Obama Addresses Binational Couples, DOMA At Latino Roundtable


President Obama sat down with Latino news outlets today for a roundtable. In addition to discussing topics such as immigration reform and Puerto Rico’s federal future, the commander-in-chief addressed binational gay couples who want to petition for legal status for their foreign-born partners, something prohibited by the Defense of Marriage Act.

Obama appears optimistic about the issue, telling reporters that he thinks courts will soon decide on DOMA, legislation he calls unconstitutional and refuses to defend, and he believes that his stance will help persuade judges toward the side of right.

“The position that my administration has taken, I think, will have a significant influence on the court as it examines the constitutionality of this law,” said the president. “Once that law is put down — and I don’t know what the ruling would be — addressing these bi-national issues could flow from that decision.”

The president failed to make a prediction on pending court challenges, although he did reiterate his core belief on the issue: “DOMA doesn’t make sense, it’s unfair; I don’t think it meets the demands of our constitution.”

Obama also placed his bets on judicial action, rather than legislative, because “the likelihood of us being able to get the votes in the House of Representatives for a DOMA repeal are very low at this point.”

He just said a mouthful.

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  1. Brian in Texas says


    Unlike republicans all democrats don’t think alike. When you have huge majorities and win in swing districts and states you end up with some democrats who are more centrist and conservative than a democrat from a reliably democratic/liberal state or district. They can’t vote on party lines if they want to keep their seats.

    Just look how difficult it was to pass the health care reform bill we got. Some democrats had to be pulled kicking and screaming to get a bill without a public option passed.

  2. LincolnLounger says

    Jason’s right. Obama not only had a majority, but he had a supermajority. Nobody panders like Obama. If you don’t believe so, then you didn’t hear that outrageous speech to the Congressional Black Caucus with him dropping his ‘g’s’. Even Maxine Waters called it “curious.”


    It was the Log Cabin Republicans’ lawsuit that brought down DADT, and Senators like Susan Collins were instrumental. I guess maybe all Republicans DO NOT think alike.

    Not all Democrats are our friends, and not all Republicans are our enemy. To say that all Republicans are tea party types is like saying all gay men are Chelsea boys, etc.

  3. says

    Part of me almost wishes for a Republican majority, just so we can watch the log cabinites explain why their people are rolling back our rights achieved almost exclusively through Democrats.

    Any state that has equality for LGBT people has accomplished that through Democrats and against Republican opposition.

    There is no Republican leader on gay rights. Have you heard anything positive from any one of the Republican candidates for President?


  4. yonquersconquers says

    Immigration Equality is the most important plank in the marriage struggle.

    Gay couples deserve the same rights as straight couples and the refusal to allow them to adjust their partners immigration status through marriage is the GREATEST illustration I know of how DOMA discriminates against us.

    It amazes me how slow the community has been to see that Immigration Equality is absolutely as central to achieving gay equality as DOMA was.

  5. FAEN says


    Thank you for the comment! As one half of a binational couple DOMA cannot die soon enough. Eleven years ago there was barely talk about this-now it seems(I hope anyway)soon my partner and I will FINALLY be able to live like everyone else.

  6. Jay says

    The Democratic “supermajority” after the 2008 election lasted about three months. Between Joe Lieberman, Norm Coleman refusing to concede defeat to Al Franken in Minnesota, Senator Kennedy’s decline and Scott Brown (R) winning his seat, and Blue Dog conservative Democrats in general…just when and how was Obama supposed to get all of this glorious progressive legislation passed? Anyone? Anyone?

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