1. bsmart2 says

    I would be surprised if that was the first man Macaulay has licked on. Remember he used to sleep in Michael Jacksons bed. Enough said.

  2. Robert says

    Umm, I think it was clearly implied (and has been established) that Michael Jackson was a pedophile.

  3. Kevin says

    Seth is SO HOT. Always thought so, but he just keeps getting hotter and hotter as time goes by…

  4. PRECIOUS says

    NO @Brian In Texas – in fact, the ONLY 2 public accusations came from the child of a couple going through a bitter divorce, and the father trying to extort MJ for $$$ (notice he did not go to police or authorities, he tried to demand $$$ first) — and the other was the child of a psychotic pathological liar who had been proven in the past to force her children to lie on her behalf (see: her harassment suit against JCPenney). EVERY other child that was friends with Jackson came to his defense: Culkin, Wade Robson, Brett Barnes and many others were called into court to testify, and all, under oath, as well as during countless interviews over the years said nothing inappropriate ever happened.