Bully’s Brutal Assault of Gay Ohio High School Student Caught on Camera: VIDEO


Some contact info, via Dan Savage:

Union-Scioto Local Schools District Administration:
Superintendent: Dwight Garrett dgarrett@mail.gsn.k12.oh.us
High School Principal: James Osborne josborne@mail.gsn.k12.oh.us
Unioto High School Asst. Principal: Wilma Gillott wgillott@mail.gsn.k12.oh.us

Administration Office
1565 Egypt Pike
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

Unioto High School
14193 Pleasant Valley Road
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601



  1. Mike says

    Anti-harassment policies and anti-bullying laws won’t in and of themselves “protect” anyone against assault. It’s a violent criminal act, regardless of motive or clauses in school policies.

  2. Jesus says

    We cannot effectively deal with bullying unless we target the underlying framework that encourages and allows this behavior. Strengthening anti-bullying laws when we have a media culture that has firmly embedded within it the narratives necessary to breed this kind of behavior is exactly what allows it to continue to happen.

    I strongly encourage you all to check out some of the films Media Education Foundation has to offer, especially the Bro Code and Tough Guise for some keen insight into why this kind of behavior cannot be changed without a thorough examination of the foundation that is laid to support it.

  3. LiamB says

    Time to press charges for assault, then sue the bully and his family for all medical costs. These bullies want to imagine themselves men, then they should be dealt with just like any other man who attacks someone.

  4. John says

    A violent, planned assault that resulted in a concussion and dental damage only gets the perp a three day suspension?

    Why haven’t the police been alerted? This is felony assault and battery – I really don’t understand why there haven’t been any charges filed.

  5. mike moore says

    Just because there is not an anti-gay bullying law does not mean that that bully should not be prosecuted for assault. Why hasn’t the mother pressed charges, why has this punk not been arrested, that is more to the point.

  6. Ricco says

    I don’t like the hate that wells up inside of me every time I read a story like this; but I cannot deny that I wish gay vigilantes hunted these gay bashers down and put them into a coma.

    I know what people would tell me, that violence begets violence. Several months back when that kid picked his bully up and dashed him to the cement, it was bloody brutal, yet I admit I was glad, not at all concerned for for the possible injuries his bully might have sustained. He could have died and I would have been glad.

    I think for me that this is the worst thing about this epidemic, and that is the hatred I have in my heart.

  7. says

    Luckily, in this case, the school district doesn’t need to have a gay-bullying policy, because the state of Ohio has laws that cover this. What’s captured on that video is an absolutely unambiguous case of assault with intent. The mother of the minor in question should bring this video to her local police station (and to court) and have an arrest warrant sworn out against the guy doing the savage, repeated punching. Even if the guy avoids jail time, the mother should still be able to pauperize his family.

  8. Vince says

    That ‘kid’ attacker belongs in jail and expelled from school where he is clearly a menace. Who would tolerate this unprovoked violence at a work place for ANY reason??? Hate crime or otherwise, he is out of control. Students get expelled for far less.

  9. Basil says

    It is very hard to watch this, because it brings up some bad memories. That bully belongs in jail. All this bs about “the poor bully” is just that, bs. He is junior thug, and he needs to be behind bars.

    The victim’s family needs to sue the school district for punitive damages. You send your kids to school for education, not for assault.

  10. Ricco says

    What sob story will his defense lawyer come up with to justify this punks behavior? The whole Brandon McInerney trial was a travesty. The message that was sent by those jurors is that if you have been abused, and have drug addicted parents then in America you can murder a gay classmate.

    I know some bad a**ed gay men. I wish some of these would plant themselves to take a beating, turn the tables and plant a few gay bashers in the ground . . . since our government, and our schools do very-very little to punish these criminals. The breeders need to know that not all gay people are punching bags. Some of us fight back. But of course they are fricking cowards, and would never attack someone they know they can’t take on.

    The pathetic thing is that punk in that video will probably grow up to be a cop/pig some day, with the full force of the law to support his criminal activities.

  11. Jimi says

    I don’t understand why these kids who assault other kids aren’t immediately arrested for assault and charged with a crime. Shouldn’t the school district inform the police that a student assaulted another student? It doesn’t matter WHY… assault is a crime.. period.

  12. Sethboy says

    Personally, I hope the kid gets hit by a bus.

    However – they DEFINITELY need to file criminal charges in this case – despite the juvenile angle (the attacker will probably get off with a pre-trial intervention or whatever measly penalties Ohio offers juvenile offenders – 3 days “community service” picking up trash or something equally pathetic) – either way – this was plain and simply an assault, in addition to being a hate crime.

  13. Jack says

    What’s great is how moms these days can so matter-of-factly say about their kids: “…just because he’s a homosexual.” That will never stop blowing my mind.

  14. Vincent says

    Why is there no mention of any form of punishment for the one who taped the whole incident?

    Obviously, the student with the camera knew something was about to take place, or why would they keep taping when nothing is going on at the beginning?

    They not do anything to avoid the attack. And, obviously, their motivation for capturing the event is to additionally taunt the victim

  15. RE says

    The only way to show support for your disgust is to let them know first hand that we will not put up with this treatment of our youth. Give em a call.

    Administration Office
    1565 Egypt Pike
    Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

  16. Artie says

    If it’s criminal assault to beat up a store employee at a shopping mall, then it’s criminal assault to beat up a queer kid at a high school. Go to the police first and the school administration second.

  17. says

    If the bully was caught on the street and got his ass kicked really good, about three times, I bet he would no longer be a bully.

    If my kid was attacked like that and the adults did nothing more to the bully than let him stay home (or whatever) for three days, I would hire someone from out of town, to beat the kid senseless and make sure everyone in the family had good alibis, because you know the bully’s parents would be all ready to prosecute.

    My response to them would be, what goes around comes around.

  18. Ted says

    While I agree that “bullying” is a terrible thing, why are we not calling this, plainly, assault, which should be a felony. There are witnesses, video evidence, etc.

  19. Bart says

    This was felony assault, pure and simple. I’d go after him for criminal prosecution, I’d go after him in civil court, and I would sue the school district until they backed the money truck up to my house and begged me to stop.

    This school, this kid, and his parents would pay until they couldn’t pay any more. There’s no forgiveness for this kind of unprovoked attack.

  20. Ash_like says

    am so angry my hands a shaking so hard! no one deserves this, how can this bully have so much hate in him like this at such an age? as some1 mentioned previously they attack the weak ones..i would definitely get even, i will suck it up, lure him and do him so much damage to him, he will never raise a finger even to a fly

  21. Sue Emahl says

    Hey, Mom: You gotta sue. Sue the school, sue the teacher, sue the kid with the cam, sue the parents of the kid with the cam. You won’t get their attention until you get them by the balls of their wallet(s).

    Hey, Kid: If Mom won’t sue, sue for emancipation, and get your own damned attorney. Then see above.

  22. walter says

    this was an assault more than bullying. the attacker should go to jail. hell this deserves more than slap on the wrist. where
    are both sets of parents, the victims should be there with a lawyer suing the school district and the attacker’s should be facing charges for what their son did. time to stop taking bullying lightly.. action have consequences.

  23. Homo Genius says

    my fear always when people start making laws to deal with social issues is that they end up veering into the insane.

    Like kids being expelled or carted off by police for having weapons by bring a plastin knife in their lunchbox. Or expelled for drugs because they dared take a Midol. Eventually “bullying” is going to be such a broad definition that you wont be say nearly anything.

    Schools shouldnt need laws to make them protect students.

  24. Ben says

    I grew up about an hour south of where this occurred. That whole part of the west Appalachian foothills is a strange mix of surprisingly cool, open-minded good ole country folks like this mom…and a bunch of Catholic/Baptist/Pentecostal whackadoodles who preach and screech many things while often secretly doing far worse.

    Bullying was a currency of youth power hierarchies and was borne at home – parents teaching their kids these backwards ideas out of stupidity/under-education and religious kowtowing.

    I was bullied, but other than a few pranks only verbally- mostly because people thought I was crazy and could snap at any minute. But I watched as others were bullied, beat up, etc, same as this case. You wanted to jump in, but at what cost. Because bully boy will meet you later with 4 of his cousins and baseball bats.

    Mom will do right by her kid in this one. Others are so fortunate in context.

  25. Jerry says

    I like Sue Emahl’s approach in addiiton sue the bully and the bully’s parents. Start hitting School districts and parents of bullies in their wallets and this behavior will be reined in very quickly. the burden of proof is significantly less in civil tort suits for monetary damages than it is in criminal suits. I would contribute to a legal aid fund for this kid and his parents, maybe Lambda or other group could start ?

  26. shle896 says

    Shame on the bully and shame on his parents for raising him to do such things. If that’s not a hate-crime, then what the hell is?

    I hope the victim here knows that it does “get better” and doesn’t give up in the face of all the hate and aggression he must experience every day.

  27. Craig says

    I agree with Ted, We need to stop calling it “bullying” and call is “assault.” That kid is not a “bully” he is an assailant. “Bully” is too light of a term for him.

    I’m guessing the school didn’t know the video existed when they handed down the suspension, now I bet they wish it didn’t. The cops and lawyers will surely be involved now – thankfully.

  28. jay says

    That is assault. You do not put your hands on people. He needs to be arrested for his intention to harm another. His life was not in danger when he attacked this boy.

  29. Francis says

    As other have stated, this isn’t “bullying”. This is premeditated assault, it’s harassment (stalking on facebook and leaving hate messages) and the boy who did this should be immediately charged and jailed. Those who were in on the attack and the student who filmed the attack should be suspended indefinitely.

    With all of that said, without extreme pressure and nationwide attention brought on this story, we know none of this will come to fruition. This tragic incident has every indicator of what happens in a homophobic environment:

    1) The fact this happened in the first place, that other students knew what was going to happen, and no-one did anything about it (which is a sign of support).

    2) The fact this kid had bullied the gay student previously and seemingly no action was taken. Where are the teachers or any adult figure, and why didn’t they step in? Why isn’t the students’ mother mad as hell and taking no prisoners?

    3) The fact it’s taken for LGBT and liberal websites to pick up this story for it to go viral, the lack of detailed investigation of this story by the local news in Chillicothe. The complete lack of a viable response by the Union-Scioto school, in only suspending this kid 3 days.

    4) The lack of sexual orientation discriminatory protection in the school while having protections for almost all other groups.

    These schools are failing their LGBT youth, and it’s time for our community at large, and our supporters, to take the bull by the horns and right the ship and demand action be taken, because as has been obvious, if we don’t speak out and do something, nothing will be done.

  30. Francis says

    Sue Emahl is 100% correct, it’s been said many times, but it’s very true. The only way these backwards school boards (and backwards areas in general) will get the message their hate and their lack of care for the well-being of their LGBT citizens is unacceptable, is by suing them and hitting them where it really hurts, which is their pocketbooks.

    It’s beyond obvious if it wasn’t already that they don’t care what happens the LGBT students in their schools. They don’t care about us, and they don’t accept us. No time to play nice anymore. It’s time to fight fire with fire.

  31. Bob R says

    Americans only respond to money and violence. Unless gays start fighting back and breaking some gay basher heads OR start pressing charges and suing for big dollars, this will continue.

    If I were this kids parent(s) I’d be requesting the police file criminal charges for premeditated assault. I’d also being seeking remedies in civil court against the school, the school district and of course the parents of the perpetrator. A three day suspension is not a punishment, but a reward. The kid has shown a propensity for extreme violence, he should never be permitted inside another public school.

    If the parent(s) decline to take action, the gay community via HRC, GLAAD should pursue it as a civil rights issue. This is simply not acceptable and should not be tolerated. Make the bastards PAY!

  32. JB says

    In a CLASSROOM during the school day? Where’s the teacher? Where are monitors? Why aren’t any kids alerting a grownup? This sort of thing used to happen (when it happened to me) outside of school, after school, our of the range of school personnel. I find it really hard to believe that these kids were completely unsupervised.

  33. Inis says

    A three day suspension is practically an invitation to other bullies to beat the crap out of their victims. Three days is a vacation.

    Now, a six month suspension or full expulsion might make another bully hesitate and is appropriate for a premeditated violent crime.

    And, the victim absolutely must bring charges and get this bully to face some jail time. Also should bring a civil suit for money damages.

    Only harsh consequences will teach others that being a bully is not good.

  34. jay says

    I suggest all the commenters who are freaking out that there is no criminal charges go back and what the entire video. The reporter states at the end that the mother has filed charges with the prosecutors office. There will be a civil case at the least and if the county decides to (I can’t imagine them not) there will be criminal charges as well.

  35. Rin says


    I’m with you. You know our state though is pretty strict right now on this subject which makes me happy to hear.

    This isn’t bullying…this is assault. Three days would be if TWO people were fighting…when someone batters another person…that’s assault and deserves expulsion. I mean if they caught that same kid with a non-violent drug possession he would be expelled…why not expel him over assault?

  36. Amanda says

    Only thing worse than someone who commits the hateful act, are the bystanders doing nothing to stop it. Now that is purely disgusting. What the hell is wrong with people?

  37. says

    I’m with LIAMB on this one. The attacker should be arrested and charged with a violent criminal act (the phsyical beating) and a hate crime (“You fag…”). He should serve 5-10 years in prison, certainly not three days of suspension. The victim’s parents should sue the school for failing to protect their son and failing to provide a safe environment and for not permanently removing the attacker from the school entirely. The parents of the attacker should, of course, be sued for damages of physical and mental harm caused to the victim inflicted by the attacker.

  38. MiloTock says

    At 1:21 of the video, it does say that the mother is pursuing the case with the prosecutor’s office, but I honestly do not hold out a lot of hope. Especially in the current economic environment, the prosecutor’s office is likely underfunded and understaffed, and whatever prosecutor gets this case is just going to want to make it go away as quickly as possible. Especially with no law on the books specifically aimed at this type of assault, I’m willing to bet this is going to be brushed aside as not being a serious situation. You are dealing with a minor, most likely first-time offender (he has probably done sh*t like this before but has never been reported), and the injuries were not life-threatening. No one should hold out any hope that the offender is going to get any more than a slap on the wrist, and at most have to do some community service. While we in the gay community are all aghast, I’ll bet many members of the community in which this happened are going to just look at this as a “boys will be boys situation” or, just as likely, as a “fag had it coming” situation, and there is not going to be any great public uproar demanding greater punishment.

    The civil lawsuit avenue is much more promising, and I agree with Bob R and others that I would be suing the school and the parents of the perpetrator. As part of any such lawsuit, I’d be issuing a raft of deposition notices to all of the bystanders to give testimony against their classmate. Having to sit across from a lawyer, under threat of perjury, and rat out a classmate might help focus their tiny little teenage minds on how just sitting around while a classmate is being beaten up is not the right thing to do.

  39. ohplease says

    Refuse to use the B-word. This isn’t the 19th Century. This isn’t mischief.

    This is assault. That boy is a violent criminal. He isn’t naughty, he’s a sociopath.

    The first step to solving this is to call it what it is.

  40. DG says

    I’m glad to know charges are being filed. I missed that, because I simply had to turn it off before it got to that information – I couldn’t take it anymore.

  41. Francis says

    Thank you, Rin. Some states/areas are more strict and place more importance on the well-being of their LGBT community than others. Really, it varies from school to school. Some school board superintendents/teachers/etc. are homophobic, some aren’t. Like Hartford High where they have the play that touches on diversity and equal treatment. Some football jocks walked out but the fact the school took the time to do something like that shows they care.

    Then you have schools like this where a kid commits a premeditated assault in the classroom, and is given a slap on the wrist. It’s a real reality check and shows us that in some circumstances, sanity is completely non-existent. I’m happy to hear the mother is doing something about it, though. She and her son clearly are going to need all the help they can receive to make sure real action is taken here.

    Everyone please call the number left by RE and let it be known that they cannot sweep this assault and mistreatment of this young man under the rug.

  42. Edd says

    “Union-Scioto has no policy in place that specifically protects students from being bullied or attacked based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The Union-Scioto Local School District does have a policy that prohibits harassment based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, among others, but it does not specifically protect against harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

    So basically it goes like this:

    Teacher-“Why are you beating up that student?”

    Bully-“Because, um, he’s gay? Yeah, Because he’s GAY!”

    Teacher-“As long as that’s the only reason, carry on then.”

  43. BBQ says

    Not one commenter here takes note that the gay kid harassed the other kid using sexual orientation bullying on his Facebook page.
    harrassment based on sexual identity goes all ways. Either both kids are guilty of harassment based on sexual identity or none of them is. If the straight kid had written on the gay kid’s facebook page what the gay kid wrote on his – you guys would be all over him. As usual – the commenters here give the gay kids a pass for harassment. Bullying is bullying. Can one of you here explain what what the gay kid write is NOT sexual identity harassment?

  44. vanndean says

    I would like to know the following: WHERE WAS THE TEACHER THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN CHARGE OF THAT CLASSROOM? Children should not be left unattended in a classroom simply because events such as this occur when children are unsupervised. The teacher bears some responsibility for this situation by failure to supervise students properly and should be dealt with administratively. The principal and the superintendent should use this as a “faculty teachable” event to reinforce proper supervision techniques for staff and faculty.

  45. Jesus says

    Making people pay hefty fines or responding with violence will do what to stop bullying, exactly?

    I’m not saying let the guy off the hook, but what is justice in this situation?

    Don’t you think that will breed more anger and resentment? As a victim of this kind of bullying, I speak from experience when I say that it really doesn’t do much of anything in terms of lasting change. I never got a cent for what I went through, and the people who did that to me probably never really had to pay for what they did.

    But still, I pity them.

  46. Cory says

    If any of the kids (or the mom) that was there is reading this, release that bullying bastard’s name. He doesn’t deserve anonymity and neither does his parents.

    If your post gets edited here, release his name and parents name on Facebook and spread it around.

  47. Francis says

    So, I just got off the phone with the superintendent of the school, literally 10 second ago. He said the student who committed hasn’t been back in class. I asked him about there being any sort of follow up to what happened and if the student who committed the act was being further reprimanded, and he said he couldn’t speak about that, but he said what we already know, that there is a lawsuit pending against the boy by the mother. He said that no-one knew of the gay angle of the story, no-one knew of YOUTUBE video, basically no-one knew what was going on between these two kids and the bullying was taking place. I asked him about their schools’ LGBT protections, gay-straight alliances and support for their gay students after what happened and he said that things are going to be done and that I can count on it.

    I said that your school needs to set an example for anti-gay bullying and beatings and suicides and take a stand, and he said “I believe we should care for all people because that’s how I was raised.”

    So, he seems to care. But as we all know, words are one thing. Action is another thing entirely.

  48. The Milkman says

    BBQ you’re an idiot. What could that kid have POSSIBLY said that would justify an assault like this? If a sexually suggestive remark were grounds for deadly assault, then there wouldn’t be a straight man alive today. You’re clearly just another bully looking for a reason to lash out against gay people who refuse to be invisible, celibate, lonely little doormats.

    And Jesus, pity them all you want. I don’t.

  49. says

    What you see is a criminal in the making. Won’t be long and he’ll find himself behind bars for an extended period of time, unless someone gets that young man some help. The sooner the better. He’s obviously got some major issues that need dealing with.

    There’s something about those who pick on defenseless people and/or animals that gets my blood boiling. No way I would have just sat there and allowed that to go on unchallenged no matter how intimidating the attacker. I may have ended up getting my assed kicked too, but I gaurantee that I would get some good licks in of my own before that happened, and he would think twice the next time.

  50. Francis says

    Well, I knew that, eventually, a Towleroad poster would jump in defense of the attacker. Looks like we found our first defender of hate in BBQ.

    There is absolutely zero excuse for what happened, and the whole “he was baiting him sexually” excuse is a joke. You don’t see women beating men up or kicking them in the balls when men oogle them up and down. So regardless of what happened as a result of this hate crime beating, the fact of the matter is, a 15 year old kid was beaten because he’s gay in the classroom.

    As for the methods of action taken against those who are at fault for allowing incidents such as these to continue, again, have these people shown they care about the well-being of LGBT citizens? No. So, why show pity? Pity? No, I feel rage. I’m enraged that these conservative, backwards communities continue targeting gay people. The time for playing nice has ended. We’re either going to take what is rightfully ours or we’re going to continue to get spit on.

  51. Bobby says

    Three cheers for the Mom who said she’s pursuing charges with the DA’s office against the attacker. And also for rising above her own rage and anger to frame it correctly that people like the perp need to let go of the hatred in their hearts. Don’t know that I would be so magnanimous, but I’m proud of her for getting there. And seriously proud of her pursuing criminal charges.

  52. StraightGrandmother says

    This is a travesty! Thank you Re, for the school contact information. I called the number you gave and left a voice mail for the Superintendent. I strongly complained about the assault, the lenient punishment AND the fact that they have no school district policy that protects sexual minorities in their anti bullying policy. Re stating the contact information for others to follow up also

    Administration Office
    1565 Egypt Pike
    Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

    p.s. the receptionist said the Superintendent was out for the rest of the afternoon but I thought voice mail was sufficient. I would like to hear back from someone who actually gets to talk with him. We ALL need to call.

  53. mcNnyc says

    I want to know why the SCHOOL did not call the police department?
    If the school nurse finds a bruise on a child aren’t they legally if not ethically bound to call the police?
    Yet THIS happens …an ASSAULT on a student who’s safety is entrusted to these school officials.
    What kind of values are we teaching in this school when
    NO ONE DID ANYTHING except film this attack
    Was there not ONE other student?
    It’s hard to continue to watch and hear these incidents while religious and political institutions scream about being “victimized” for their “beliefs” to continue this hate and bigoted Violence.
    This bully needs to be removed from this school.
    Failure to do so and this principal…this school needs to be investigated.

  54. jomicur says

    There seems to be consensus that Catholic bishops are culpable for not notifying the authorities of abuse. Yet school administrators routinely get a pass for not reporting this kind of blatantly criminal activity to the police. Enough is enough. There need to be civil lawsuits against the perpetrators of this kind of criminal act AND against school administrators who do nothing about it, not even pick up the phone and call the DA’s office.

  55. Grover Underwood says

    I have to agree with other posters-3 days is a slap on the wrist for this; he should be expelled from school and arrested for assault and battery at the least

  56. Chris Stansfield says

    Honestly, this is one of those situations that doesn’t even pass the “common sense test,” let alone the “common deceny test.” It doesn’t matter why the victim was target or how he was targeted- as ynquersconquers points out, this is a criminal act and criminal charges should be filed above and beyond any “punishment” the school doles out. And then a civil suit to pay for the medical bills and the lifetime of extra care the kid is going to need as a result of his brain and dental injuries.

  57. SFShawn says

    Wow. So I guess kids are allowed to do whatever they want in schools these days? From cold blooded premeditated murder with a gun to the head or waiting to kill another student in broad daylight in a classroom? WTF?
    It’s seriously way past time for the federal government,local governments,school boards,administrators,teachers,studentd snf most importantly,the media to quit facilitating the terrorizing,torturing,sanctioned abuse and violence against other children by labeling it ‘bullying’ instead of assault and battery-which it is. How sad for the family and for those who are exposed to this seeminly neverending dose of daily violence and the overt threat of violence.
    I hope this kid is prosecuted fully for his crimes and locked away where he is no longer a danger to society.

  58. Christopher says

    This is the principal’s email that was found on the schools website if you would like to ask him why he treated this issue so lightly josborne@mail.gsn.k12.oh.us
    Can you imagine the fear this child has about returning to a site where he knows he is not safe.
    Can you imagine how this child will feel in three days when he has to face the attacker?

    premeditated assault, organized well enough to ensure it was caught on video, this was obviously not the actions of one single bully but rather the actions of several

  59. Hollywood, CA says

    I wish the mother appeared more angry and upset. If that was my child I would be FURIOUS and I just wish she seemed more ANGRY.

    i think this video especially resonates with many adult gays is because they were this kid back in school. They were ambushed and attacked in front of other students who did nothing, and now instead of remembering it you can watch it play out in front of you… this wave of attacks on gay youth is going to end badly for a bully one day and one day SOON!

  60. Swine says

    I hope Anderson Cooper or someone w/access to him lets him know about this. If he hears about this, I’m sure he’ll give this the attention it deserves. The “bully” should be outed — I don’t care how old he is — & so should his parents, for raising this monster.

  61. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    Bully’s Greatest Secret

    Bullies are more like poison than a knife, and they are more like slow-working poison than cyanide.

    You’re body is flooded instantly with adrenaline and it’s derivatives, like norenephrine. Now when these hormones pervade the bloodstream, you’re brain reacts. It shuts down certain centers and activates others.

    This is called the stress reaction. Or stress syndrome action. Then when the abuse recedes, the adrenaline levels begin to drop. As they drop, the entire system goes into mayhem.

    So what bullies usually do…they start and stop, start and stop. That achieves the maximal stress syndrome. And this is the great secret of bullying: never overdo it…small doses…the victim will do the rest.

  62. Keith says

    I hope the student and family sue the school, and file Federal hate crime charges for the assault. It was premeditated, and days of public intimidation occurred as evidenced by the Facebook pages. This “bully” is actually a criminal, and the other students in the classroom were accomplices. A pox on the “bully’s” family and those who stood by and did nothing.

  63. Tell It Like It Is says

    This was assault. I hope the SOB goes to the slammer.

    I’d like nothing more than to go down there wait around the corner and smash the the living daylights out of him. The only way to stop a bully is to give it back to them and let them know you mean business…like that kid Casey in Austraila who had enough and body slammed one of his tormentors.

    Since the bully obviously wanted it recorded and let his intentions be known to the classmate with the camera…how soon can we get his name?

  64. stevemd2 says

    In MD this would be considered a class 2 Assualt, with up to ten years in the big house.

    Its time to make an example of this bully. We should insure his life is totally wrecked, he’s seen as a felon etc etc.

  65. Your Mom says

    So no sexual orientation clause? I’d nail him on the sex clause as in homoSEXual. Jail time. School is culpable for NOT providing a safe environ for all. Person who filmed video and person who posted to FB accessory to the fact. Fined and jailed. Had it been me, this d0uche would have seen me pick up a chair and slammed it down on his head. Dead. Case closed. Next basher step up. Chicken sh!t cowards.

  66. Keith says

    What can we, as a community, do to support this student who has been assaulted, harassed and victimized by more than just the bully, but by those who assisted him and videoed the entire incident? An “It Gets Better” video just isn’t going to cut it, and I can’t imagine how unsafe and unsupported he must feel by those his age. Is there anyone, anywhere, who can lend a hand in counseling and real support for this young man? It’s critical that he realizes that he is loved and valued, and not just by his parents and the few friends he has in his hometown. I’m glad his mother is fighting for him, but that doesn’t mean she necessarily understands what life has been like for him, both leading up to this incident, and the repercussions as to what has followed. My heart really goes out to him, and I wish I could be there to just listen and support him, and let him know he is important and of value in this world.

  67. Rin says

    I don’t see this as “bullying”. This is assault. Bullying is mockery. When you BEAT someone…that’s not bullying.

    This is that kid goes to juvie instead of home to play video games for the day. This is “get a lawyer” not…put sugar in the bully’s gas tank sort of thing.

    I refuse to call this bullying because it undermines what it truly is: assault and battery.

  68. Tell It Like It Is says


    Are you suggesting that every single bully of a gay person has been molested? From where are you pulling evidence to back up such a broad statement?

    Sounds to me like a scapegoat and a dangerous path to direct sympathy to the assailant.

  69. says

    I sent emails, faxes and signed the petition. Here’s hoping the attacker eventually goes to jail and his parents pay the victim and his family for the harm caused by their son. The school officials have failed to do their job and protect the student. They too should be rebuked.

  70. Rin says

    Can we please not call this “bullying”? How is assault and battery “bullying”??????

    For the people saying there are no laws on the books for this…uh YES!!!!

    This is a FELONY. Assault…aggravated assault…battery…all of these things are felonies that are ON THE BOOKS.

    Don’t make light of this by reducing it to bullying. Bullying is calling someone a name it is NOT beating someone like this.

    This was a FELONY.

  71. Contrarian says

    Victim’s mom needs to get a clue here. Lawyer up now, and sue the frickin school district, the kid and his parents (as legal guardians who stand in for a minor in civil law). This is an assault, with injuries, not some verbal act or mean comment. Have your lawyer put the heat on the local prosecutor, and if that doesn’t work contact the US Attorney’s office to prosecute a civil rights case. Demand a meeting with the principal and the school board before you sue them to get them on record as uncaring incompetents.

  72. willnyc says

    I’m an avid Towleroad reader and a huge fan. I just wish in more instances that we’d get follow-up reportage on cases like these. I’ve called the school to let them know my thoughts, but I’d REALLY love to know whether or not the victim pressed charges and how things turned out.

  73. Rin says

    Some of the posters who are critical of the mother in this case have no idea what else has happened…if she’s been advised by her lawyer to act a certain way–or even if her child is asking her not to act crazy mad.

    We see a single point in time and judge people accordingly. We have no idea what they are going through…for all we know she’s on Xanax.

    I would be thermonuclear angry and probably be arrested for beating the boy who beat my child but then I’m ghetto and would just make the whole situation worse.

  74. JoeInSF says

    Let’s just whine to each other, but send an email to this high school and put lots of pressure on the school officials. until we hold the adults involved in this accountable, nothing is going to change.

  75. Skyfox says

    If I committed this sort of assault on someone resulting in the same level of injuries, I’d probably get a year in jail. How the hell does this kid get only a 3 day suspension? Even if there are no school policies protecting gay students, this should fall under state or federal hate crime laws. When the student who was attacked has to go back to school, he’s going to be terrified every single day that something like that is going to happen again. The hate has to stop!

  76. Leo says

    1. The bully needs to be expelled.
    2. The bully needs to go to jail.
    3. The mom needs to sue the f*ck out of the school for negligence.
    4. The policy needs to be changed regarding LGBT persons at the school.
    5. The mom and kid need to get tons of $ from that likely court case to fix whatever likely happened to his face, mouth, etc and emotional distress.

  77. Dev says

    From personal experience, bullies only understand one thing: Violence. They won’t care about suspension or ridicule from “the fags” and their supporters.

    I was a small child (growth spurt hit very late) and my family moved around a lot so I was always the new kid in school. I was bullied about once in each school, and never more than once. Why? I always fought back. I was always one of the smallest kids, and I couldn’t fight all that well, but I made up for it in viciousness and I always made sure I did the most damage when defending myself. After that initial bully, all the others stayed clear of me.

    Yes, society has a responsibility to protect it’s members from discrimination, but when most members of that society see you as less than them, it’s imperative that you learn to fight back. It’s important that we change laws and attitudes, but that takes time some kids won’t have. Have your kids learn self-defense early on, and teach them to fight back against bullies.

  78. Waka Waka says

    THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION! If this kid did this to a dog on the street he’d be in jail right now but because he did it to a gay kid in a public school he got suspended for three days. That’s ridiculous! Below is all the information you need. Let these people know that WE DEMAND SAFE SCHOOLS FOR ALL STUDENTS!

    SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT (740) 773-1185. PROSECUTORS OFFICE (740) 702-3115

    Union-Scioto Local Schools District Administration: Superintendent: Dwight Garrett, dgarrett@mail.gsn.k12.oh.us

    High School Principal: James Osborne, josborne@mail.gsn.k12.oh.us

    Unioto High School Asst. Principal: Wilma Gillott, wgillott@mail.gsn.k12.oh.us

  79. Bree says

    This attacker SHOULD BE EXPELLED. I am from Washington state and was outraged when I heard only a 3 day suspension. I took it upon myself to write the school district including the superintendent, principal, and guidance counselors. I suggest everyone do the same. Take 5 quick minutes to make them feel ashamed for their lack of care. This is what I wrote:

    Mr. James Osborne,

    Let me start by quoting your district mission statement: Students of the Union-Scioto Local School District will achieve and succeed in a safe and drug free environment.

    My name is Bree B***. I am writing you from Spokane, Washington. I was disgusted and outraged this evening when I read the news and saw the horrific hate crime committed against a homosexual student at your school. Hopefully you have seen the video footage yourself, however judging by the light reaction of only a 3 day suspension to the attacker I question your actual care for the students under your supervision. This young man was beat over and over again very violently. I am a mother myself, and would not want my child around such violence and hate. The attacker should have been expelled from the school. I am sure I am not alone in thinking this. I wonder how it is you feel a 3 day suspension is even near enough of a punishment to the violent attacker? Surely if it had been your child being beaten like so, you would forcefully feel that the punishment was not enough. The young man who attacked should be removed from the school. Period. I hope that the mother of the student who was beaten will file criminal charges as this WAS a hate crime. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking such an act so lightly. Either you yourself consider being a homosexual unwarranted of true protection and defense, or you just don’t care about the students. This young man could have been killed… under your watch.

    Bree B***
    Spokane, Washington

  80. Levi says

    Ive read most every comment and while I do agree,,,Most just dont understand that area and how the people are,, Im originally from there unfortunately and the Chillicothe Police and Ross County Sheriffs Dept arent going to want this to be a “Big Thing” because Gay isnt and ever going to be accepted or tolerated there openly, the men are “bred” to be married w/ kids and avid outdoorsemen,,Deer Gun Season is a Religion in Ross County & bullying has always been tolerated in the schools and everyday life in this area,,though they will tell you different,,.This story needs to get National Attention and ole Chillicothe Ohio and Unioto School needs to be brough front and center, matter of fact the whole County needs counseling about this,,the kid that took the beating needs some recognition and should take a stand and start speaking out against bullying for any reason not just against the gays,,I hope he acquires the suport that he needs to do so,,this beating may’ve just changed his life in a positive way.

  81. Kevin CT says

    This is disgusting! The kid should be expelled and seek professional help while he is serving time. Let us not forget James Osborn & Wilma Gillot should lose their jobs as well!!

  82. Lorenzo says

    This SH*T is exactly why I only received a 7th grade education.
    While doing my best to keep my grades up I was harrassed,beaten,,urinated on,bashed in the head with a stack of books and more. Most of that came from just the females.
    Didn’t end until I decided to carry my Dad’s cap gun in my sock for a few days to ward off the bullies until I could collect a report card full of D’s & F’s due to the inability to consentrate and run away from home.
    Thank GOD the gun was fake and I decided suicide was a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It wasn’t until I entered into the ADULT world and found that HATE,BIGOTRY,SEXISM,RACISM DISCRIMINATION of any kind and LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY amoung the ADULTS and those who are appointed their positions in the GOVERNMENT,SCHOOL SYSTEM & general public also have the mentality and maturity of a highschool student.
    ARREST that kid,hold the Administration,Principals,Teachers responsible for their lack of concern for the student. Unless of course,as in my case,my parents were told that I was “confused” and “troubled” and that maybe I should “SEEK HELP” in dealing with my “ISSUES”
    No wonder Mom let me stay out of school and “seek help” in getting my GED so I no longer had to endure the violence.

  83. Tyron says

    The only surprising thing to me is that they even suspended the kid at all – most likely will make the suspension coincide with deer hunting season so the bully won’t have to miss school to do shot some defenseless animal. School district is in the heart of Ohio’s abundant redneck trash area and this bully will most likely be voted most popular in his class. Oh, and don’t expect the Republican held statehouse to do anything to make these punks more accountable for their behavior – Ohio is run by the “good old boys” who think this is just typical kid stuff – you know “boys will be boys” and they wouldn’t want to upset their white trash voting base.

  84. Who Would Jesus Assault? says

    As usual, all you anti-Christian, freedom-hating liberals are persecuting this so-called “bully” for exercising his religious beliefs.

    This is why good Christian kids are afraid to go to school: because they’re forced to be side by side with abominations, and the Gay Special Rights Agenda will throw the book at them if they indulge in one harmless little assault.

  85. says

    I emailed the principal and asst principal, expressing my astonishment that a 3-day suspension would not deter future assaults. I also expressed my opinion that, given their misfeasance, permitting through actions and inaction a culture that permits ambushes, they should promptly resign.

    I also emailed the superintendent, expressing much the same sentiment. Don’t sweep it under the rug, folks, bullying at this level won’t go away without corrective action by the administration. The alternative is another Columbine.

  86. Jeannie says

    That kid needs jailtime. And the school administrators should be held accountable also. Do they have their heads stuck somewhere? This is 2011, and no matter whose child did this assault, the school administrators need to grow a set and stand up for what is right. I hope the student, his family and the school district gets sued and is held accountable. And shame on those other student. What kind of town do you live in?

  87. Viola says

    This is a copy of the letter I send to the idiots that run that school;

    To all of you so called “Professionals”,

    Since when does there have to be a law on the books that protects children when they are at school??? Can child predators come into your schools and molest children and because you have no “SPECIFIC” law preventing this can do whatever they like. Can kidnappers, murders and anyone else who so chooses come into that school with no fear of reprisal because there is nothing “SPECIFIC” pertaining to this particular type of crime.

    You people are morons!! You should ALL be fired.

    I pity the students and would not permit one of my children to attend this school as I would fear for their safety!!

    As for the student who took the pics and all the others that stood around and did “NOTHING” to stop this, they all should be prosecuted. I hope that the DA in this county has more guts than any of ya’ll do.

    Three days suspension, and back at school bragging and laughing about what he has done, for the animal who did the beating of this young man, he should be prosecuted under the law as the “CRIMINAL” that he is and be put away where he can’t do harm to anyone else. Maybe if he goes to jail or prison he will find out what is done to people who are different.

    God bless that young man and his family and I hope they sue this school district and everyone that is involved in this terrible “CRIME”!

    I hope you all get fired. If you have guts enough to respond you have my email address.

    Viola Carlton

  88. Anonymous says

    A fag is a bundle of sticks tied together with rope, or another name for a cigarette. This bully needs to be slapped around a while, with the thickest dictionary ever made. We’ll see if he bullies anyone else.

  89. Cass says

    Disturbing, Gut wrenching, heartbreaking, sad, infuriating, sickening, and just down right appalling are just a few words used to describe the vicious and malicious attack. Hi, my name is Casandra, and the young man that all of you have seen being brutally beaten in this Union-Scioto attack is my nephew. Zach is 15years old and has been avidly discriminated against for years for being homosexual. Every time I even think of this video or the attack I want to vomit. Our family can not even begin to express the magnitude of our appreciation for the support we have received on so many avenues. Zach, is staying strong and positive. His voice needs to be heard and through all of you and your support that is happening. This attack has changed his life for ever not only emotionally but mentally as well. Today I say to everyone don’t be afraid to be who you are, god made you the way you are and just like Lady Gaga says ” I was born this way” each and everyone of us were born to be who we are. Again I say the support that we have received for all of you is more than any family could have dreamed of Thank you all from the deepest part of our hearts.

  90. says

    The kid needs therapy. Suspension? No. Expulsion? No. Jail time? No. He needs to be heard and respected like any kid should be, and how he didn’t by bashing the other kid. He needs to learn how to grow up into an adult, and given the attention to learn how to live in his own sexuality without using violence upon himself with his hatred as well as how to respect the lives of others. Suspension, expulsion, jail time simply will leave the kid the way he is now, and his parents and other authority figures have a responsibility that this kid “change” for the better.

  91. anonymous says

    ok some of the comments being posted on here are disgusting your all talking about a student 9th grade student not an adult people are saying the kids a homosexual and that people should hire others to beat up the kid in question THAT needs to stop i go to unioto and can say that the bully in my opinion was mentally unstable this is not a hate crime its veiwed as a hate crime by the sensationalist media who are in fact giving you your opinions on this what it is is a fight the victom of the assault just happened to be gay fights are a common occurence in evrey school people should be focusing on ending school violence rether than pointing fingers and condescendingly insulting pople you know nothing about plotting to have them killed,assaulted ect,yeah the bully was wrong yes the victom was gay but the adults who are dipping their hands into this are completely ignorant of the situation mainly seeking to line their pockets or hey a story and the links to the schools phone lines are not needed the staff dont need your opinions on a thing that is to take place with the legal system of ohio and the school board not some person in montana get some sense folks geez….

  92. Alan J. Chriest says

    Considering the human spirit is more important than money, we are donating three short videos on bullying, prejudice, suidical tendencies and tolerance. Please check them out on You Tube. If you like them, please feel free to share them or post them on your websites.

    “Who will teach me about hate?”

    “Looking Outside Yourself”

    “And It Gets Better”




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