More Than 900 Methodists in NY and CT Defy Church in Pledge to Support Same-Sex Marriage

More than 900 members of the Methodist church in New York and Connecticut, including "clergy members who will perform weddings for gay couples, lay members of the denomination who support them, and congregations who have adopted policies to formally make weddings available to all couples," signed a covenant this week in defiance of the denomination's ban, to support same-sex marriage.

MethodistWrite the signers, in part:

Pastoral care and the sacraments and rituals of the church are means of grace by which the lives of all Christians are blessed by God. Therefore we, as congregations and as individual laypersons and clergy, declare our commitment to offer such means of grace to all persons on an equal basis. We refuse to discriminate against any of God’s children and pledge to make marriage equality a lived reality within the New York Annual Conference, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.

Our conference’s record, in resolutions passed and petitions forwarded to the United Methodist Church’s General Conference, already makes clear our opposition to the UMC’s prejudice and discrimination against LGBT people. While the rite of Christian marriage officiated by our clergy and celebrated in our church buildings is denied by UMC law to same-sex couples, we affirm the New York Annual Conference’s 2010 resolution urging “clergy to minister equally to all members of their churches and to consider the conference’s call to inclusive ministries in deciding how to honor their congregants’ covenantal commitments.”

We seek to embody the beloved community of hope by openly and joyfully affirming the lives and loves of all United Methodists, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.

Check out the covenant and those who signed it, HERE.

The We do! project, as it is called, has been over a year in the making according to Methodists In New Directions (MIND) and has been followed by similar efforts in 11 other conferences within the UMC


  1. Pete n SFO says


    Churches cannot be vocal enough in support of equality. I’m so pleased to have their unequivocal support & their unquestionable integrity speaking out on our behalf.

  2. bandanajack says

    the united methodist church(UMC)has been split on this for the past decade or so, and the issue has been coming to general conference every 4 years with increasing support. only the the more powerful older bishops and southern congregations have been holding the denomination from making it the choice of the individual congregation or episcopate. it was a forgone conclusion that some of the more liberal areas were going to tire of waiting and declare their intentions to disregard the church laws as they stand. expect to see other areas follow suit.

  3. DB says

    Hallelujah! Oh how wondrous and glorious to see Christians standing up for the teachings of Christ and denying the sins of homophobia, sexism, moral relativism, and selfishness.

  4. Seattle Mike says

    This issue has been coming up in the UMC since 1984, when anti-gay language was added to the church’s rules. Because the UMC is a global denomination, the biggest barrier these days comes from the growing UMC in Africa which is EXTREMELY conservative if not downright homophobic on gay issues. They ally with the southern US region churches to prevent pro-gay changes in the denomination as a whole. That said, KUDOS to these specific church in the northeastern US.

    Here in Washington State, a lot of the UM churches are also very progressive – the challenge is that there just aren’t many UM churches at all in the upper left hand corner of the country. And the few that are here tend to be small and dying.

  5. Seattle Mike says

    And let’s remember these churches the next time we’re tempted to engage in sweeping attacks against all who call themselves Christian. Don’t lump the bad in with the good.

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