1. Christian says

    I have to believe someone who gets inked to look like that a) has a ton of money and time and b) is probably a very boring person who thinks all that ink will make him interesting (the fashion world agrees!). Google him before he had all the tats, looks like any regular ol’ a**hole.

  2. say what says

    christian if you had the time to google him then you should of actually read what you would have found

    as a minor, he was diagnosed with incurable cancer and told he would die soon…… a form of cathartic release/ dealing with the issue he started the tats to become zombie boy. His parents kicked him out of the house (obviously they were horrible parents to begin with)

    He was later re-diagnosed that he was not terminal

    He is living art and I personally hate tats but what he has done is like comparing the sun to a firecracker. there is no comparison between him and reg people with tats.

    He is living art that is all the more poignant that when he dies then the art is gone

  3. says


    I didn’t have to google you to see that you’re just a regular ol a**hole. Sorry that someone’s particular brand of self-expression isn’t up to par for your puritan sensibilities. Are his tattoos hurting you or affecting your life in any way whatsoever? No? Then keep your trap shut before more ignorance falls out of your face.

  4. Harrod says

    They’re beautiful, not because of the way the look, although I find that interesting as well. They’re beautiful for having the courage to just be themselves.

  5. Lexxvs says

    He’s is living proof that tattoo’s ink is not poisonous. But he’s also living proof that there is no sanity check for getting a tattoo. Yes, I get that both of them are “he”, but only one makes a good job by looking like a she.

  6. Dev says

    Andrej Pejic has good tuck game. Either that or a good photoshop artist. There’s absolutely nothing there, not even a cameltoe!

    Oh, and to all the bitter queens who hate it when other people do something different: GROW UP. The world does not revolve around you and it does not exist solely to please you.

    Ironic that, as a minority yourselves, you cannot see the problem in criticizing the self-expression of others. Disgusting attitude from disgusting people.

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