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NC State University Passes Resolution Opposing Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Following Campus Hate Crime

An act of vandalism directed toward North Carolina State University's LGBT group in which "FAGS BURN" and "DIE" was spray painted across a door and showcase has prompted the student governement to pass a resolution opposing the proposed amendment constitutionally banning same-sex marriage in the state, WTVD reports:

NcstateOn Wednesday night, the student senate passed the resolution in a 29-6 vote, despite the debate turning contentious. Some student senators said they felt it was too much of a hot button for them to take an official stand on for their entire student body.

It is the same amendment that hundreds protested for and against last month. However next May, North Carolina voters will be asked whether a ban on same-sex marriage should be written into North Carolina's constitution. In the meantime, students at NC State are selling bracelets for a brickyard rally Thursday in support of the GLBT community.

No reports on anyone yet being held responsible for the vandalism.

Watch a WRAL report on the debate, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Pathologicals and Prejudice

    In The Anatomy of Prejudices Elizabeth Young-Bruehl looks at such "primary prejudices" as sexism, racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. She argues that they fall into one or another combination of categories: obsessional, hysterical, or narcissistic.

    Obsessional (Malcontent) prejudice, by her definition, sees its objects as omnipresent conspirators or enemies set on one's destruction, who therefore must be eliminated.

    Hysterical (Histrionic) prejudice interprets the hated individuals as "other, as inferior, and as sexually threatening". Racism is the best example of hysterical prejudice.

    Narcissistic prejudice "cannot tolerate the idea that there exist people who are not like them". She argues that homophobia alone fits all these categories, and this might help account for its persistence and prevalence.
    --Vannessa Baird, The No-Nonsense Guide to Sexual Diversity, pg 72

    Posted by: I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff | Oct 20, 2011 8:56:49 AM

  2. Was wondering whether the Student Senate would be more supportive if this hate crime had been directetd against a black student organization, and the graffiti had said "Blacks burn" .. probably not.

    Posted by: Grego | Oct 20, 2011 9:38:48 AM

  3. The irony is that we see (presumably str8) soldiers dancing with each other in musical videos they put online all the time.

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