1. TampaZeke says

    Yeah, if she had been a man she would have spent the last 30+ years in prison but since she was a woman pedophile she wasn’t even prosecuted. It’s amazing the double standards we have for men and women when it comes to child rape.

  2. says

    It is amazing to me how she manipulates her story to support her actions. Linda Wall has confessed to a crime and was not punished—and now is trying to wash her hands of it by saying she was into pot and she made poor judgements. Bologna!

    Another thing is that she is connecting her crime to gay people to enforce her views and actions against gays. I guess the truth is too awful to look at—Linda Wall, open your eyes.

  3. Fred says

    Yup, sleeping with a minor makes her the perfect tea party candidate and qualifies her to run for office. Kudos!

  4. Peggy says

    If she was gay at 21, she is gay, period. There is nothing wrong with being gay, but the most rabidly anti-gay people are ALWAYS gay. She is disturbed, abusive and offensive on every level.

  5. PLAINTOM says

    Why does the victim have to press the case before criminal action will be taken against this woman? If there is no statute of limitations issue and she has admitted her guilt why couldn’t she be indicted for this crime?

  6. mike says

    A pedophile, huh? Glad she identifies as straight.

    I hope her opponent in the race talks a lot about protecting our children from such a vile person.

  7. Dastius Krazitauc says

    So, according to Walls, women who lust after other females are only doing so because they weren’t close to their mothers, and that includes manly, female P.E. teachers like herself? No innate component at all?

  8. gidget says

    Twas “heavy pot smoking” (reefer madness!) that incited her lust for the gym bunnies. I wonder if she’d backslide if she ate a batch of homosexual brownies.

  9. Rob says

    Unreal! Seriously how can anyone care about her claim that she was cured of homosexuality? How can that even be the issue? She molested a child! She was in a position of authority as a teacher and she abused that authority to have sex with a student! That’s the issue. It makes my skin crawl that she is being allowed to hide behind the “homosexuality demon”. I would say that the genitalia of the predator and victim make no difference. OF course, for her, it did manage to keep her safe from being prosecuted for a crime she admits she committed (actually she nearly gloats in admitting it). And it cost us having this deluded self-justifying monster as a viable candidate and potential delegate.

    I would say this makes me ashamed to live in Virginia, but honestly there’s so much I passed shame years ago.

  10. Jack M says

    I’m sure Jesus told her he forgives her, so forget about the part where she committed a felony.

  11. Brian says

    How exactly is one “in homosexuality?” It’s not like we’re a club with dues. Though with a-holes like her, maybe we should be.

  12. barracuda says

    Not liking the title of this… there’s no such thing as a “lesbian affair with minor,” but there is “statutory rape.”

    DailyPress made the same mistake, but all it does is cloud the issue. If someone can’t consent, it’s not an affair. It’s rape.

  13. NYC Girl says

    Totally agree that the issue here isn’t if she is still gay or not (as if it is even possible to change her orientation) — the issue is that she molested a child. It doesn’t mention it here, but in another article I read, it said she was a Jr. High School teacher. If so, then the student she had sex with was probably 13 or 14 yrs old. That is statutory rape and child molestation, and this woman should be in prison — not running for office as an “ex-gay” whose “sin” has been forgiven by her God.

  14. David McCain says

    In taking public office she would have been sworn to uphold the constitution and the law. She should hold herself accountable and turn herself into the police. Even if the victim doesn’t want to press charges, they can be brought on behalf of the state. You don’t need a victim charge or statement when the criminal is willing to admit guilt and accept responsibility for her actions.

  15. evan says

    Jeepers, I hope heavy pot smoking doesn’t turn me into a righteous ex-gay evangelical nut-job.