1. Alex Parrish says

    And I point-out that, based-upon such a statement, neither of these men have the slightest understanding concerning the Eucharist its institution and meaning. They may understand the rules of the Roman Catholic Mafia, but they have no understanding of Christ and his sacrifice. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  2. Dan says

    I respect that Christians believe in sacredness of the Eucharist. I however fail at seeing how that has anything to do with Gay Marriage let alone government.

    I will happily “desecrate” the “body” and “blood” of their Lord if they think it can infringe on my rights as an equal American.

  3. Danny says

    I wonder what they feel is the impact on the Eucharist when it’s celebrated by a pedophile who has his eye on the altar server.

  4. The Milkman says

    Back where I’m from, catholics aren’t even really considered to be christians. They’re idolaters and pedophiles who are beholden to a roman dictator.

    So it looks like gays aren’t the only ones who think catholicism is a cult.

  5. BABH says

    Which part of allowing gay marriage forces Catholic churches to perform them? Do we force Catholics to perform marriage services for divorced people? For people who haven’t been baptized? No, we don’t.

  6. Larry says

    What’s so offensive (well, one of the things anyway) is the assumption that everyone must adhere to the view of Catholics. I’m Jewish; the Eucharist means nothing to me. These legislators who keep making decisions based on religious dogma are not doing their job.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “I wonder what they feel is the impact on the Eucharist when it’s celebrated by a pedophile who has his eye on the altar server.”

    Wow. Think about that. A symbolic cannibalistic feast served by a pedophile.

  8. Dale says

    Shame on both the congressman and that priest for not knowing what they are talking about. GOD DID NOT CREATE MARRIAGE! MAN DID!

    It was not until the 12th century that marriage took its place among the other ritual actions which we now name the seven sacraments.

    The priest needs to go back to abusing boys, something he oviously knows more about.

  9. Akula says

    So according to these mental midgets anyone non catholic that gets married are also “promoting the idea of desecrating the Eucharist” and are a “direct affront” to the Church. So from were I’m standing it sounds like they are saying only catholics should be allowed to get married.

  10. paul b. says

    I’m not sure why I should care what this glorified pedifiles club calls a disc of dehydrated ka-ka…but we’re not interested.
    They can marry or not marry us…and who really cares?
    Look at the history of the catlic church going back 2000 years and you’ll see they should have no credibility. They are hateful, divisive and criminal in so many ways…and have been since Constantine’s time.

  11. Steve says

    It’s a magic cracker and people can’t make up their mind if it’s full cannibalism (Catholics) or partial cannibalism (most Protestants). Christians don’t even understand it themselves.

    Even later. Marriage didn’t officially become a sacrament until the mid 16th century during the Council of Trent. Some considered it a sacrament before, but it wasn’t on the same level as the others

  12. kodiak says

    That’s great, but I’m not catholic. I’m american, a citizen, but not a catholic. So should I be bound by religious laws that don’t apply? Just what exactly is meant by the term ‘freedom of religion’? Freedom to push your beliefs on me? Or recognizing that maybe not everyone subscribes to your religious point of view, and staying out of legislative processes where you try to force your church’s viewpoint on everybody. Go save yourself.

  13. sleepy bear says

    the more dingbatty their reasons become for opposing it, the more i realize that we’re going to win this.

  14. Tim says

    Yes, they are really digging deep for arguments against same sex marriage. If consenting adults do not conspire to the Catholic faith, what does it have to do with me? Same as abortion, if I am not a Catholic, why must I be against the practice. Like it or not, Catholics are not the only game in town. I don’t have to kiss their royal rumps.

  15. says

    No one is telling the Catholic, or any other Church, who they can marry. They have religious liberty, yet they keep trying to infringe on our civil liberties.

  16. says

    When these people speak, the response should be the list of crimes committed by the church hierarchy when it came to covering up the crimes of the pedophile priests.

  17. walter says

    religion has to much freedom in this country. it is constantly trying to impose its will on everyone not just members of their faith. the congressman should remember he was elected by all the people not just catholics.

  18. anon says

    How about all the hetero people who engage in ‘civil’ marriage ceremonies. Clearly they make a mockery of the Sacramental Marriage offered by some Christian churches. I don’t the the Rep. calling out about 1/2 of all civilly married Americans.

  19. Rob says

    @SLEEPY BEAR – Excatly as they realize they are losing their arguments become crazier and more outrageous and more desperate.

    Desecrating the eucharist (snort)

  20. just_a_guy says

    Steve King and Bishop Lori are un-American. Go back to old Rome–or Mussolini’s. Stop pushing that Islamist-style hate here.

    Please. You don’t care about your children, but think of MINE.

  21. Bob R says

    Eucharist, is that the “body” of their Christ they willing gobble down during their religious ceremonies? I should respect a bunch of mindless cannibals feasting transubstantiated flesh and blood?

    Meanwhile, I consider the church and its primitive teachings an affront to human intelligence and civilized society. What a bunch of ignorant, superstitious buffoons.

  22. Tom in long beach says

    Jews are not trying to outlaw bacon and crying that their sensibilities are being desecrated, neither are the Amish trying to have electricity outlawed. Don’t “believe” in marriage equality then don’t marry someone of the same sex. They act like gays are trying to outlaw heterosexual marriage. Shouldn’t the church be trying to help poor people and shouldn’t the lawmakers be trying to keep people in their house and create living wage level jobs instead of harassing tax paying gay American citizens??

  23. Demian says

    @KODIAK, @WALTER — Exactly. What is this bishop doing testifying before a legislative subcommittee? Tax.The.Churches.

  24. jexer says

    We are the 76%. We are neither Catholic nor Mormon. We’ll epand the definition of marriage without your consent if we damned well want too.

  25. jexer says

    grr… “We’ll expand the definition of marriage without your consent if we damned well want too.”

  26. Akula says

    These two do realize that by eating pork they are a “direct affront” to the Jewish and Islamic religions, and by eating beef they are a “direct affront” to the Hindo religion. What ever will they do about that?

  27. says

    Eucharist? Does that mean catholic priests have holy inappropriate communion with innocent young children?

    I would seem to me that the catholic church has shamed itself into an ineffective tired old religious institution the needs die along with the hordes pedophiles that run it. It’s like expecting us to celebrate the hypocrisy of sanctity?

  28. Chuck Mielke says

    Well, I hope Steve King has fun, over the upcoming holidays, visiting with his “in-faiths” — Oh!, I’m so sorry. They’re called “in-laws,” aren’t they?

    This is the scariest part of this whole debate: the idea that our laws and governance ought to be responsive to the moralisms of religious institutions. We have already seen where “Gott mit uns” leads.

  29. RandyN says

    Funny thing: this guy is divorced!
    Isn’t that pretty much against the Eucharist as well? Or

  30. PDXCraig says

    I was raised Catholic…still trying to get over it.
    What they are really saying is gay people should not be allowed to munch on the body of Christ. Only straight people should be allowed that honor. As for drinking his blood…well enough said. They don’t even put an olive in the glass.

  31. dancopbbb says

    How about divorce, is that descecrating marriage? Where’s you’re hearing on divorce you godless piece of crap, Steve King!

  32. mcNnyc says

    He’s the Bishop of Bridgeport, CT…and got a MA from one of biggest gay priest seminaries….anyone else get the gaydar on him?

  33. JT says

    Since when do we ask what the Pope says before passing our laws? Wasn’t it these same type of people who in the 1960s were so afraid of the Pope dictating our laws through Kennedy?

  34. stan James says

    Wonder when King will be exposed. SNAP – the survivors network of those abused by priests, says about 5000 priests have been exposed etc in the USA, and it estimates that 5000 more are still undiscoverd.

    The catholic church btw endlessly moved guilty priests to new locations when they were exposed. Where they could continue their crimes – while keeping the collection plate full.

    The Molester in Chief, Benedict learned the idea of his one man tyranical rule while growing up in Nazi Germany.

    todays couple links (copy exactly, is case sensitive)

  35. says

    and WTF IS the Eucharist anyway? all this jargon.. jesus! it’s like following astrology: it can get really complex the more you ‘know’ about it but in the end it’s all a load of nonsense!

  36. FlexSF says

    Is King a religious leader or is he a U.S. Representative? He is not behaving like the latter, and deserves to pay, severely, and personally, for misusing his power, and attacking the people he is supposed to represent. For some of his constituents, religion may not be on their radar screen, and could care less about a Eucharist. (Whatever the hell it is, it has no relevance, whatsoever, on someone who doesn’t subscribe to his magical religion). I hope he, and his vindictive religion, suffer massive financial devastation.

  37. jamal49 says

    Transubstantiation indeed! Of course, everyone must know where this is going. These hearings are a typically-childish attempt by the House republicon majority to make an idiotic point: that somehow, by allowing people of the same sex the right to civil marriage, the religious liberty of christians are threatened. This is also the tack taken when anti-bullying bills are proposed in local, state and even the federal level. The ability of religious bigots to freely denigrate a group of people under the guise of “free speech” will be severely curtailed. That this kind of hearing is actually taking place in the House of Representatives and that these very, very hateful people are claiming their “religious liberties” are at stake because same-sex couples can marry civilly is an outrage!

  38. Jerry6 says

    As a young child,I frequently “ate” the Eucharist on Sunday mornings.It tasted like just another piece of Mattza (sp?) The Nuns in Sunday school said it was “The body and blood of Christ.” When I was older, I found out that it was just dry, unleavened, thin bread that the Nuns baked every week in the nunnery kitchen. So much for religious hocus-pocus.