1. ian says

    LOL. are they so stupid they don’t even realize they’ve purchased and are using an apple product to get their message out? Are they so stupid they don’t even know Steve Jobs co-founded Apple? YUP!

  2. Rob says

    Ahh, the delicious irony. Shame that probably no one in that congregation will get it.

    Actually, these people may unintentionally do something of value by making obvious the foolishness of the unquestioning deference in our society to christian churches and their agendas. No other faith and certainly no humanist value system gets the same eternal Free Pass.

  3. betazed says

    I will never understand them, ever. They make me sad to be a human being and if I were baptist, I wouldn’t touch them with a 90 mile pole. They seem to just be ignorant hypocrites spouting hatred and “giving God no glory.”

  4. Steven says

    Two members of the Westbor Baptist Church did an interview with a guy on YouTube named Thunderf00t back in July that pretty much explains exactly why they so no problem with what we see as irony.

    Margie Phelps said this when he questioned their use of smart phones, “[Technology] is created by god for one reason so Westboro Baptist church could tell this world, at this hour, god hates you for your proud sins. So of course we use it.”

  5. till the world ends says

    The funniest part is that they are using an IPHONE to tweet hate! The same phone the he created! Wish there was a way they could fry the phones at the funeral!

  6. Craig says

    I can guarantee they are also using Microsoft products as well, another strong supporter of equality. This is why we need these groups to boycott pro-equality businesses – so they have no way of getting their message out. Do you think that was an iPhone with AT&T? Another pro-equality business (according to HRC).

  7. walter says

    why don’t these a–holes just go away. they are really sick and not in physical way. i would love to celebrate their funerals and the sooner the better.

  8. Mary says

    Don’t these clowns have anything better to do than give Christianity a bad name with every action they take? Why don’t they try some kind of creative way to spread the Gospel? Truly pathetic.

  9. unbound says

    Almost as entertaining as the Harold Camping crew that were using credit cards to fill the tanks of their trucks right up until May 21. Most of these wackos aren’t particularly moral.

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