1. princely54 says

    He isn’t supposed to be the ‘hottie’ on that show, but I will tell you that I find him AMAZING to look at (and a more than decent actor) every week in and week out.

    Handsome is handsome no matter how dirty it gets!

  2. Rob says

    He’s been a favorite of mine forever. He has that Boy Next Door quality with a hint of nerd. He’s pretty much perfect. He is just thick enough with great body tone, beautiful face and eyes, and a nice smile. He’s gorgeous.

  3. brandon h says

    I had a crush on him way back when he was in a little movie called Jungle2Jungle with Tim Allen (chill out, i was 10 years old). When I saw him pop up on Being Human, my head almost exploded (both of them).

    The guy who plays Aiden is hot too though, I kinda want both of them.

  4. Henry Holland says

    Love him, he’s fantastic as Sam on BH. I love the show too, it’s different enough from the UK version and they’ve found their own niche, can’t wait for the second season to start next year. As for the UK version, with Aiden Gillen leaving, I dunno, but it does have Russell Tovey and those great ears.

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