Kirsten Gillibrand to Introduce Bill Barring Adoption Discrimination Against Gay Couples

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) says she'll introduce legislation to bar discrimination against gay and lesbian couples who want to adopt or provide foster care, Capitol Confidential reports:

GillibrandGillibrand, D-NY, will be the Senate sponsor of the Every Child Deserves a Family Act, backed in the House by California Democrat Pete Stark.  The federal government invests some $8 billion in the child welfare system annually, but Gillibrand doesn’t want that money ending up with adoption agencies and foster care entities that don’t consider LGBT parents as candidates to adopt.

Five states prohibit same-sex couples from adopting children, and more than 20 others do not have legal guidelines addressing the issue. While New York does allow same-sex couples to adopt, Gillibrand said hundreds of thousands of children nationwide could be helped by this bill.

Said Gillibrand in a press release: “New York is a leader on ensuring that any family can adopt children and sets a great example for the rest of the country. By removing all barriers for LGBT families to serve as foster parents, New York State has increased its foster parent pool by 128,000 prospective parents. This legislation would open thousands of new foster and adoptive homes to children ensuring they are raised in loving families.”


  1. Chris says

    I wasn’t sure whether this was a NY State Senate bill or a US Senate bill…so I checked, and Gillibrand is a US Senator.

    This is a big deal! Bill is in the US Senate! It probably won’t go anywhere, but it’s great to see Gillibrand give it a try.

  2. says

    Excellent, Excellent! Now let’s get it passed as a Federal law so States like Florida will have to re-think their hatred for gays if they want Federal dollars. PUSH to get this passed!

  3. moony says

    I’ve admired this woman ever since she got the James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act passed, giving 9/11 1st responders the healthcare they desperately need and deserve, and since she became a key proponent of the DADT repeal. Looks like my respect for her isn’t going away any time soon.

  4. Max says

    Clinton, Cuomo, Gillibrand… I’d pick any one of them over Obama and the Republican candidates.

  5. Sean says

    As much as I admire Gillibrand for this effort, it has no chance of passing and she is wasting congressional time. As long as the Republicans control the senate, this bill is dead. Can we focus on jobs and the economy in the meantime?

  6. Alessandra says

    Homosexual child abusers have their senator! Gillibrand!

    Homosexual Pedophile, Frank Lombard sentenced to 27 years

    “One of the most horrific cases I have covered here in Hicktown is
    the one involving [homosexual] pedophile, Frank Lombard. I get sick all over again
    when I think of how he acted as a predator, purposely targeting black
    male babies to adopt, so that he could rape and sodomize and pimp them
    out to strangers who could have AIDS or could be murderers.”

    The only reason Lombard got caught is because he went onto the Internet to pimp his boys to other homosexual predators. After raping them himself, that is.

    Thanks to people like Gillibrand, of course. Lombard and his homosexual husband went through an adoption process run by homosexuality zealots like Gillibrand, but could the liberal adoption agency find anything wrong with them? Could they suspect they were homosexual pedophiles? Of course, not, liberals only lie to themselves about how violent or deformed or lacking in ethics so many homosexuals are.

    How many other children adopted by homosexuals are being abused now? Do you know? Did you know that Lombard was raping his boys before he went onto the Internet, and fell into a police sting? If you are a liberal, you just hand children to homosexual and bisexual abusers and then go clap at your disgusting “Proud of what” parade.

  7. Max says

    Sean, Obama presented a “jobs bill” and the Senate blocked it. Apparently that had “no chance of passing” either. So yeah, we are focusing on “jobs and the economy,” but we are not agreeing on it.

  8. says

    Oh, Alessandra, stop pimping your hate around here. If the ability to adopt was based on one person’s disgraceful and abusive behavior, straight people would have been prohibited from adopting long long ago. Most abuse, physical and sexual, is perpetrated by straight men, so if you have to demonize someone to vent your irrational rage, then start there, dear.

  9. Mary says

    Although I’m a conservative my own views on this topic have become more liberal in the past year or so. I used to be totally opposed to gays adopting – now not at all, although I would give preference to straight couples if that were an option. There is no reason why a gay couple couldn’t be marvelous parents and there are already children who’ve been rescued from abusive homes or having no homes at all by gay couples. Hard to argue against children having parents. The questions is what effect this has on societies and children in particular long term. But I have to say that Alessandra’s stereotyping of gay men as child abusers is unethical in the extreme.