1. Hollywood, CA says

    is it me or does that haunted house seem kind if busted? Has anyone gone? Is it worth the $$$?

  2. chrissy says

    Holy crap — my friend Jake acts exactly like that at Haunted Houses. It is the reason we bring him- he’s monster bait.

  3. Redebbm says

    I wish i worked for Ellen Degeneres, though id probably be typing up something and BAM ellen pops up and scares me.

  4. Tom in long beach says

    Only 5 more nights left to enjoy Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary. 5 terrifying mazes !! Lots of fun !! The Queen Mary has always been a very gay friendly place to work.
    Supposedly even back when she was still sailing. (Read the book “hello sailor”)
    I have worked there since 2000, Also worked there back in 1988-89.

  5. Tom in long beach says

    In regards to first comment. All the mazes are much darker when you go through. Looks like they added a lot of light so you could see the nice corporate looking attire of the mother daughter team of reporters. They had me in switches.