1. mike128 says

    Any principal who physically assaults a student needs to be fired – doesn’t really matter what the reason was.

  2. PLAINTOM says

    The adult physically assaulted a minor,criminal charges should be filed immediately. the parents should sue the principal and the school district.

  3. Francis says

    This story more or less highlights what LGBT+straight supporting students and faculty have to deal with in these schools on an every day basis. It’s beyond the point of even harassment. This is terrorism.

    This is what we’re fighting against, people. This young man and his friends too are all so strong for standing up for the right thing in the face of such barbarity.

  4. SFShawn says

    Time for that district and that obviously unstable and dangerous “principal” to be removed from the authority of children once and for all. Time for truth and justice to prevail over intimidation,harrassment and physical abuse. This is really sick and pathetic to even read in 2011.

  5. Rin says


    Why is the ACLU involved???? This is not a civil case this is a CRIMINAL case. The principal touched him and threatened him!!!!!

    He should be GONE. No excuse at all!

  6. says

    Another reason that I’m embarrassed to call myself a Tennessean. The treatment that this student and his family received from the staff at Sequoyah High School (whose salaries are funded in pary by my tax dollars) is unexcusable. If my son were treated that way, criminal charges would be filed.

  7. Mike C says

    These parents handled it the right way going to the police and ACLU. Bravo to them. The principal doesn’t stand a chance

  8. Married in MA says

    One good thing coming out of this is proof that there is hope in future generations… even in Tennessee

  9. We've got YOUR back Chris Sigler! says

    You can also “anonymously” text the school to report:

    Anonymous Text: 423-252-7503
    Report drugs, weapons, threats, bullying, disruptive behavior

    I just texted to report Principal Mosler as being a bully. Who’s the big man now?

  10. Justin says

    Every single school like this needs to be dragged into court and sued. Appealing to these hillbillies’ senses of fairness won’t work, but the expense of litigation sure will.

  11. RBearSAT says

    You should also send an e-mail or call the Director of Schools of Monroe County Schools. I sent one encouraging him to take administrative action immediately. The heat should be turned up on the administration to make them aware the nation is watching. I told him that just as they try to teach students the consequences of their actions will follow them through life, this is a situation where that should be exercised with Moser. Physical abuse should never be tolerated in a school, especially by an employee.

    Lowry, Mike
    Director of Schools

  12. RBearSAT says

    @Little Kiwi these two incidents are not the same. To bring a 15yo boy on an unrelated position is completely irrational. Apparently you can’t seem to see the difference. This is an adult educator who acted irrationally. Dakota Awry is a 15yo student who expressed his opinion.

  13. Rin says

    If they filed criminal charges then none of the rest of this matters. Assault means you don’t get to work with kids again in the future, it also means jail until bail is posted…

  14. Rin says

    Sorry, there is no way if he filed assault and battery charges with the police that the principal is still there, and if he is…wtf?????

    How on earth do you explain bumping your chest against a minor’s as anything other than assault???

  15. Shello says

    Assaulting a minor. That’s where you know you’ve gone too far.

    FILE and have that person fired! Isn’t this the second incident (LGBT related) revolving this specific school, or is it not?

    Seriously assault alone should be enough reason that someone’s head will roll. Do it now.

  16. Charlie says

    I don’t know if the principle’s behavior would rise to the level of assault. It certainly qualifies as intimidation.

    Rather than send comments to the principle, it might be more effect to contact the website.

    Social change is happening everywhere. It may be slower in coming to Tennessee than some places like Massachusetts but it is faster than some places, such as West Virginia.

  17. PFLAGer says

    Has anyone looked at the mission of this school? Here it is from their website: Our mission is to provide a safe, educational environment with academic and technical programs that will prepare each student to enter post-secondary institutions and/or the work force upon graduation. AND the site posts a number for people to text the school about threats, guns, BULLYING, and disruptive behavior! Wonder what would happen if we all texted to 423-252-7503 to report the principal?

  18. Abel says

    If this bozo principal isn’t fired, then there is no hope for education in Tennessee. Time to get rid of cretins in positions of power.

  19. mcNnyc says

    This Principal needs to be suspended immediately and taken out of any environment that involves children.
    Then start the appropriate process to FIRE HIS A$$ and proceed with criminal and civil charges.
    I would also like to see the school board investigated to see to what extent they had any knowledge of allowing an environment at that school to foster such abusive behavior.

    (oh and check his hard drive for porn)

  20. RBearSAT says

    @MCCNYC well, since you don’t live in that district or pay taxes there I think all we can really ask for is that actions be taken against the principal. Hopefully they will and we can help by turning the attention up on them. As I said, it’s better to e-mail the Director of Schools to let them know the nation is watching now.

    BTW, in case you didn’t know Joel Burns and the Fort Worth City Council have proclaimed Oct. 12 Bullying Awareness Day. That’s how we create change.

  21. Ken says

    Wow, the principal does more bullying than the other students at this school apparently. But this is small town Tennessee: I’ll bet that nothing happens to the principal but the student gets suspended for provoking him by wearing the t shirt.

  22. Marc C says

    What do you expect in a state where adult LGBTs are too cowardly to stand up for themselves? I’m sorry for the kids but at least they aren’t cowards.

  23. John says

    What should we do with the “big man”? Fire him (No severance, no pension, no benefits. OUT.) Then press criminal charges against him. All the while, villify him in the press. You want to bully someone, “big man?” This idiot is a principal? Wow.

  24. Volunteer George says

    If the allegations are true, of course the principal needs to no longer be employed as a school principal *anywhere*.

    I think a protest march outside the school would be in order.

    If the “big man” story is true, that is really, really pathetic (and of course extremely unprofessional).

  25. WES says

    I remember when i was in high school and we had an assistant principal like this guy, Back then they could use a paddle on you. i was 16 nad was sent to see him and he to;d me to bend over the desk for my paddling. I told him the only man i allowed to punish me was my dad and if he tried to he would wear his paddle home sticking out of his a**. I was suspended til i came back with my dada, who told him if he ever tried to hit me again that he would sing soprano for the rest of his life. My dad was a good man but not one to trifle with

  26. FunMe says

    There’s also an update to the story above (after the principal assaulted the student):
    “UPDATE: Sources say that the anti-gay hatred in Monroe County runs deep. One source claimed that churches in the area were telling parishioners to fight the GSA as hard as they can. Another source indicated that religious corruption has dictated governmental affairs there for a long time.

    The Tennessee Equality Project has created a petition demanding a full and fair investigation into the assault. It seems when the Monroe County Sheriff questioned individuals involved in the incident, he left out the only non-participatory witness, Chris’ sister. The petition states:

    “The Sigler family filed report about the assault which is being investigated by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. Deputies interviewed Chris Sigler, his teacher and Principal Mosby, but did not question Jessica Sigler who witnessed the entire incident. Given the level of intimidation and hostility that GSA-supportive students have experienced in recent weeks, TEP believes that the Sheriff is not fully and fairly investigating the assault of Chris Sigler by his Principal by leaving a key witness out of the investigation.”

    Please sign the petition to demand a fair investigation into Chris’ assault.”

    So we see that not only the principal, but also the the POLICE and the religious nutcases in government need to be investigated by the FEDERAL authorities!

  27. dee says

    I really cannot wrap my head around this. That man, and I use that term loosly, should be fired. I work in school aged child care, and see everyday how the words and actions of people affect kids. We have a boy who loves to dress up in female clothes, change his name to whatever girl name he likes that day, and pretend to go on dates with his boyfriend Kevin. When he is back to being a boy, he says he is in live with a girl in his class named Amy. His parents won’t let him do this at home, but at the centre he is free to sashay his little self around all day if he wants! The other kids just ask him who he is today and carry on. We are happy to provide an environment where he feels secure enough to do this.

  28. vanndean says

    I would suggest that the family file an Ethics Code Violation with the State Department of Education. It would appear that the principal is in violation of several provisions of the Tennessee Teachers Code of Ethics. Such violations should not be allowed to slide.
    Tennessee Teacher Code of Ethics
    49-5-1001. Short title. —
    This part shall be known and may be cited as the “Teacher Code of Ethics.”
    [Acts 2010, ch. 916, § 1.]
    49-5-1002. Legislative findings. —
    The general assembly finds and declares that:
    (1) An educator, believing in the worth and dignity of each human being, recognizes the
    supreme importance of the pursuit of truth, devotion to excellence, and the nurture of democratic
    principles. Essential to these goals is the protection of freedom to learn and to teach and the
    guarantee of equal educational opportunity for all. An educator accepts the responsibility to
    adhere to the highest ethical standards; and
    (2) An educator recognizes the magnitude of the responsibility inherent in the teaching
    process. The desire for the respect and confidence of one’s colleagues, of students, of parents and
    of the members of the community provides the incentive to attain and maintain the highest
    possible degree of ethical conduct.
    [Acts 2010, ch. 916, § 1.]
    49-5-1003. Educator’s obligations to students. —
    (a) An educator shall strive to help each student realize the student’s potential as a worthy and
    effective member of society. An educator therefore works to stimulate the spirit of inquiry, the
    acquisition of knowledge and understanding, and the thoughtful formulation of worthy goals.
    (b) In fulfillment of this obligation to the student, an educator shall:
    (1) Not unreasonably restrain the student from independent action in the pursuit of learning;
    (2) Not unreasonably deny the student access to varying points of view;
    (3) Not deliberately suppress or distort subject matter relevant to the student’s progress;
    (4) Make reasonable effort to protect the student from conditions harmful to learning or to
    health and safety;
    (5) Not intentionally expose the student to embarrassment or disparagement;
    (6) Not on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, marital status, political or
    religious beliefs, family, social or cultural background or sexual orientation unfairly:
    (A) Exclude any student from participation in any program;
    (B) Deny benefits to any student; or
    (C) Grant any advantage to any student;
    (7) Not use professional relationships with students for private advantage; and
    (8) Not disclose information about students obtained in the course of professional service,
    unless disclosure serves a compelling professional purpose or is required by law.
    [Acts 2010, ch. 916, § 1.]

    Sue the bastards for your constitutional right to “equal protection under the law”.

  29. jamal49 says

    Beyond the criminal felony assault charges that should be filed against that teacher, one wishes that if the young man has a father, that that father would go to that school and kick that teacher’s @$$ clear into next year. This is the only thing we have left to get the bigots off our backs: grab the bigots by the scruff of their necks and smash their heads into the wall.

  30. Harry McRae says

    I called the Main office. I was told “What if this never happened? Would you like to talk to the Sup.?” I, of course, said, “F##k your Sup./” Jerks

  31. Rick Smith says

    This principle needs to be removed from the school for his action if the accusations are found to be true! If this is happening by a principle against students who simply want to start a GSA then you can only imagine what is happening to GLBT students.

  32. Nathan says

    If you call try to be polite. I live in the area and its students that answer the phone, not faculty

  33. Scott says

    I am certain that somewhere in this story is an unspoken religious angle. This is a perfect example of the stupidity of he christian conservative concept and in its belief that its own brand of terrorism is exempt from any laws. It doesn’t matter whether it is baptist, methodist, catholic, or any other religious group. These terrorists are every bit as bad as the terrorists that killed nearly three thousand people on 9/11/2001.

  34. jack says

    this isn’t what really happened.i got to this school. that kid is a punk. so is his sister and his mother.he’s butted heads with the principal since he got there and he’s using this for an excuse to get him in trouble. Mr.Moser is a great guy and even though im sure he thinks being gay is wrong (which it is) he wouldnt assault the kid for being gay. he wouldnt assault a kid for anything. you ppl are all idiots. stupid foolish idiots.

  35. Mk_Ultra_Again says

    Jack, he assaulted a child. That’s what your kind does. Many think it’s wrong (which it is) .