Paul Rudd Wants to Take Away a Great Cinematic Pleasure


Paul Rudd tells Playboy he shouldn't be allowed to take his clothes off for movies:

"I've been naked in a lot of my movies. There's something inherently funny about the naked male body, particularly mine…Ryan Reynolds, sure, it makes sense why he'd strip down. But not me. I shouldn't be allowed to….I'm a big fan of movie nudity. A male ass shot is the cheapest and best laugh ever. But it's mortifying to do. When I showed my butt in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, all I could think was, 'This is going to be up on all those big screens.' I was very self-conscious about doing it. There's a scene in Our Idiot Brother where I'm naked and getting painted from the side, and because of the angle of the shot, our soundman — who was a guest soundman, by the way, and not even our regular guy — had an unfortunate view. He was holding up the boom mike and standing right in front of me. My legs were spread, and he was pretty much staring at my hairy taint."


  1. John says

    Paul Rudd? Ryan Reynolds? Give me the hairy chest any day. Would love to run my fingers through your manliness PR. Woof.

  2. Stan L says

    Paul, your words were considered, at length, by gay and bi men around the world (not to mention the bi-curious ones). Our verdict: continue the nudity in your movies. We also encourage you to make house calls.

  3. blancheirving says

    I love Paul Rudd. This is the gay-friendliest guy around. How many other straight men even know what a taint is?

  4. pete N SFO says

    “My legs were spread, and he was pretty much staring at my hairy taint.”

    I WISH!

    I’ve been in love with Paul, since that kiss at the top of the stairs in Clueless.

  5. Jerry says

    I personally feel that now Paul Rudd should be obliged to get naked in EVERY FILM HE MAKES now. In fact, I think he should go back and ADD nudity to EVERY ROLE.

    I have spoken. Make it so.

  6. Michael says

    This guys always been extremely hot and cute too boot.In clueless he was gorgeous talk about a cutie pie .I love that he is so gay friendly too :)

  7. coolbear says

    I really need a recording of this interview. I need an endless loop of Paul Rudd’s voice speaking the phrase “staring at my hairy taint” to use as my ringtone.

  8. says

    I love Paul Rudd. I am not too much of a fan of his movies as of late. But I sure loved him in The Object of My Affection. If you’ve not seen this, Rudd plays the gay bestie of Jennifer Anniston’s character, who gets pregnant and hopes he will help her raise her child. GREAT touching movie.

  9. says

    Oops…After refreshing myself with the old trailer for The Object of My Affection, I think I may have confused some of the storyline with Madonna’s Next Best Thing…lol…Nonetheless, The Object of My Affection is a GREAT Paul Rudd movie! lol

  10. Dback says

    If no one has seen “Our Idiot Brother,” not only is there the nude scene (from the side) he mentions, but he’s picked up by a hetero couple for a threesome, and a hot naked guy winds up making out with him. Rudd’s character finally kiboshes the 3-way, but politely–he’s not unduly freaked out, but he’s just not into men. The only reason he doesn’t opt out earlier is that he’s too polite to hurt the guy’s feelings. Under the sexy comedic stuff there’s some very thought-provoking, almost radical views about male sexuality, and how demented homophobia is as a learned, ridiculous behavior–if you’re not into the guy, just be polite and say so. (Still wish he’d gone through with it, though, and loved those sexy male-male cuddles and kisses in “The Object of My Affection.”)

  11. says

    Paul Rudd is awesome. And a nice guy in RL- unlike Ryan Reynolds, who suffers from Alex Pettyfer Syndrome (aka “Pretty but Arsehat Disorder”)

  12. Carlos says

    Paul, Paul, dear Paul, are you aware more than a few of us logging on to love to drink in your maleness and your beauty??

  13. stranded says

    I hate false modesty. He knows he’s good looking and that’s why he’s not embarrassed to take off his clothes.