1. bandanajack says

    what these videos serve to illustrate, no diss to the performer herein intended, is just how unique was the talent of freddie mercury. like a pennywhistle to a piccolo…

  2. Jasunmark says

    It’s weird. He sounds like Freddie but with all the soul taken out. He hits the notes, he has the right vocal tone and everything but he’s got zero of Freddie’s style. He’s like a robot that emulates him without any of that raw sexual energy and uncaged “Queen” that Freddie just had naturally.

  3. Allen says

    Oh Dear … Why is it that when ever someone can “Hit the notes” they are suddenly deserving of being compared to Freddie? Freddie wasn’t just great for his range… it was his power, his control, and his tone. Personally I’m convinced no one will be able to TRULY emulate Freddie totally without reconstructive surgery to produce that remarkable over bite He had. And even then it will likely fall flat!

  4. Sebastian says

    He can hit the notes but even if I close my eyes, he sounds good but his voice doesn’t have feeling or soul like when Freddie would sing. I do not beleive anyone will be able to emulate the late great Freddie!

  5. javo says

    Good copy for sure but absolutely lacked the “oomph” and pure raw soul that Freddie had. I enjoyed it but was left wanting and yearning for all that was Freddie and can’t be immitated. I honestly think Adam Lambert could do a better job, he feels what he sings.

  6. justme says

    Yeah, my Freddie’s not so bad, either. I don’t look as much like him as this guy, but Freddie was unique in his appearance and supernaturally magnetic and this guy is, obviously, not. These videos prove that there was and can only ever be just the one.

  7. Brian says

    By now we should all know the difference between a lightning bug (delightful) and lightning (soul shattering).

    This was fine. But if he can do this, what else might he do that does not simply seek to channel someone else’s iconic performance?

    Mercury began by mimicking what he heard on the radio as a child in India. He eventually turned it into his own voice.

    Let’s hear this guy’s voice.

  8. Michael W. says

    He’s good, but I agree with the other posters that he doesn’t have Freddie’s soul and charisma…he looks awkward, like he doesn’t know what to do with his body because he’s thrown all his effort into sounding like Freddie.

  9. sparks says

    Very nice voice. While I agree there will only ever be one Freddie, this guy does him some justice.

    You don’t have to be as good as the original to pay homage. :)

  10. StudioTodd says

    I think he sounds pretty awesome (especially the Bohemian Rhapsody)…sure, there’s the lack of Freddie’s intensity, but I have no doubt that’s due to the homogenizing influence of being in a “christian pop” band.

    That would squash the soul out of any singer.

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