1. Mike Hines says

    LOL you’re giving this guy a lot of blogspace… yes he’s a cute post-twink. Somebody’s smitten.

  2. Syrax says

    “Carey Mulligan, if you squint”.

    Don’t think he’s that funny but some lines are certainly top-notch.

  3. nodnarb says

    I stopped 8 seconds in at “The Fresh Prince of Hell-air” … stupid, un-clever, waste of bandwidth.

  4. AladinSane says

    Louis Virtel is hilarious. Love all the Verbal Vogueing’s so far and his twitter posts crack me up.

    Nodnarb must be a hipster. Only hipsters are able to tell you in no uncertain terms how bad something is w/o ever having watched it…

  5. Rafa says

    I agree with Aladin…. I’m a fan of this guy’s “verbal vogueing”. Lean, witty, succinct, tersely poetic understated exuberance. A sparkling, crisp, refreshing funny perspective

  6. me says

    Love him as well – hilarious. If this is the first one you guys have seen, make *sure* to watch #1, which was a jewel.

  7. Donald says

    It’s easy to be funny at the expense of others (no matter how rightly deserved it might be). This isn’t really witty, it’s just bitchy and catty.

  8. jhr459 says

    I was going to say the same thing. How brave and avant to take on the Kardashians (sorta like shooting fish in a barrel), but I have noticed that this type of snark seems to be this guys stock in trade. It’s not clever or original.