1. MT says

    LOVE Jay, but this song is perfection as Adele does it. It should not be messed with. Jay makes it sweet, but Adele makes it heartbreaking.

  2. Lycomb Young says

    Odd how as Jay’s face matures his thin, reedy voice becomes less sweet and more annoying. That one-dimensional sound just doesn’t take me anywhere without a boyish face.

  3. tom a says

    He’s a decent singer. Apparently he’s famous? Sold out shows in London and Paris? Good for him!

  4. uffda says

    This was wonderful. I am glad to have discovered him performing such a lovely ballad, one suited to inspire many such poignant renditions.

  5. says

    Gee Tom , he’s very popual all ove the USA and Europe…..I’ve gone to hais shows in Dublin when he makes it here.

    Andy, you have made my day by featuring a great singer who deserves much more success both for his singing and his acting-(“Shortbus” directed by Cameron Mitchell and “Holding Trevor”).

    It’s a shame that jay has not been picked up much more on the music scene…..

  6. eric says

    I love his version. At such a rough time in the world, isn’t there enough negativity? What satisfaction do the negative commentors get? Sad.

  7. dms says

    This version is sweet, but it doesn’t convey the bittersweet pain that adele’s version does. The brilliance of her version is that perfect combination of pain and beauty. It’s just amazing.

    But this is sweet.

  8. Gsp says

    I honestly hate ALL remakes of Adele’s songs. Her emotions are captured so uniquely in her strong voice. However, I do think Jay brings a beautiful boyish version to this that I love. I’d let him sing it to me ANY day :)

  9. AedanCloud says

    Honestly? The only credit I can give here is that it is well sung. But to slow down this song? To make it a sweet ballad instead of the powerful, tragic, consuming work of art that Adele managed to accomplish just doesn’t fit. Her work is raw. This whitewashed it and it ends up sounding like a generic bitter-sweet ballad. This does an extraordinary song a disservice.

    Not my cup of tea. Excellent vocals- but I feel like I could liken this to a person who masters Photoshop before knowing how to draw. Sure you are a master of the technical ins and outs of the program but you lack the soul that a true understanding of the art form can bring out in a work. I dont know enough of this artist to say this as a blanket statement for his work overall- just this particular rendition.

  10. says

    This is one of the few songs from Adele that I think is perfect for covers — and this is a good one. Love Adele and love Jay, so to me, this rendition is pretty much perfect.

  11. Paul R says

    I’ve had a massive, childish crush on Jay since Towleroad introduced me to him a couple years ago. So glad I saw that he’s coming to San Francisco—thank you!

  12. Matt says

    The funny thing is, this song was pretty much meant to be covered by a gay man. But, Lord, this cover is not it. All of the soul, all of the edge, and the exquisite irony of that “like” have been totally stripped from the song here.

    (I like Jay Brannan, mind you. I went to see him in concert in Minneapolis and enjoyed it. He’s bad at banter, but he’s got a lovely, sweet voice. This is just not his song.)

    Brannan has the right idea, just not the right vision. You know who I’d love to hear take this on?

    Antony Hegarty.