1. Francis says

    Hopefully these stories aren’t actually unrelated/fake as has been reported because that just ruins the credibility of our community when real hate crimes do happen and makes us sound like opportunists.

  2. Joe says

    It’s an inflammatory, childish blog run by people with absolutely no journalistic integrity vs. a plastic city council member/mayor who is firmly in the pocket of the developers and more concerned about the image of the city than the safety of it’s residents. I don’t trust either.

  3. ohplease says

    What constitutes “journalistic integrity” other than reporting the truth? WeHo Confidential did that. If you disagree, please list the lies they reported. To level such a charge, there must have been many of them in your opinion.

    John Duran, however, is both lying about this and embarassing himself. I don’t trust him because he’s being so transparently, amateurishly evil. WeHo Confidential, though, is clearly reporting the facts, so it’s not a matter of “trust” with them. You don’t “trust” facts, you just accept them.

  4. Justin says

    Gay men need to take fighting classes and start carrying bear spray or packing heat. The only way to teach these people not to mess with us is to fight back.

  5. Hollywood, CA says

    1. Don’t be a MARK. Sober up if you’re walkig home alone. Don’t text and walk, pay attention to your surroundings. Separate your cash from your wallet so you at least have cab money to get home.

    2. West Hollywood is very wealthy, and easily accessible to the criminal element. Know this and act accordingly.

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