1. Erich says

    Okay, generally I say no one can outperform Adele, so they shouldn’t bother doing a cover, BUT Glee mash-ups are always awesome and this one was no different.

  2. RonTEX says

    @ Tim, thanks for coming clean with our group and Aaron, I’ll send you some knee pads. I just GLEEK-ed myself over that number.

  3. jamesintoronto says

    I am so happy that Glee is not shying away from the Brittany/Santana love story. The smouldering and yet mournful looks that Santana gives Brittany are heartbreakingly sad but I don’t think the feelings are reciprocal. Great story line. Love Glee!

  4. slippy says

    A shameless and unapologetic GLEEK here and that mash-up just totally rocked my world -hands down the first alternate version of Adele’s materials that not only completely made it their own but did not have me wishing for the original just WOW !! and pass over sum a those knee pads -Santana is amazing

  5. Fenrox says

    @Erich, I think many people can outperform Adele. It’s one of the things I love about her, she writes these perfect yet accessible songs that anyone can perform.

    And Santana is great, I would love to actually hear her sing one of these days, I bet she would be great at it!

  6. Mike says

    Hey, I love Santana and I love Adele, but that mash-up doesn’t work. The best line of ‘Someone Like You’, the “Don’t forget me…” line, is completely drowned out every time by the beat of ‘Rumor Has It’. I would have much preferred they perform the two songs separately.

  7. JesryPo says

    Do you ever sometimes marvel at the fact that America is watching goddamn musical theater every Tuesday night on television? It’s pretty amazing, and downright implausible if you think about it. I’ll admit that Glee has its ups and downs, but the very existence of this show in the lineup gives me great hope for this country.

    I think future cultural historians will write about Glee the way they now write about ‘All in the Family’ – as a paradigm shift.

    aaannd I too LOVE me some Santana.

  8. Drew says

    Adele at Royal Albert Hall is the hotness. BTW, The Killers also performed at Royal Albert Hall and that HD-channel, Palladia, runs it sometimes. Great concert to check out.

  9. Tom in COS says

    2 things:

    1) I agree with Mike. The arrangement of the mash-up just doesn’t work for me. No fault of the performers there, as what they did was one of the more believable glee club performances I’ve seen on the show.

    2) Does anyone else think that Adele would be one hell of a person to hang with? I mean, seriously, she just seems like so much god damn fun.