1. Rucka says

    In other words, Joel you are saying “I choose to pick and choose my scriptures to suit MY needs”

    Unless you follow them ALL as written, you are a hypocrite.

  2. says

    Great to see Bevan receive some positive media attention. Kudos to Thomas Roberts. The conservative a**hole who went ape-sh*t over Duffy’s decision to have a child was Pete Wilson, a pompous blowhard who died from a massive heart attack. Karma is hell, isn’t it?

  3. Paul R says

    I wish I could like him more, but he just seems a bit too opportunistic and desperate. He’s great at community issues, but I don’t think he has the balls to make decisions and changes that matter on a larger scale.

    Dennis Herrera, on the other hand, has been a staunch LGBT advocate and seems fearless. I’d love for SF to have a gay mayor—it makes sense and would be about time—but I don’t think Bevan is going to do it.

    Though frankly, all the candidates (about a dozen potentially viable contenders at last count) have nearly identical views, so it’s essentially a personality contest at this point.