Michele Bachmann Vows to Reinstate ‘DADT’, Trusts in God to Win ‘Pro-Family Victories’

Michele Bachmann held a conference call with Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom coalition on Tuesday night in which she spoke about gays in the military, abortion, and same-sex marriage, the Colorado Independent reports:

Bachmann “I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ,” Bachmann said in her introductory remarks. “I gave my life to the Lord when I was 16 years of age. We are committed to the pro-life cause, we believe that life deserves protection from conception to natural death.”

Bachmann also talking about her work on the anti-gay marriage amendment that will be on the ballot in Minnesota in 2012.

“We also believe that God has a design for marriage between one man and one woman. I was the chief author of the marriage amendment in Minnesota and we persisted, and after seven years, in a very hostile liberal state, we finally passed that marriage amendment and it will be on the ballot and I believe it will pass in 2012.”

She said conservatives don’t win “pro-family victories’ unless they fight hard and have trust in the Lord: “It’s incredibly important that we trust him in what he can do because god is so big and so great and so powerful.”

Bachmann also addressed 'DADT' repeal, and vowed to reinstate the policy: "It worked before and what it says is the issue of sexuality is one that doesn’t come up and people aren’t allowed to be open about it because the United States military is unique, its not a social experiment.”

Michele Bachmann Spooked by Gay Protesters at Iowa Pumpkin Farm [tr]


  1. Rob says

    Does it make me a bad person if I want her to die a “Final Destination” kind of death tomorrow?

  2. justme says

    She really is utterly incoherent. She hears voices, spouts gibberish and wants to destroy everyone and everything in her path. If she weren’t a Republican politician, she’d be locked up somewhere so that she couldn’t harm herself or others.

  3. David says

    Homophobia is the truly dangerous “social experiment” here. I have to wonder, do conservatives actually get these talking points and jargon emailed directly to them? “Okay everyone, from now one we call the repeal of DADT a dangerous ‘social experiment.’ Gayness is natural. Homophobia is the really a “dangerous social experiment” that tries to eradicate with cultural norms a naturally occurring variation.

  4. JamesG 'n Philly says

    Every time I hear/read/see anything this shrill vile woman says, it only makes me dislike her more and more. Thank god she will NEVER be president, no matter how hard she prays to her sky god! What amazes me is that when people say they are hearing voices we normally lock them up and throw away the key. But when you claim that the person speaking to you is Jeebus, then it’s okay! This lady and all of the religious reich, can kiss my big Athesist ass! Go back to Minnesota and crawl under the rock from which you came and take your voodoo religion with you!!

  5. Tom in Long Beach says

    Wow, And she will shut down House and the Senate the day after Congress building mysteriously burns down. All non FUNDAMENTAL Christians will be sent to relearning camps.
    If only these people would take on real Christian causes like taking care of poor children and feeding and clothing the homeless. No it is all about repressing the evil gays and a woman’s right to choose. We are these people’s scapegoats.

  6. Taylor says

    As a gay Canadian I actually feel sorry for you people. That picture of this shrew wagging two fingers simultaneously makes me physically sick. Canadians are fortunate that we have turned the corner and are past this type of ideological rhetoric, especially in your two party system which I think makes people like this far more dangerous. We would categorise her as extremist here, and if she wasn’t careful might even be charged with inciting hatred.

  7. says

    Taylor, Got room for two more in Canada? We’re thinking Toronto.

    Her fifteen minutes are almost up. She’s not a threat to our nation since she, surely, will not be elected president. The bigger worries are her more electable counterparts.

  8. uffda says

    Give her forty years more years of having accomplished nothing and she’ll still be irrelevantly babbling, now in her rocker, about sin, the Lord and the wicked world facing a vacant audience of weeds and sky. Because she’s nuts.

  9. Kevin says

    “We are committed to the pro-life cause, we believe that life deserves protection from conception to natural death.”

    I didn’t realize that Bachmann was against the death penalty!

  10. Gay American says

    Im so friffin sick of these Nutjobs with power in this country…..at this point – Im all for splitting it up…lets give the GOP say 6-7 states…..they can WALL IT UP…keep in thier losers, and keep out whom they dont want. ..and within say 2-3yrs tops…thier side would have Public stonings, witch burnings, prison slavery..polluted air,water,and food hence: no EPA for them, oh yea -and lots of GREED.

  11. Craig says

    If “god” has a design for marriage then we need to get government out of marriage. No tax advantages and no judges can carry out marriage or divorce (they are gov’t employees). It can only happen within the church – but churches are allowed to marry who they please. Just remember some churches are pro equality.

  12. Roger says

    I don’t think we have to worry about her being in office. She only votes half the time in the office she currently holds.

  13. says

    I find it interesting that between winning the phony iowa straw poll – that she paid money to win – she skirted the whole topic of ‘us’ pretty much: the Meet the press intvw with David Gregory, her appearance on the tonight show ‘pray away the gray’. She pretty much and for all intents and purposes has avoided commenting on the booing of the gay soldier but. Now that her campaign is bleeding staff and dropping the polls. She’s back at her old rhetoric. Hmm! Just interesting.

  14. booka says

    Her most important contribution to America remains as a fabulous Halloween costume. there is just so much material to work with, Drag Queens around the country rejoice!

  15. Bob R says

    I look forward to the day this woman becomes worm chow. It can’t come soon enough for me.

  16. jamal49 says

    Until “their natural death”? Gee, Michele, tell that to those thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghanis who have been killed since 2003. Tell that, Ms. Born-Again-christian, to the innocents who have been burned at the stake because of christian witch-hunts. Tell that to the millions of native peoples and the Africans who were enslaved against their will and died during the Middle Passage. Tell that to the thousands of gays and lesbians around the world who have been murdered because of who they are, which is as God has made them.

    You, Ms. Bachmann, are a hypocrite. You, Ms. Bachmann, are a very, very evil person.

  17. Mike says

    So, if she meets resistance or loses on some of the items she’s pushing, will she equally see that as a sign from God that she is wrong and should stop?

    Just curious…

  18. says

    Congresswoman Michele Bachmann should not be discussing a possible return to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” in the absence of a firm statement from military leaders that the present policy is not working. Even then, in that event, she should promise that before any policies are changed, all sides will be consulted and every effort will be made to reach an agreement that all sides can support!

  19. walter says

    what she saying she already has a gay marriage .she is married to the biggest queen in the world, marcus. would either or ms marcus ever serve in the military ? i doubt it. marcus would beat them off with her purse.

  20. Gregoire says

    She is the conservative id dolled up like a Sunday school teacher. Nothing she says will ever come to fruition, but she embodies the deepest hopes and inner monologues of the Christian right. And it’s for that reason that she disturbs me.

  21. bayhuntr says

    Anyone see the movie Idiocracy. where in then future everyone is is dumbed down? Tell me she doesn’t remind you of the people in the future? Arrogant and stupid, what a vile combination.

  22. Sancho says

    I can deal with Bachmann – I prefer it when my enemies lay out their intentions right where I can see ’em and when they tell me I can expect them to come after me. I respect that kind of take-no-prisoners honesty. It’s the stealthy hypocrites who really worry me, because you don’t see them coming until you notice the knife sticking out of your back.

  23. Christian says

    Okay so mabye Michelle isnt so passive in her views but you cant bame her for speaking her mind and being strong in her beliefs. I used to be gay, God didnt make me that way, it was the names and words that people spoke into my heart and polluted my mind that made me think that way. But by the healing power of christ i am redeemed from that. Christians do not hate gays, believe me, i dont. And i am not judging you because i have been there, i know what it is. I also believed that god made me that way, but he didnt, satan played me and made me think that what others said about me was true. God does not hate gays, he loves everyone. But as 1 Corinthians 6:9 states ” For neither the sexually immoral, the idolterors, the adulterers, nore prostiutes, or practiced homosexuals will enter the kingdom of God.”