Brazil’s Supreme Appeals Court Says Gays Can Marry

Brazil's Supreme Appeals Court overturned rulings by two lower courts yesterday and said that two women can be legally married, the AP reports.

BrazilAFP adds:

In a 4 – 1 vote, the highest federal court ruled that the Constitution "makes it possible for stable civil unions to become marriages".

Indeed "sexual orientation should not serve as a pretext for excluding families from the legal protection that marriage represents", the court said in a statement. Brazilian federal law has not specifically legalised same-sex marriage. And while state courts are not required to follow the same line as the highest court, the Supreme Court ruling should play some role in discouraging Brazil's states from blocking same-sex marriage, legal experts say.

Brazil's Supreme Court approved civil unions in May.


  1. George F says

    I cant wait for the day when Brazil fully allows marriage equality-which seems near… because it is such a massive country the impact will be massive as well!


  2. Syrax says

    Not only because it’s a massive country, it’s also the world’s largest catholic country so it’s good to push back the religious oppression and hypocrisy too. The evangelicals are going crazy as usual.

  3. Clint says

    Why is it that the Roman Church issues such anti-gay marriage rhetoric, but more seriously Catholic countries grant gay marriage than anywhere else? Fascinating. I will say that this too, I do not believe for a second that, among the hierarchy, this is a settled issue. There’s simply too much acquiescence and what have you when this happens. For every anti-gay bishop there are dozens of silent bishops; I know one, for instance, who told a gay man I know that, if he believed in his heart that he was truly gay, that he should live with and love his partner as if they were married, and did not instruct him to refrain from receiving Communion. I was floored.

  4. BobN says

    “I do not believe for a second that, among the hierarchy, this is a settled issue”

    JPII began, and Benedict continues, a stacking of the deck that hadn’t been seen in centuries in the Church. They purged the ranks of all but a few liberals and are letting those die off. They purged the seminaries and the universities. The pipeline is full of right-wingers.

  5. fullfrontal says

    There you have it – the difference between a state that is catholic by culture but where politics does not allow the church, any church, to interfere into state matters. These catholic countries that allow same-sex unions and marriages like Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina and now Brazil coming along are so much further.

    When the former Prime Minister of Portugal J. Socrates (socialist/left wing) was interviewed recently about gay rights, he stated that it was a matter of justice to get this voted through in parliament despite the lack of pulic support. Today, with a new centre-right government in Portugal, marriage equality is the law and nobody even mentions it any more, so normal it has become, and the world did not turn upside-down.

  6. Rob says

    But my rough calculations, this should mean that about 62% of the population of South America live somewhere where there is marriage equality, and another 16% live somewhere with civil unions or similar recognition for same-sex couples. That’s a total of 78% of the population of the continent!

  7. billy wingarten says

    Some of the tricks the religious fascists of the church use to keep the good priests quite is to send them to outlying areas where they may have, eg to go to half a dozen churches on Sunday to say mass

    And get too beligerant to the fanatics of the heirarchy, and the church does the good priests a strange favor. Remembering that the priests are not paid a lot of money, and are exempt (I think( from social security, the church simply cancels their pensions.

    Of course this saves the church so many millions which they can use to pay off the victims of the endless hidden molestation of children, all over the world.

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