1. Mike says

    Why does anyone not ask the logical follow-up question when they hear this crap… which is: OK, Mr. Cain… tell us when you chose to be straight?

  2. Gay American says

    Of course you’ll never get an interviewer to ask…..”So Herman, because you like vagina, and muff dive on it and pound pussy” – you think this mysterious SKY GOD you worhsip, that no-one has ever seen loves you more?

  3. Dorishin says

    thank you Mike!! exactly!!!! and if he did… by not acting on your true sexual identity and desires doesn’t make you “NOT gay” it just makes you “not gay right now”.

  4. Azgaard says

    @Mike; the logical follow up is “Ok Herman, prove to me it is a choice. You choose right here, right now to be gay. If you can’t choose to BE gay (and not just ACT gay), then why do you think anyone else can make that choice?”
    I wish more journalists would ask that.

  5. Bill_HB says

    Herman Cain is an ignoramus. It is time for the press to start calling him on stupidity like this, 9-9-9, and “I’ll refuse to sign any bill over three pages”.

  6. Bart says

    He’s already stated it is part of his religious beliefs, which as anyone knows is based on faith not fact. So he’s disqaulified from any reasonable discussion right there.

    In Herman Cain’s case the color of his skin will no more wash off than his own ignorance. The first because it’s part of his race, the second because he’s not adult enough or intelligent enough to learn anything new.

  7. Bill Cooney says

    So, Mr. Cain believes that I chose the school years bullying, the name calling in public places, being shunned for loving a man, being denied my civil rights, being beaten up because I don’t fit someone’s religious scheme. What an ass!

  8. says

    Just as his black can’t be washed away, neither can my gay be prayed away.

    Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. It’s innate within me. It’s part of who I am. Deal with it.

  9. just asking says

    What can you expect from a guy who thought about pizza 24-7 for years?

    Yeast infections.

    end of list