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Zimbabwe's PM Morgan Tsvangirai Reverses, Supports Constitutional Protections of Gay Rights

Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has split with President Robert Mugabe, reversed his position on gay rights and now says he wants them protected in a new constitution, the BBC reports:

TsvangiraiMr Tsvangirai told BBC's Newsnight programme that there was a "very strong cultural feeling" against homosexuality in Zimbabwe, but he would defend gay rights if he became president.

President Robert Mugabe (L) and his Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai (R) have a fractious relationship
"It's a very controversial subject in my part of the world. My attitude is that I hope the constitution will come out with freedom of sexual orientation, for as long as it does not interfere with anybody," he told Newsnight's Gavin Esler.

"To me, it's a human right," he said.

In July 2010, Mugabe vowed to not include rights for gays in a new draft of the country's constitution. He also took the time to once again compare gays to pigs and dogs.

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  1. Didn't the former leader of Botswana come out in support of gay rights last week? Looks like something sensible is brewing in southern Africa with regard to this issue.

    Posted by: Andalusian Dog | Oct 24, 2011 2:22:15 PM

  2. Part of me is cheered by advances we're seeing in Africa. Part of me is terrified at the prospect of us becoming an important issue between opposing forces in those countries.

    Posted by: BobN | Oct 24, 2011 3:16:04 PM

  3. @BOBN I totally agree with you; this can be double edge sword in that part of the world. I am not from there, but have visited both SA and Zim in the past and I love the countries and the people. I really hope that fate liberates Zim sometime soon and Mugabe is ended somehow.

    Posted by: princely54 | Oct 24, 2011 3:41:25 PM

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