Zachary Quinto Is Gay!

Zachary_QuintoThere have always been whispers, but now we know for sure: Zachary Quinto, the fabulously understated thesp who made pointy ears sexy again, has come out as a gay man in the pages New York Magazine. Speaking about his acclaimed turn in Angels In America, Quinto said:

…[it was] the most challenging thing I've ever done as an actor, and the most rewarding … And at the same time, as a gay man, it made me feel like there’s still so much work to be done, and there’s still so many things that need to be looked at and addressed.

Of course, Zach was probably already "out" by the standards of ordinary people — it's only famous folk who've got to come out both to their family and friends and to roomfuls of curious journalists with notepads. Still. He's done a very cool thing. A generation of closeted Trekkers will now grow up liking themselves that much more. Congrats, Zach!

UPDATE: This morning, Zachary published a lovely note on his blog, expanding upon his reasons for coming out. Excerpts below:

when i found out that jamey rodemeyer killed himself – i felt deeply troubled.  but when i found out that jamey rodemeyer had made an it gets better video only months before taking his own life – i felt indescribable despair … it became clear to me in an instant that living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it – is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality. 

…we are witnessing an enormous shift of collective consciousness throughout the world.  we are at the precipice of great transformation within our culture and government.  i believe in the power of intention to change the landscape of our society – and it is my intention to live an authentic life of compassion and integrity and action.  jamey rodemeyer's life changed mine.  and while his death only makes me wish that i had done this sooner – i am eternally grateful to him for being the catalyst for change within me.  now i can only hope to serve as the same catalyst for even one other person in this world.  that – i believe – is all that we can ask of ourselves and of each other.


  1. Rovex says

    He did it right, the same way Andersen Cooper needs to. Its been very obvious and well know for a long time that he is gay, so the need for a ‘Guess what folks.. Im gay!!’, wasn’t there.

  2. says

    Yeah, it’s weird that in order to be “out” as a public figure one has not only to live one’s life without being secretive – one has to make unequivocal public statements – but that’s where we are. I congratulate Mr Quinto on being forthright and heading off years of background speculation. Hopefully he will show up on the red carpet with a cute guy and I can coo about what a charming couple they make.

  3. Brian in Texas says

    That’s the way you do it. Just nonchalantly mention it in the context of a general interview. No need for the People magazine cover…”Yep I’m Gay!”…but I don’t fault anyone for doing it that way either. There’s value in the People magazine cover in that it puts it in people’s faces in the grocery line….visibility!

  4. Mark says

    Whatever. One’s sexuality is not something that one should feel forced to talked about or not talk about. Just because it makes YOU feel better to hear doesn’t mean it makes the gay guy (or gal) feel better. People need to concentrate on their own lives more instead of obsessing on celebrities.

  5. says

    I saw this announcement earlier on HuffPro and left a comment congratulating him and wishing him well. My comment was not published by the Moderators because I added that his public announcement might also spur the likes of David Muir, Anderson Cooper and Matt Bomer to come forward. These latter three all live in NY with their partners and in the case of Bomer, his husband and three children. As actors in the public eye they do a great disservice to the gay community by hiding their sexual orientation. Imagine how wonderful young gay people (as well as older) would feel if all three would stop hiding what the rest of us live openly as.

  6. IAN F says

    Good for him. And kudos to the journalist for not following up with “OMG did you just come out?”. I imagine he was given the heads up by Quinto’s PR, regardless, a nice matter of fact interview.

  7. lewlew says

    Hear Hear! As noted, visibility is the one most powerful weapon we have: being KNOWN is what changes minds.

    Being OUT means saying you’re gay EVEN when it’s NOT relevant; that’s what OUT is.

  8. say what says

    & water is wet, fire is hot, etc

    anyway; good for him coming out

    Now one wonders about 1 of his best friends Colton Haynes (despite denials of his gayness inspite of his past gay kiss pics and being best friends with Zach Quinto)

  9. say what says

    @ friut

    LOL Yeah He has sexy MAN brows….that plus his height are his most attractive qualities

    Oh, I wish men would put their tweezers down. Thick Eyebrows are sexy. Even girls with thisck eyebrows look better than tweezed girls

  10. Don't Want To Piss Off The Neighbors says

    OS2Guy- I currently live in Matt Bomer’s building (which is also Jennifer Aniston’s new building. The amount of paparazzi outside is crazy!), and I see him taking strolls with the twins and his partner. They are a beautiful family. I know it’s everyone’s choice, but don’t we all have a responsibility, when the opportunity presents itself, to portray all the aspects of gay life in such a positive manner? Everyone knows. The paps outside the building know. And it’s nice they respect his privacy (although they don’t respect Ms. Aniston’s because a certain ex-husband said some remarks to promote his film). It’s his choice, of course, but it’s important to show this aspect of gay life, too.

  11. gomez says

    perfectly put, bravo

    “it became clear to me in an instant that living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it – is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality.”


  12. dms says

    I can see the conflict for actors. They need to appeal to mainstream audiences to get roles. But for anderson cooper? There’s no excuse. Bravo for ZQ. It took a lot of courage andI hope his career continues to rise.

  13. says

    DWTPOTN – Equality will never be achieved by hiding who we are. I have been openly gay all of my life. My husband and I are in our early thirties raising our child who will grow up (hopefully) proud and unashamed to be the son of two gay dads. At four he is just beginning to grasp the reality that his parents are two men – opposite of his pre-school mates. My husband takes him to school and I am there to pick him up. There is nothing more joyous then to have your child squeal the words “Daddy!” and rush into your arms clutching his macaroni picture of his dads. We absolutely adore him and want him to always love us as his dads. A majority of older and conservative gay people have been brought up to believe their life is of less value than their straight peers. And that they that they are expected to hide. That’s bullsh*t. As long as the majority of people believe gay people should not be acknowledged, then we, as a community, will never be accepted on the same field with the rest of the human race. If we don’t stand up for ourselves be assured that no one else will.

  14. says

    Yes, Bravo, Zachary. And well put.

    I don’t really get the people who say, Duh, or, it is none of our business, or, worse, Whatever. Celebrating his coming out isn’t about making us “feel better” or necessarily about celebrity worship; it’s about acknowledging someone’s positive motivations for changing the world for the better in their own small way.

    Yes, his officially coming out is hardly a surprise, and it wasn’t meant to be one. And, his personal life isn’t any of our business, but he’s not talking about his personal life. I still have no idea who he is or isn’t dating or what he likes to do in bed, and I couldn’t care less about those irrelevant (to my life) things.

    But, as he says, to fully contribute to society, particularly as public person, to live fully openly and honestly, means acknowledging a core aspect of your humanity and being. (Listening, Anderson?) One of Harvey Milk’s greatest lessons was visibility. To be heard, to demand equality, we must be out. Different people have different ways of being out, depending on one’s personality and life circumstances, but when someone like Zachary comes out is more than a celebrity getting in the gossip pages for the day; it’s part of a collective example of showing the world that we are going to live our lives in the light without fear or hesitation. Basic integrity.

  15. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    “Once I had a secret love
    That lived within the heart of me.
    All too soon my secret love
    Became impatient to be free.

    So I told a friendly star
    The way that dreamers often do
    Just how wonderful you are
    And why I’m so in love with you.

    Now I shout it from the highest hills.
    Even told the golden daffodils.

    At last my heart’s an open door
    And my secret love’s no secret anymore.”
    (written by Sammy Fain and Paul-Francis Webster)

    Kudos, Zachary…and may I now sing this to you in private, sometime?

    (Or public, I don’t care; I even put in my new book that one character dressed up as the “new” Spock for Halloween and that got another guy into bed with him…so I’m hoping life will mirror fiction.)

  16. Rowan says


    And I think the reason you say this is the reason why Bomer mentioned his kids on national TV. Has hosted committees jointly with his partner, we see the invites online and they have jointly given money to Equality family.

    All of this evidence is out plain to see. Quinto nor Cooper have EVER been this public. We never see Cooper doing joint events with Benjamin, it could be his bodyguard for all we know…

    Anyway I’ve said it before that Bomers is calculated and strategic. And it will be as subtle as Quinto’s with him casually mentioning his husband in an interview.

  17. Paul R says

    Cooper dates and flirts with men openly. For all we know, he hasn’t made a public announcement because he’s waiting for his mother (Gloria Vanderbilt) to die. I’ve known a ridiculous number of extremely wealthy guys who stayed closeted because of the hypocrisy and “restrained” lives imposed on children from long lines of wealth. Which usually just meant they wanted to protect their inheritance, though I don’t think that’s a big worry for Cooper.

    Though I suspect that Cooper is more worried about his ability to report from and get interviews in places like Egypt, Haiti, and even New Orleans if he’s known as the gay reporter. My memory may be faulty, but I believe that Pete Williams is the only widely known out journalist, and he hardly talks about it much. (His former boss, Cheney, talks about gay issues more than Pete does!)

    Anyway, I had no idea that Quinto is gay, and while it doesn’t directly affect my life, I respect his willingness to be open and honest. It’s a huge risk for any public figure and a huge benefit to gay rights. Visibility is crucial.

  18. says

    This is definitely the best news I’ve read all day- Congratulations Zachary. Making your personal life take center stage in the midst of your professional life is never easy but I’m sure the support you’re getting from your community will help make this decision one of the best of your lives. I’m genuinely inspired and I’m a washed up cynic, so thank you!

  19. coolbear says

    His statement’s lovely. I do not understand why people can’t just greet it with respect and appreciation. I don’t understand why people think they know enough about complete strangers’ lives to evaluate their actions, their responsibilities, etc. Every life is different.
    He’s a fine actor.

  20. says

    @ Paul R. — Gloria Vanderbilt has been surreounded by gayand bisexual men her whole like — Anderson’s father included. It would be a shock to her if he WEREN’T gay. Why is he still pret3ending that he has a “private life” when anyone who knows ANYTHING knows? Whe is he doing major news stories about gay kids beign bullied, yet chokes on talking about his own gayness?

    It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

    I keep goig back and forth between being mildly annoyed by him and being really enraged. Zachary Quinto has just chopped one more pathetic excuse off of Anderson’s To NOT Do” list.

  21. Mikey B says

    I’m glad he’s finally out. I just wouldn’t spin it as brave or celebrate his decision. The facts are, this actor played numerous gay roles, and filmed an It Gets Better video while consciously choosing to not discuss or revel is sexual orientation. His reasoning of coming out in response to a young mans suicide reads like spin. What about all the other high profile deaths of youths in America? Political malcontent and discrimination at the Government level? Rising HIV rates? Why do so many fail to recognize that being out and open is paramount to decreasing suicide, depression, social isolation, and homelessness among our queer youth. Glad your out finally dude, but your not my hero. And he shouldn’t be celebrated as such.

  22. says

    It’s not a quetion of heroism. Coming out shouldn’t be heroic. it should be logical.
    Sure he might have doen it earlier. But he’s not like his “Margin Call” co-star Kevin Spacey who has never come out — and probably never will.

  23. mudduck says

    Professional life is easier if distracting personal elements can be kept below public radar (or gaydar). Homophobes are happy to ignore all obvious signs in order not to have to confront that disgusting topic. (Witness the lifelong bachelors in the South who “never met the right girl” or “who hated women.”) Quinto’s statement doesn’t read like spin to me — he’s simply right that keeping quiet leaves you out of a crucial public discussion. His turn in “Angels in America” must have spoken to him strongly: The great work is beginning.

  24. Contrarian says

    @Paul R. Did you really mean Pete Williams? Perhaps you were thinking of Thomas Roberts? If Williams, who seems as white bread and midwest main street as possible is gay I’m surprised. He was part of the Bush crowd, wasn’t he?

    As to Cooper, it’s arguably about personal and professional survival. Reporting from a Muslim country is difficult enough as an American “infidel” but add gay and it’s doubly lethal.

  25. ProfessorVP says

    It’s just like the whispers about the planet Jupiter being large. Quick– name somebody who came out whose sexuality we didn’t know already, and who had a multi-million dollar career to put on the line.

  26. Tim says

    I thought I heard this some time ago. It does not make any difference, we ain’t gonna hook up tonight. I think coming out is becoming over kill. You will all pounce on me, but, I don’t care anymore.
    Anderson, so what, we know he is. Taylor Lautner, so what, he is cute but we are not gonna fall in lust or love or hook up tonight.
    I don’t care who is and who is not, I am and thats all I need! So, anyone wanna hook up 2-night and fall in lust and or love!!!???

  27. stranded says

    Good for him that he chose to do this on his own terms, and I like how he said it in context to what he was asked. I also liked that the interviewer didn’t really make a big deal out of or dwelled on it as if it were something sordid to begin with.

    I for one feel that celebrities don’t have to be advocates for gay rights if they don’t want to. They are flawed human beings as much as we are, and their views are simply theirs. Sometimes they are forced to become advocates for human rights and nobody asks them if that is really what they want to do. Good for Zach that this is the case for him, but in my opinion he can live his life as privately as he wants and nobody has the right to ask him to address any public issue, be it social or political, from his perspective “as a gay man”, unless he feels like it.

  28. stranded says

    It really bothers me when people say that certain public figures “need” to come out because it’s pretty “obvious” that they’re gay.

    Nobody should be forced to come out. They don’t need to do it as much as you scream it from the top of a building.

    In fact, it’s pretty arrogant of us to assume that people like Jodie Foster or Anderson Cooper are still in the closet. I suppose they value their privacy as much as we do, and chances are, if any of us were friends with them then we’d know the people they’re dating.

    On the other hand, celebrities coming out should be newsworthy only to a degree (with their approval), and certainly not at magazine cover levels. If we truly want to achieve equality, I feel that one step in that direction would be to stop addressing someone’s sexual orientation as a big revelation or a scandal. Let’s live and let live, shall we?

  29. Rin says

    If the idea is to show the world that gays and lesbians are like everyone else, then showing versus telling is the best approach.

    Neither Anderson or Jodi Foster ever shrank away from being seen publicly with the people they love. When you have to “tell” someone something then it is essentially showing that you are not like everyone else.

    It is a subtle, subliminal message rather than an overt one.

    Closeted would be marrying an actress from say…oh…Dawsons Creek or some other show and then forcing her to say ridiculous things so the whole world won’t snicker about your sexuality.

    Closeted is not, as in Jodi’s case, thanking your partner at an awards show, or walking around town holding hands with her and your kids.

    Closeted is not taking your boyfriend on all of your overseas jaunts.

    Closeted looks more like men and women running around in faux marriages bragging about how solid their marriage is and how great their partner is so that people won’t look too closely at the “friends” that travel the world with them and go to superhero premiers and buy them rings and sit right behind them in the theater.

    I wish people would leave Anderson and Jodi alone. Especially Jodi. Cheese and Rice, a dude shot the president because he had a weirdo thing for her. That’s GOT to make you want to keep your entire private life as private as you can get it.

  30. stranded says

    @ David.

    Closet cases, according to whom? How do you know that for sure? As I said, if they’re out to their true friends, relatives or their community, then I’d say that that is not the case. So yes, such assumptions are “arrogant”.

    As for two-way streets, sir, I am not sure I understand the metaphor, but I don’t see how the way some celebrities live their lives should influence me, so that is all I am saying. I just like to be entertained by some of them, and we pay to see them do their jobs. I don’t necesarilly care about or agree with everything they do or say when they’re off stage.

  31. stranded says

    @ Rin..

    Exactly! Thanks for putting it into words.

    I don’t think that people like Anderson or Jodi don’t owe us to come out only because their jobs have public notoriety. The only people they owe it to is their respective partners, who deserve to be acknoledged, but as you say, they already are by showing to public events with them. As you point out, they are not living in secret or pretending to live heterosexual lives and making public statements about how healthy their sex lives are.

  32. says

    People “need” to come out, because when people come out on their own terms and live their lives honestly and with dignity, there is no scandal. Being gay is only a scandal if you’re living a lie or being a hypocrite (or both, they often go hand in hand).

    I’m sure Zachary was already out to his friends and family, but he himself felt he couldn’t really make a difference and work towards equality without being more publicly out. No, he isn’t obligated to fight for gay rights, but clearly he wants to–and why wouldn’t he? Why wouldn’t any of us who are in a secure enough position to do so?

    Celebrities who are silently out and doing no harm to gay people aren’t villains like the politicians on the down low who are voting against our rights by daylight, but silence implies a lingering shame about sexuality and perpetuates the idea that it is something to keep hidden i.e. private. If you can’t be matter-of-fact about a core part of your being then you keep gayness in the shadows. Visibility has always been the most effective and powerful place from which to demand civil rights.

  33. stranded says

    @ Ernie.

    You make a valid point, but I don’t think that some celebrities really live in “silence”, only because the choose not to be tabloid fodder.

    In my opinion, it’s good that people like Zachary is willing to step up and become an activist, but we shouldn’t expect that from everybody else. There are many ways to do good things for your community and to improve society in general, and I do not think that people like Anderson or Jodi live in “silence”, let alone in “shame” about who they are. I know you didn’t mention them but for all we know, they could be making anonymous donations to different organizations or being active members in their communities. It’s just that we don’t live close to them or aren’t really friends with people so we don’t know for certain.

  34. StillmarriedinCA says

    @Stranded: Every freedom that we enjoy (and take for granted) as LGBT citizens is a direct or indirect result of people before us being brave enough to come out of the closet. Every advance that we make and will make in the future is also a direct or indirect result of people coming out of the closet. Every one of us owes it to our predecessors and to our future generations to be open and honest and proud of who we are. Totally and completely. Not just to our closest friends, but to the world. Any one who is not or makes excuses for those who are not…. is getting in the way and making it more difficult for everyone else. No one HAS to come out. Just like no one HAS to refrain from being a racist. But some choices are much, much better than others. Luckily, Mr. Quinto realized this and did the right thing.

  35. stranded says

    @Still married in CA

    I don’t mean to dismiss the efforts of people who become outspoken members of the community before us, but that simply cannot be everybody’s calling.

    There are people who, for whatever reason, have taken a less public stance, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t or still are helpful in the battle for equality.

    Living openly and in honesty doesn’t really mean parading at the Pride Festival for some people, or to put a rainbow flag bumper sticker in their cars and we have to respect that decision, because it doesn’t mean that they are ashamed of who they are.

    There are many ways to honor those who have been before as well as being helpful to future generations, and that doesn’t mean that everybody should become an activist.

    I know you didn’t say this, the fact that Zach wasn’t OUT to the tabloids, doesn’t mean that he was living a lie. He wasn’t really bringing female companions to awards shows or movie premieres for the sake of appearances. What’s more, he made a heartfelt video for the “It gets better” campaign. I don’t think he was ever “in” the closet, and thus my point about him not needing to come out and not owing it to anybody.

  36. Toba says

    To those of you who want Anderson or Jodie to come out –because by not doing so they’re hurting the gay community, and that if they came out people would see we’re just people like everyone else, and how much good would come out of that in terms of acceptance and whatnot– then I tell you: it’s your freaking responsibility to make the world see you as normal, not some celebrity who’s got 0 relevance in our day to day life (I love Jodie and Anderson, but they do not come up in any concrete way in my life).
    So stop demanding their heads if they haven’t come out. They don’t have to, and you could do much more for the community if you made it your everyday goal to bring information and acceptance to those who criticize us.

  37. Rowan says

    Stranded I agree with you but think this area is too grey. If you get the chance go on ZQ’s Imdb message board. You have to be a paid registered user to post on the site. And read the posts on his board.

    Yep. Long way to go, though I will say that ZQ should not have put out a message on his site because he made it into this big THING which doesn’t make it seem any lesser ‘woe me I’m gay’..

    What he did with the NY interview was perfect and matter of factor. It should’ve been left at that. But now, sheez, he’s been trending for 24 hours and all the Star Trek fan boys have woken up….

  38. kodiak says

    I’m not up on contemporary celebrityhood news. I have no idea who Mat Bomer is. This guy I remember from the Star Trek movie as the young Spock. I remember thinking he was really good, and really good looking. But I didn’t remember his name. I don’t go to many new movies and don’t watch tv. But I still hear of their coming out, on this website and others.

  39. says

    Just a little historical note:
    Pete Williams?
    I guess most people weren’t around back then, but in 1993 he was the spokesman for the Pentagon during the first DADT business and he was OUTED by Signorile. It was basically the invention of outing.

    And then Pete was defended by Andrew Sullivan, who was pretty far right back then and a personal friend of Pete’s.

    So it’s very appropriate to talk about Pete and outness. He wasn’t out and he was working for the Pentagon which was discriminating against gays and he was their apologist.

  40. Kim says

    For all those who say Anderson is a closet case than Quinto was a closet case until 2 days ago. Now he is your hero GMAFB . Why didn’t he come out years ago gay teens have been killing them selves for years? People come out publicly if they choose to. I think Anderson shows on bullying have had a more positive effect on this issue than a Yes I’m gay declaration on a magazine.As for Gloria Vandlebert Just because you are sutrrounding by gays doesn’t mean you will be more supportive than not . Chaz bono said years ago conservative Sonny was more supportive than (gay icon) Cher when she told them she was a lesbian.

  41. Chuck Mielke says

    At a GALA music festival a few years ago, I was able to feel the norm of straight people as they go through their lives taking for granted that most of the people around them are similar in such an important way; i.e., with 5000 GLBT singers in Miami, the openness and comfort level were life-transforming. This is what lonely, isolated, outcast gays, especially gay youth, need: knowledge that similar others exist, that gay people are in the media and other occupations, that a community exists — perhaps just around the corner.

  42. Bryan says

    As long as they don’t deny it, beard or use the “personal life” card then it doesn’t bother me.

    Look at Matthew Bomer for example, he plays the “personal life” card, but freely talks about other aspects of his life- childhood and kids but sexuality is the only part that’s somehow too “personal”, same with Anderson Coooper. OTOH we have someone like Jim Parsons who doesn’t talk about ANYTHING at all. I think the latter is more admirable, if you’re gonna play the personal life card then at least let it apply for every area. I don’t know why childhood’s can’t be personal, but sexuality is.

  43. Paul R says

    @KevininVT: Williams was outed in 1991, when he spokesman for the first Gulf war. He then moved back to Wyoming for a while and worked for a local news station before moving on to NBC. He had nothing to do with defending DADT, which was implemented under Clinton in 1993. By then Williams had been away from the Department of Defense for two years, and in any case he wouldn’t have been working for a Democrat.

  44. says

    Jim Parsons always goes to award shows with his boyfriend and earlier this year camped it to the max at Broadway Bares. Not what I’d call a closet case.

    Jodie Foster has had a rather more complex history. She was REALLY out in collge, but then John Hinckley began stalking her. That’s why he shot Ronald Reagan. He imagined this demostration of macho bravado would impress her so much that she’d turn straight.So I don’t entriely blame her for pulling back in. She also helped jump-start The Trevor Project as it was named after a memorable gay short that she produced.

    A few years ago at some event or other she started to get all effusive about her grilfriend of I don’t know how many years, Cydney Bernard (sp?) Then only a few weeks later she dumped her and ran off with Melanie Mayron’s girlfriend.

    Outside of blogs like this one no member of “th general public” knows who Matthew Bomer is — or cares.

    Anderson Cooper on the other hand is all over the place, and I’m REALLY annoyed that he still plays Glass Closet games — especially while doing shows on bullying. I sincerely wish he would GET OVER HIMSELF ALREADY!

  45. iain says

    He was never really ‘in’, anyway. I’m very proud he’s gone so loudly public, but he never denied who he is, or pretended to be str8, or ducked questions. Besides, he lived in the next street to my husband & me and walked his beautiful dog in the evenings, and often stopped for a chat; until Heroes and Star Trek happened and he moved upscale.

  46. J says

    His career will now be based on his sexual orientation.

    I am all for gays being out,but to make a spectacle out of it is just plain tacky.

    Just live your life as who you are and if people ask,then answer.But no! He has to make a hoo ha over it.

  47. sherry says


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