SF Chronicle Profiles Gay Mayoral Candidate Bevan Dufty

The SF Chronicle profiles mayoral candidate and former SF supervisor Bevan Dufty:

Dufty A gay Jew who was raised in Harlem, Dufty is hard to define. He's one part Castro district socialite, one part scrappy underdog fighting A-list competitors, and one part political insider, counting on the No. 2 endorsement of former mayor and power broker Willie Brown.

At the Irish candidates forum, he was Bevan Doyle Dufty. When he's touring the Bayview, he makes sure everyone knows his godmother was jazz singer Billie Holiday. He can discuss his favorite Tequila with a 95-year-old woman as easily as he can discuss the benefits of the Central Subway with a skeptical budget hawk.

But while Dufty is a bit of a political chameleon, he isn't a panderer. He just wants to be liked.

Dufty has a simple solution for fixing San Francisco: Everybody needs to talk more.

Bevan Dufty hard to pigeonhole in S.F. mayor's race [sf chronicle]


  1. CJ says

    Bevan is the best candidate for Mayor. He has the experience, drive, and compassion to make this city a better place for all. And he is also gay. San Francisco needs a man like him to run things.

  2. GaySanFranciscan says

    I disagree [with Dufty]: he needs to talk less.

    Let’s not fall into the trap of thinking gayness makes a candidate a better option. Bevan Dufty is a profoundly vapid, talent-free ass kisser. In years of public “service” he has yet to display any originality or creativity.

    Every Dufty event prominently features tales of the banal, irrelevant adventures and utterances of his small child. That’s what passes in Duftyspeak for relevance. A vote for Dufty is a vote for Inauthentic-R-Us.

    To say that the guy makes my skin crawl is an understatement.

  3. Toutwest says

    This San Franciscan will NOT be voting for Bevan Dufty. Sadly, ALL of the straight candidates are better and bring more experience to the table. His service record is slim to none.

  4. D H says


    As a resident of Sup. Dufty’s district for many years, I can tell you that you are correct only if by “display any originality or creativity” you mean he wasn’t one of the radical members of our BOS that was proposing ordinances to condemn some world problem SF can do nothing about, or offering some supremely overreaching legislation that constantly makes SF the butt of every newspaper joke.

    On the other hand, whenever myself, my neighbors or anyone I know in the district ever needed some problem solved on a district level, he was always the person to tackle it immediately and effectively. It’s probably why a poll a few months ago shows him with a likeability and approval rate over 70% (and far higher than any other Supe); it’s a skill he carried over from working in Mayor Brown’s office.

    I, for one, am not voting for Bevan because he is gay only. I am voting for Bevan because he is the first viable gay candidate that will do the job that a mayor should do in SF. He’ll avoid the pettiness and name calling that others are slinging and stick to doing what I and my neighbors need to get done: fixing my street, making our schools better and finding ways to bring jobs back to SF.

    It’s time for SF to stop promoting divisive politics and choose a candidate that will just take office and fix our city. He doesn’t need to have grandiose ideas, he just has to have the drive, experience and commitment to make that happen. Happily, that’s Bevan’s forte.

  5. EP says

    Bevan Dufty is a great leader…an inspiration to me and knows how to get things done. Being in a city like San Francisco with such a huge LGBT community(and a bunch of queens who will complain about you breathing the air next to them), it’s hard to please everyone. Bevan does take his stances and knows how to fix a problem when it rises. He knows everyone in the city and will go out of his way for you if you ever reach out to him about any issues that concern you. If I could vote for Bevan 400,000 (about the number of registered voters in SF) I would! People need to stop complaining and hating and come up with resolutions and solutions to current issues and not bank on some “straight” candidates to “change the city around”! Qualified? Yes, Bevan is! He’s been surrounded by politics his whole life and has been involved in SF politics for over 18 years. And you say he’s not qualified???

    People get a grip! Seriously…this is about bettering the future…not about being bitter. Grab a drink or 2, relax and support your own community for a change…he just might be the candidate that will best represent this CITY and YOU. My only ask is that you stop and think before you make your final decision on electing the next Mayor of San Francisco!

  6. CJ says

    Bevan is the real deal. Have you heard his ideas about wet housing? I haven’t heard any other candidates come up with a new solution to one of SF’s biggest ongoing problems with homelessness. Just because SF is known for being one of the friendliest LGBT cities does not mean we are past the immportance of electing the first LGBT mayor. A gay man was recently beaten just blocks from those giant rainbow flags. Yes we have had allies in City Hall, but why don’t we deserve our own seat at the table?

  7. Chris says

    It’s so bizarre to read comments about Bevan not accomplishing anything. I just have to guess the commenters are either not paying attention or campaigning for someone else.

    In my experience, Bevan is an elected official focused mostly on getting things done. As one example, Bevan was an early supporter of SF funding for a program to turn around the disastrous rates of unemployment and underemployment within the transgender community.

    Once the money was approved, Bevan’s guidance was vital to helping create a collaboration of non-profits that could provide services and walking us through the tangle of city agencies. He then remained a strong supporter and advocated again and again for renewed funding during lean times for the city budget.

    This is just one example of how Bevan gets things done. It’s usually behind the scenes and without the usual accompanying press release, but it’s very real and meaningful service to his constituents.

    It’s one thing to not like his politics or solutions to the city’s problems. It’s another to ignore or dismiss his accomplishments.

  8. John Weber says

    This is not Bash Bevan Dufty Hour. Let me tell some od You who rejoice in Bashing Bevam. I am telling you that this will and It must stop. If you disagree with some of his decision.. Fine. But… He is one of the only candidates who based on the courage if his convictions and Not on the ever shifting political winds. In all my 20 plus years of living here in San Francisco as a tax paying citizen, a philanthropist, community leader, SEIU Local 100 Union member. Beavan is the first candidate for mayor that I have ever believed in One million Percent. Bevan is, unlike other bought and sold candidate, actually work within the system to fight for Equal Rights, Higher Pay, Collective Bargining, ***************Streghtening Neighborhood. Especially in the Bayview- He is NO all talk. He gets things done, potically, economically and structuallly. He has a history of fighting to improve the quality of life for all of San Francisco Middle Class and Low Imcome and the poor.

    So remember, who when feel the need speak down upon Bevan Accomplishment, just know Beavan has thousands of Bevan Supporters who will be vigilent to setting his record straight. We will be here with love when Bevan Dufty is elected as our next Mayor of San Franciso.

    This Gay African American San Franciscan will be at his Inauguration cheering him on when BEVAN MAKES HISTORY.

  9. Toutwest says

    So it seems Bevan has his minions out in full force. Right now I need hip boots for all the c**p that’s floating around here. Talk about get a grip, will all of the above posters come back to earth.

  10. K says

    @TOUTWEST: I can only imagine you have an agenda here. Which would be fine if there were a modicum of substance included with your aggressive rhetoric. Instead of shooting insults why don’t you put some ideas in you quiver.

  11. Toutwest says

    K – my agenda is to vote the very best candidate to serve San Francsico, Bevan Dufty is not it. “Aggressive rhetoric” wtf does that even mean.

    I would LOVE to vote for a gay candidate for Mayor, show me one.

  12. Dominicide says

    I’ll vote for a pothole guy any day. Although Harvey never ran for mayor (for obvious reasons) he talked about potholes, dogshit, the elderly, education, the list goes on and on. BEVAN FOR MAYOR!!!!

  13. Ad Hominem says

    I’m distressed not by the Dufty bashing, but by the Dufty bashing with no alternative. Posters here say every candidate is better than him, but who is in the top 5 runners? Dufty. Who talks to the people and engages them at a person to person level? Dufty. Who has a plan to address the homeless dilemma, provide incentives to start-up locally owned businesses, and improve overall transportation in San Francisco? Dufty.

    Originality or creativity are not essential characteristics for the public office of Mayor. Caring for the people of The City, listening to their needs, and deciding on the most effective course of action is what is required. Dufty has demonstrated these qualities and more in the 18+ years he has given to San Francisco, 8 of which were on the Board of Supervisors. He is up to date on the major problems in SF and is dedicated to solving them. He gets the big picture and would make a terrific Mayor.

  14. says

    If you are gay and Jewish and think for yourself, then when it comes to voting for the next mayor… you will vote for the best qualified candidate. I remember Harvey Milk was running in District 5 election for Supervisor. Harvey was openly gay and Jewish like myself,as well as my friend, however I supported and voted for Terry Hallinan, who was a lawyer, married and had a great civil Rights record, as a Freedom Rider, he helped G.I.s who did not want to return to the Vietnam war, and a long time resident in that district of San Francisco. He used the slogan UNITED WE STAND, and the gay press said that was overtly anti-gay and called my “Letter to the editor” in support of Hallinan as “GAYS FOR HOMOPHOBIA”!

    After Harvey and Mayor Moscone were assassinated, Terry decided to run against appointed Supervisor Harry Britt. The same gay paper that claimed Terry’s slogan was anti-gay used a banner headline in their endorsement of Britt UNITED WE STAND! Terry was elected Supervisor of that district years later, he then ran and won 2 terms as the City’s D.A. and in his administration had over 40 openly gay lawyers and gay workers… so much for him being anti-gay! Bevan has the support of Harvey Milk’s nephew who lives in Florida. However, I hope if you are voting in the next election, that you choose the next mayor based on their record and not because he might be gay or the same religion as yourself or who ever endorses the Candidate.

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