cases on a case-by-case and I assure you with parents, money talks.

  47. jason says

    This is very distressing. Can’t something be done, such as charging the bullies? You don’t have to be Einstein to find out who was responsible. Find out who the scum were.

  48. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “She know she can’t illegalize bullying right? There’s no way to really tell what bullying is.”

    The issue may be sketchy around the edges, but you can certainly tell what the core of bullying is – when someone is singled out for repeated abuse, whether it is physical or verbal or via internet posts. There are laws against harassment, and bullying is harassment. When it gets into physical intimidation, that is essentially battery.

    Adults can be legally made to leave other people alone through restraining orders, so why not open that protection up to kids?

  49. jamal49 says

    SCOTT, RORY and LISA G: Please go f*ck yourselves–royally. Let’s make a point to never meet. For those unkind, cruel remarks you slimy, miserable cretins have made, I will gladly rip your f*cking heads off and shove them up your miserable @$$es. How about getting lost from Towleroad? Permanently!

  50. Christian says

    I’m glad she’s taking it all the way to Obama (as she should), but please, Gaga, dress appropriately for the meeting.

  51. says

    Sean? You said “Only two celebrities out there are working very hard to promote equality right now! Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper”
    Why does the LGBT community either by mistake or intentionally forget to mention Adam Lambert? He’s a GAY MAN who works with the Trevor Project, asks his fans to donate (which many did and still do) & he designed a silver peace pendant with proceeds going to the Trevor Project.
    Watch his “It Gets Better” video on You Tube.
    I give thanks to Gaga also, but she’s NOT the ONLY star supporting gay rights.
    Lambert risked MUCH last year when he took to the stage in Malaysia, where any public display of homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment.18,000 cheering fans sang his songs along with him (and many were male)He’s a brave MALE face for young gay boys. A good role model.
    That said, this isn’t a fan war and little Jamey still took his own life.
    The blame lies not only with the bullies but also with a climate of intolerance and ignorance.
    Parents, students and educators need to be educated about the harmful, sometimes devastating effects of bullying. Laws need to be enacted and enforced. There is much work ahead.
    RIP Jamey.

  52. Vlad says

    I rarely cry but I actually did when I looked at that little boy’s photo and then read some of these disgusting comments about the suicide of a 14-year-old bullying victim. I am entirely with Dastius – bullies should be held accountable. Why are assault and harassment held to different standards when children are involved? Every child should have the right to attend school free of intimidation and physical abuse. I understand that some of these trolls really get off on setting everyone else off in these forums but to do that in this case is just downright sick.

  53. Rick says

    This woman (Lady Gaga) is part of the problem, not part of the solution. With lines like “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen”, she insults all gay men and does damage to the self-esteem of young gay men who hear it….which would be insufferable enough in a performer who is actually gay, but coming from one who is straight–and a woman to boot, who has no understanding whatsoever of what it is like to be male– it is beyond insufferable.

    What she really needs is a good hard kick in the butt that hopefully will cause her to fall flat on her face and lose several of her teeth out and ruin her singing voice in the process and I wish I had the opportunity to deliver it.

  54. Phillip Mooney says

    Some of you heartless people make me sick. You blame the victim for being bullied. You are part of the problem this country faces every day. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  55. Francis says

    Hey Jim, this isn’t Free Republic. I think it would be best if you went to a website more suited to your ignorant way of thinking.

    Suicides like this are a horrible tragedy, but what makes it even worse is the reality that a good portion of people truly do not give a damn whatsoever. That’s the #1 reason why bullying continues, especially taking into account most of these suicides and incidences of brutal harassment are happening in smaller towns, or suburbs outside of cities. The culture of these towns are homophobic, so of course, the kids are going to be similarly homophobic. The schools aren’t really focused on the issue of homophobia and bullying in general within their schools, they’re almost totally blind and ignorant to what’s occuring, because it’s completely entrenched in within their halls, and in their psyches, it’s an every-day thing. It’s normal, they’re numb to it. And for these people, why would they change if it doesn’t affect them? Like Lisa put it so wonderfully, bullying happens, in the eyes of these adminstators, the kids should just get over it.

    Trash like Lisa H simply highlight how many people simply lack empathy towards their fellow man. Mix in homophobia, and the desperation many young boys have in “protecting their manhood” (ie. misogyny, a major cause of homophobia), this is what you get. The reality is, tragedies such as this won’t end until the culture that promotes homophobia is destroyed. And that is going to be a long, arduous process.

  56. Francis says

    Rick/Jason/100 other usernames, another piece of trash filled with negativity. What’s clear is that some people on this site are just negative individuals, whether it’s because they’re hardened by societal/familial/etc. hatred, whether it’s because they simply don’t feel like they belong within the gay community. But these people bring nothing uplifting or positive to the table. It’s almost sad, but more than anything it’s dangerous that people like this speak out openly as members of our community, because LGBT teens do read this website, and they don’t need people like Rick infecting them with their backward way of thinking.

    The It Get’s Better campaign, GaGa, Pitt, these people have been INSTRUMENTAL in raising the self-esteem of millions of gay, and even straight boys and girls. Jamey himself may have committed suicide much sooner without knowing there were people out there who DID have his back. But that alone is not enough. There needs to be tangible progress in the outreach any socially outcasted child has within their own communities and parents have to be involved more, parents have to know if their children are bullies and they have to keep engaged in their child’s life. That is what is missing in these smaller towns, suburbs and other areas. There isn’t anywhere these kids can turn because the issue of bullying isn’t RAISED in these places. And that is what has to be fixed and is something we can all do within our own communities.

  57. DeeperStill says

    Can we PLEASE get some sort of rating system on the comment section??? Most sites has such an option, and it’s getting more and more depressing to read the comments on Towleroad these days. Why not give your readers a chance to just vote down these lowlife comments?

  58. TJ says

    RICK – not that I seriously expected you’d get a clue, but I actually engaged you on this topic. I even wrote one final, lengthy post on the original thread about this poor kid – don’t know if you read it; if you did, it clearly didn’t make you stop and think. You continue to blame the wrong people. You continue to point fingers and spout ridiculousness as if towing the line and being indistinguishable from heterosexuals will solve the problem. Be a manly man, and all manly straight men will accept you and there will be peace in the valley and joy shouted from the mountaintops. And people are basically good and when I sneeze, monkeys fly out my… oh, never mind. I officially give up on you. Go watch your well-worn copy of “300,” have another wank-off session to Gerard Butler’s CGI abs, and let’s call it a day.

  59. Rick says

    “It’s time for gays to stop being weak”

    Thank you, Gonzo. That is all that really needs to be said.

    Learn to be men and act like men–which includes learning to throw a punch if it becomes necessary in order to defend yourself–instead of trying to make the world safe for sissies by pursuing a futile attempt to destroy masculine values…..Do that…..and the problem takes care of itself.

    @TJ I did read your last comment and appreciate your having shared your story. But I have to say that a) your “slightness” may have had more to do with you being bullied than anything else–after all, lots of straight kids get bullied for the same reason, i.e. big guys picking on little guys….and I don’t really have a solution for that, and b) you should not assume that just because your choice of “feminine” interests was not entirely conscious on your part in terms of your motivation being to mimic the behavior of women…..that that necessarily means that that was not still the motivation.

    Regardless, I am not saying that bullying is not a problem that should not be addressed with disciplinary action against the perpetrators, only that in the cases of the vast majority of gay boys and men, it is avoidable if they stop thinking of themselves as quasi-girls and start thinking of themselves as the boys they are and act accordingly.

    I have sympathy for someone like you who was attacked by a group and I have sympathy for those who are attacked by someone much bigger and stronger than they are, but I have little sympathy at all for gay men who allow themselves to be beaten up by a straight guy who is no bigger or stronger than they are simply because they are too cowardly to fight back.

    I hope that clears things up for you and others.

  60. BEAHBEAH says

    Rick, seriously, why do you hate yourself so much? It’s sad to see you post the same thing over and over again.

    Acting masculine is not going to stop homophobia… period. Fey gay men are not why people hate us, you can contribute that to the two R’s (Religion and Republicans). And if a man (gay or straight) is effiminate, he shouldn’t have to conform to your ideal to not be harassed. This is a free country, people should be able to carry themselves however they want without fear of violence.

    Who deemed you the judge? You lack compassion, rhyme or reason. And your posts are filled with hate, either directed at gay people, the transgendered and even women. Just… disturbing.

  61. Paul R says

    I can’t watch this video because I looked a lot like him at that age and was bullied a lot and thought about killing myself a lot.

    The people making negative comments are evil, no matter their upbringing, interest in Gaga, or anything else. F off.

  62. Rin says

    I would be interested in knowing what Rick felt about those studies that came out in 2008 that shows the similarities between the gay male brain and a woman’s brain being of similar symmetry.

    Perhaps, he will want to submit to a brain transplant so that he can better mimic his heterosexual male manly men beefcake comrades and their lesbian sisters in arms with their uber masculine large right hemisphere.

    Just a thought…I could chip in on the surgery if you like. :)

  63. Adam Siciliano says

    For all you A-Holes behind your computer saying that GAGA is doing this for attention, please feel free to get up and do something yourself!!!

  64. TJ says

    RIN – stop it! Studies interfere with ideologues. Wait, that was WAY too forceful a statement, given that I have unconsciously embraced femininity (and girl = BAD!) and am SO “let’s hug it out” now. ;>)

  65. Rin says


    only if you bring a pigskin with you so we can go play a manly game of football in the park afterwards.

    Woops, I need to remember my place and just … bring along some needlepoint or something flowery.

    You know what I thought was interesting that SOME people seemed to miss … how attractive you appeared to about 80% of the people posting because of your commitment and passion. You were getting the “wassup” from several people who have never even seen you.

    Being a “man” isn’t about how much weight you can press, and being an attractive man is about more than physical appearance.

    I don’t care if you are 120 lbs soaking wet, if you are committed and passionate that’s “manly” (and sexy).

    What I find most tragic about this particular death is that this kid, in his own way, WAS trying to be a man. He was seizing opportunity, making choices that were unpopular, and living his life in the face of adversity. That is what some of the greatest men in history have done. Gandhi wasn’t exactly a WWE wrestler with a thick neck, but his conviction changed the world.

    I wish he had given himself and life a little more time.

  66. TJ says

    JINX, RIN! I was thinking needlepoint, too! I also was thinking that when I saw the video of the lesbian marine coming out after DADT ended -lipstick, extensions, needlepoint, and BOOM! Acceptable!

    Yes, yes, yes, RIN, he WAS trying to be a man – one of integrity, who wouldn’t be what others wanted to bully him into being. But when you are 14 – and if you read my last post on the other thread, you know I know – you don’t have all of the strength and wisdom to carry you through. What some people don’t get is that the BULLY in this case is not only literal in the sense of one kid against another, but figurative. Boxing lessons (oh, so THAT was the point all along!) aren’t going to change an ignorant, cultural mindset.

    What got lost in a previous post (amongst other points): your children are fortunate. And we’ll hopefully get to discuss transgendered people at some time in the future. Have a good night, and a better tomorrow.

  67. TJ says

    RIN- PS: These days, I never weigh myself soaking wet ( water is heavy!). I’ve seriously fleshed out – and you know, I think I’ll adopt that as my new descriptor. I’m not “carrying a few extra pounds,” I’m “fleshed out.”

  68. Derek Pearce says

    Did someone really use the term “illegalize”? The proper term is “outlaw” or “make illegal.” Anyhow, yes, bullying to the point of causing suicide could be dealt with through legislation.

  69. Rin says


    Thank you. They’re getting ready for school right now, and the odd thing is that I’m happy they are in a school with uniforms. Not so much for them, but for kids who are poor or…it just helps force a “sameness”.

    I’m the same as you.

    It’s the MOV: If you prick him, does he not bleed?

    We are different and the same. We are the same in that we’re humans, we want warmth, food, air, and we want love. The best part is that we are also VASTLY different.

    I like that.

    Yes, TJ, I would like someone to speak to me about transgendered issues. I think sometimes I’m too much of a philosopher-spiritualist because I see the physical form as a shell that may or may not reflect what you’d like, but just…temporary housing.

    I want to understand it better. I just know, as a “girl” growing up Catholic that I was made well aware at all times what “ladies” should look and act like. My brother was told what “men” should be like. So right away, its in our heads that’s what we’re supposed to be like. Tack on society and I worry that if you think: I think X way I should look like X.

    Honestly, I need a patient soul to educate me.

  70. VaJay says

    Hmmm….next, she’s on a mission to censor speech and implement thought control by proclaiming bullying should be illegal.
    I wonder how she would feel if she were censored and her thoughts were controlled-Seems most artists throw giant tantrums when that happens to them,but they have no problem trying to puppeteer the rest of us.

  71. Brandon says

    @LISA G wow, just shut up. Obviously you haven’t been bullied before. It make’s you hate yourself, and you just get to a point were you can’t take it anymore. It’s people like you who cause stuff like this. Get a life.

  72. Milan says

    I dont care what anybody says i believe gaga is a great person. Shes actually doing something for the gay community something that was and still is taboo to talk about openly because of homophobes and religious beliefs. My cousin is gay and she wanted to end her life at one point in time because our own family were making her feel less then what she really is. I wish he hadnt kill himself but he did unfortunately may you rest in peace and i hope that society gets a grip on reality and sees what they are doing to those that arent “normal”

  73. evil angel says

    these comments are horrid
    we should be mourning the loss of a child not fighting over our own personal interests

    you can say all you want about lady gaga but she is one of the few celebrities who is actually trying to make a difference
    she DID meet with the president to discuss bullying
    she raised awareness about the repeal of DADT
    in all of her monster ball concerts she along with other sponsors give money to a charity for homeless LGBT teens

    its sad because i think gaga is a tool that the LGBT community should use

    its not a scam people – she just announced her born this way foundation – a foundation where she will try to change the way schools operate and she said herself that schools are responsible for keeping ALL of their students safe

    lets not fight over our selfish reasons instead we must remember jaMEY and fight in his memory for the injustice that floods this world

    KUDOS to gaga and i hope she continues her philanthropic endeavors