GOP Donor and Marriage Equality Supporter Paul Singer Puts Money Behind Mitt Romney

Politico reports that Paul Singer, a major donor to the American Foundation for Equal Rights and its federal court battle against Proposition 8, has committed to Mitt Romney.

Singer Ben Smith wonders what this might mean, if anything, for Romney's positioning on LGBT rights issues:

Singer's move cements the sense of Romney as an economic conservative and social moderate. Singer is also among the biggest donors to the same-sex marriage movement, and one of its critical players.

It would be interesting to know what Romney pledged to Singer, who has a married, gay son and has played a real role in scaring national Republicans off anti-gay appeals, on how he would talk and govern on the topic.

First of all, let's see if Romney responds to calls to distance himself from anti-gay hate group leader Bryan Fischer, for whom he is the warm-up act at this weekend's Values Voter Summit.


  1. HadenoughBS says

    This indeed is a really interesting move by Paul Singer to offer and Mittens to accept financial support from someone so positively identified with the same-sex marriage movement. How will Singer’s support portray Mittens in the eyes of those attending this weekend’s Values Voters Summit? I don’t think I’d want to be on the same scary tightrope with Mittens on this one. On the other hand, perhaps he will prove that one actually can burn the candle at both ends! But I doubt it.

  2. sleepy bear says

    So… Romney is the lesser evil through the eyes of those bewildering people who think that Republicans will somehow start to support gays.

  3. Charley says

    It doesn’t matter what Romney pledged. He opposes what he favored and favors what he opposed. Today.

  4. Married in MA says

    Hmmm… This is very interesting. My quess is the Romney will pull another flip-flop on this and announce that his position on SSM has ‘evolved’! LOL

    The folks at NOM will be so pissed…he did sign that silly pledge.

  5. Jollysocks says

    So what will Paul Singer say to his gay married son once President Romney signs a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality? “Sorry son, I thought he was moderate”?

  6. K in VA says

    The MSM continues to believe Romney is a moderate on gay rights and marriage equality. Hardly! As governor of Massachusetts, he did his damnedest to prevent or at least delay marriage.

    Yeah, he probably wouldn’t do the awful things some of his fellow candidates would like to do. But he’d no friend. Apparently Singer is choosing to ignore that, preferring capital over equality for his son. Shame on him!

  7. Ned Flaherty says

    Romney is nowhere near “moderate.” He:

    1. opposes full marriage rights
    2. opposes civil unions
    3. opposes domestic partnerships
    4. opposes foreign spouse citizenship
    5. opposes DOMA repeal
    6. opposes LGBT job non-discrimination
    7. opposes equal pay for married military

    8. vowed to repeal marriage equality in DC
    9. vowed to nominate only judges who are anti-LGBT
    10. vowed to amend U.S. constitution to discriminate against LGBT people

    11. funds the church that funds NOM.

    Here are his LGBT views compared to others: