Michele Bachmann Says She’ll Be ‘a Listening Ear’ on Bullying, Doesn’t Say She’ll Take Action

On September 16, Tammy Aaberg, the mother of gay teen bullying suicide victim Justin Aaberg, delivered petitions bearing more than 130,000 signatures to Michele Bachmann's office.

Lips_bachmann Bachmann, who has until now failed to address the bullying epidemic that has placed the school system in her district under investigation and made it the target of federal lawsuits, finally responded on Monday in a letter published by Dump Bachmann.

Wrote Bachmann:

Unquestionably, bullying is wrong. I agree that no student should feel belittled or threatened by peers at school. All human lives have undeniable value, and I urge parents, teachers, and students alike to champion this fact in our community and to address instances of bullying promptly and firmly when they occur.

As one of the members of the U.S. House of Representatives representing the Anoka-Hennepin School District, I am very aware and concerned about the cases of bullying and suicides that have occurred there. In response, my office has been in communication with both school officials and with individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide.

We all desire to see bullying brought to an end and the best interests of students served in our schools. Again, thank you for your commitment on this matter. I assure you I will continue to be a listening ear for any constituent wishing to express his or her view on this or any other issue.


  1. Matt26 says

    Her campaign is over, even her own party has turned away from her. She is thankfully on her way out. Please stay away.

  2. JimmyD says

    I’m guessing she was bullied as a child. And nobody helped her. So, now, why should she help anyone.
    Poor Michele, I guess it doesn’t get better for you.

  3. Roger ramjet says

    Not one mention of the word Gay in the entire statement.

    But she manages to shove in her Anti-Abortion plank : “All human life…Blah Blah…

    Disgusting simpering coward Bachman is DONE like a bad Bundt Cake. She is so over her own head she can see her badly frosted roots.

    And people want this nitwit to have HER FINGER on the ‘button’?

    Hell to the no.

  4. topherhoefer says

    Time to begin ignoring her. She is out of Money, her top staff is fleeing the scene, and her eyes just can’t seem to shake the crazy.

    Fade into irrelevance, Shelly.

  5. Zell says

    Listen, I despise the woman as much as anyone else on here, but exactly what did you want her to say? How is the president of the united states, or a candidate, supposed to fix the behavior of two kids fighting on the playground, or on the way home from school? What is Barack Obama doing that’s so exemplary?

  6. StillmarriedinCA says

    One thing you she do is stop saying LGBT people are demonic spawn from hell. And she could stop trying to “pray away the gay” and “convert” us at the clinic that she and her closeted husband run. She could say she was sorry that she so ignorant and misled by her crazy religion that she believed LGBT citizens to be inferior and unworthy of respect and equal rights.
    If you don’t know what Obama has done to advance civil rights and respect for LGBTs, then do a little research. Start with Google. Obama even made an “It gets better” video to let kids know that gay is ok and they have a bright future ahead of them. Bachman has spent most of her life in a kind of “It gets worse” mode of operation–making sure she spreads hate and intolerance wherever she goes. There is a f*ck of a lot she could do besides saying she will be a “listening ear”.

  7. Roger says

    I have a confession to make: I think I have spent too many years bashing people I don’t know with vitrolic bile…like my claim above that Bachman is a coward.

    Sure, I do not like the woman, politically, socially and most proably as a human. But I just don’t think I can continue to bash people behind anonimity.

    I have become a ‘hater’ too…in that fashion.

    I have to believe in dignity and repect as being the only way to the top of the civil right’s struggle. I have too. 

    I have so much time, energy and money to give to the real world, of real human charity and decency, so much so that I am through commenting in vain. Clever? Rarely. Insightful? No more than a monkey.

    I turned around, looked in the mirror and saw…a troll I claim others have become.

    Forgive me all for taking the road  ‘most’ travelled on the internet. In my real frustration over the lack of change I have forgotten that I am better than the remarks I spew.

    I wish you all well.