1. AladinSane says

    Louis Virtel is hilarious. Love all the Verbal Vogueing’s so far and his twitter posts crack me up.

    Nodnarb must be a hipster. Only hipsters are able to tell you in no uncertain terms how bad something is w/o ever having watched it…

  2. Rafa says

    I agree with Aladin…. I’m a fan of this guy’s “verbal vogueing”. Lean, witty, succinct, tersely poetic understated exuberance. A sparkling, crisp, refreshing funny perspective

  3. jhr459 says

    I was going to say the same thing. How brave and avant to take on the Kardashians (sorta like shooting fish in a barrel), but I have noticed that this type of snark seems to be this guys stock in trade. It’s not clever or original.

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