Minnesota State Fair Attendees Frown on Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Voters at the Minnesota State Fair weighed in on an upcoming ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage in the state, and voted it down by a big margin, City Pages reports:

Minnesota The survey captured the feelings of 12,549 Minnesotans — a record number for the volunteer poll, which relies on well-fed people walking up to a booth and requesting to fill out a piece of paper. Minnesota, you never cease to amaze us.

The survey's second question went like this:

2. Should the state constitution be amended to define marriage as "only a union of one man and one woman?" This question will be on the November 2012 ballot.

The answer, by a wide margin, is "No." Actually it was more like "No!"

Some 8,300 people, or 66.5 percent of those surveyed, voted against the exact language that will appear on the 2012 ballot. About 30 percent voted yes, and less than 4 percent had no opinion.

Gay marriage ban voted down at the State Fair [city pages]


  1. Charlie says

    Most public opinion polls are of voters or likely voters. Unfortunately, the state fair probably isn’t representative of this group. The old folks, who vote more reliably, are probably underrepresented. And the young’uns, who are to be commended for their support, too often don’t bother to vote. So when the vote is held it will be much closer than this.

    But the important thing is the trend. And that is in our direction. But if they write discrimination into the constitution it will be harder to get out.

  2. dms says

    after getting the rug pulled out from under me in california, i’m wary of any polls that indicate the general population supports marriage equality. We can hope.

  3. Oliver says

    As people here have previously stated, I highly doubt the fair is fair.
    But it should also be noted that the question put forth to the fair attendees was very straightforward and easy to vote on, unlike many “questions” in an actual voting booth.

  4. duggermn says

    If you read the attached article, the question asked was the same as it will appear on the ballot. Also note that Minnesota has had one the highest voter turnouts for decades. Last Presidential election it was 77% which indicates most of those who took the poll will actually vote. 1.7 million people attended the fair held in St Paul so this was probably a fairly good representation of the state voters as well. Granted this does not guarantee what the vote outcome will be but it certainly gives some hope.

  5. zackben says

    Obviously I hope this reflects the broad MN sentiment but the fair is held in Minneapolis-St.Paul (really one big city), which is a very liberal area. MN is a big state and there’s a ton of conservatives “outstate” (everywhere besides MPLS-SP).

    Most fair-goers are from the capital area so I’m not surprised with the results here. I wouldn’t infer that we are safe, however, unfortunately!

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