1. says

    like this defender of Kidfuckers Worldwide has anything to complain about.

    oh, no! gays got the right to marry! and you know what else? Jews have the right to practice their religion, non-Catholics the right to practice theirs, and you fools can continue to be pious out of one corner of your mouth and hypocritical out of the other.

    I’d love to know if Archibishop Dolan believes the more 6 million Jews exterminated in the Holocaust are in Heaven or Hell. just curious.

  2. disgusted american says

    I wont even go into a long comment here…lets just say,2 letters to the ol’ arch-enemy..I mean Bishop….FU

  3. Joel says

    Awww. Poor Timmy!

    Unfortunately, Timmy, you can continue with your stupid religion so long as there are fools who will pay you. Nobody can do anything about that.

  4. Leo says

    Gee I thought back-room politics where unethical?

    So he thought the politicians were going to play a nice little game of let’s yank the homos’ chain. And instead he got his own chain yanked.

  5. Parker says

    I wish that someone more intelligent & eloquent than I could ever hope to be could explain to people like this Archbishop that religious liberty or freedom is not the same thing as being allowed to discriminate against anyone you so choose; that religious liberty or freedom does not mean we create laws based on your religion; and that the “will of the people” is not always what is “right” in the eyes of either our Constitution or your bible.

    A lot of people had a hard time with integration, inter-racial marriage, Black people being allowed to vote, women being allowed to vote, Black people being allowed to own property, women being allowed to own property, etc. If the civil liberties of the minority are left to the vote of the majority, then people in power would never allow the people without power to have any, let alone equal rights.

    Am I happy that the government has to FORCE bigots into not discriminating against me, to tell bigots that it is ok for me to marry a woman I love, to keep bigots from firing me, evicting me, sexually harassing me, etc? Of course not. I wish we lived in the kind of world where everyone was born, raised, lived, and died equally; a world with no homelessness, no poverty, no hunger. But unfortunately, we dont live in the kind of world where money is meaningless and people live for their passions, not the almighty dollar.

    So in this world, in this unfair, unequal, and sometimes uncaring world, I will take what I can get; and if that means the government has to step in and tell the majority that I am an American too, that I am not a second class citizen, and that I have the same rights as everyone else regardless of what this book or that “man of god” says, then sobeit.

  6. walter says

    the catholic church upset by backroom politics
    isn’t that how they operate. the politicians id what the people wanted not the vatican. isn’t swearing an oath to a foreign power illegal. tax the church end poverty. time for a major art auction an put the money to goo use other than feeding maggie or bill odonohue.

  7. Jim Stone says

    I wish I could ex-communicate myself from this hateful group of bigots. The fact that they are using the money my parents worked hard for that they threw in the collection basket to discriminate against me-their son makes me ill… I wonder when people in our Justice Department will wake up-this is not a theocrisy ..they have no business getting involved in US politics..

  8. john patrick says

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave
    When first we practice to deceive!”
    Thus saith Sir Walter Scott.

    Little Timmy Dolan and his fellow bishops, from John Paul II and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (aka Benedict XVI) on down, have been weaving such a thick web of lies about those of us who are LGBT, that it difficult to take anything he or any of them say with anything but a shaker full of sea salt.

    So he says he was deceived? Was he deceived by the state politicians in his back room conversations, or was he perchance too caught up in his own web of lies to see the writing on the wall?

    How bizarre of the obedient servant of the last absolute dictator in Europe (the pope of Vatican City), a bishop who keeps reminding people that the Catholic Church is a democracy, to call for a vote by the people on the rights of fellow citizens in a state in which he lives only because his boss the pope sent him there!

  9. QJ201 says

    Oh yeah there is a real wisdom in putting civil rights up to a popular vote. No one in there right mind would agree that the civil rights act of 1965 would have passed a “popular vote” nor would have miscegenation laws been repealed by popular vote.

  10. john patrick says

    Correction to my post above – it should read “a bishop who keeps reminding people that the Catholic Church is NOT a democracy”

  11. mike/ says

    this man is a pathetic liar who will burn in the false hell he believes in; he blasphemes the words of the christ he says he believes in but ignores the gospels of love and acceptance and listens to the pathetic saul of tarsus and the old testament;

  12. jamal49 says

    @KEVIN: I always wonder about that, too. Like, of you are a tax-exempt institution that owns half of Manhattan and most of upstate New York, then you should keep your @$$ out of politics. Marriage equality and civil equality are secular issues, Timmy, not religious, no matter how much you want to make it your business.

  13. jaime jones says

    Every one should keep in mind that he is an adult who believes in angels, devils, and holy ghosts. That is an intellect on the level of the average five year old.

    The pompous Catholic Church is splitting apart at the seams. Godspeed!

  14. Silas says

    here they go again playing the victim…damn x-tianity is so good playing victim…oh i forgot they have been playing the victim role for 2,000 years

  15. Robert in NYC says

    Since when do hateful religious clerics get a say in politics and legislation? Tax the bastards with impunity. What about the backroom deals they made to shuttle pedophile priests from parish to parish and covering it up and looking the other way. What a hypocrite. The roman cult is morally bankrupt and has no business judging others.

  16. Ninong says

    If Timmy Dolan is so worried about “the women and the children,” then why doesn’t he do something about divorce? Divorce is the greatest threat to “traditional marriage,” not gay marriage. Gays don’t want to destroy “traditional marriage,” they want to sign up. They want equality!

    I can’t believe he’s talking about contraceptives as an evil force that will destroy civilization. Is the Catholic Church still pushing the proposition that it is the duty of every married couple to have as many children as God wants them to have? I believe even PapaRatzi himself has reluctantly agreed that it would be okay for condoms to be used to prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa, but only by married men and only in intercourse with their wives. Or something like that.

    Timmy is delusional. He’s still working from the premise that the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world. You don’t have to go back to the Inquisition to disprove that, just look at the recent criminal history of the Church worldwide. The Catholic Church is more worried about the reputation of the church than they are about the welfare of the children of the church.

  17. dancobbb says

    Yet another scumbag in the heirarchy of the most primitive regressive organization on earth. I have come to really despise the lunacy and ignorance of the RC church!

  18. dancobbb says

    The church is against contraception because there will likely be fewer babies to brainwash into the primitive mentality of Roman Catholicism. Just DISGUSTING beyond words. In Europe, when the reformation took place, the Protestants thought of the Catholics as the weaker intellects in society. It’s the same today. NO wonder they feel this way when you consider the lunacy of this bumbling fool.

  19. woodroad34d says

    Awww, pooor ol’ queen. He thought he was a playah and then got played. It’s not so much fun when the prada is on the other foot, is it?

  20. Ninong says

    Timmy Dolan mentions St. Thomas More, who was canonized a saint by the Catholic Church in 1935 and later named patron saint of politicians. That’s how Thomas More’s name came up in the conversation. Timmy was complaining about being misled by certain Catholic New York politicians, who assured him the marriage equality bill would be defeated.

    While Thomas More was chancellor, people were burned at the stake in London for the criminal act of reading the New Testament in English. That was a capital crime back then that was enforced by the Catholic Church and carried out by the state. Of John Tewkesbury, a London leather-seller found gilty by More of harbouring English translations of the bible and sentenced to burning, More declared: he “burned as there was neuer wretche I wene better worthy.”

    The same church that burned people at the stake for reading the bible in English only recently forgave Galileo for promoting the heretical idea that the Earth revolves around the Sun. They had to wait more than 300 years because they wanted to be sure. After that declaration by JPII, then-Cardinal Ratzinger wrote that the Church was correct to convict Galileo because he had violated official Catholic dogma of the time. Unbelievable!

  21. Rob says

    Dolan just stated that anyone that is opposed to Catholic doctrine is called Legion which is a demon quoted in the Bible. This leader of the Child Rape Church should look within for the demon called Legion.

  22. Michael says

    I will never understand this man. He has never once spoken out and condemned his own church’s actions regarding the molestation of children. He makes his living hating gay people and trying to get other people to hate them. I didn’t see a single comment from him when last week they found that the man in England who is responsible for investigating catholic abuse cases was found to have over 4,000 child porn images on his church computer. He hasn’t mentioned that at all. And yet he is still here to talk about how he was bamboozled by the gays. What a piece of work. If I am going to go to hell, I will definitely see him there. I would love for someone to finally come forward and directly accuse this monster of molestation so he will go away.

  23. Tim says

    First, a note to Parker. Your argument was very eloquent and you would defeat Dolan in a debate. And if you run for an office in NYS, I’ll vote for you. :)

    This post would be much too long to point out all the factual errors (aka lies) in Dolan’s diatribe, but I have to note the most glaring examples. First, there is no referendum on common issues of law in NYS. He knows that, yet still calls for such a referendum.

    As someone who lobbied (unofficially because I was only representing my now husband and myself) for this bill in the week leading up to the vote, there were plenty of opportunities to talk to state senators one way or another on this bill. The pro and anti-equality forces had their chance and no doors were locked away for three days. There were literally hundreds of thousands of phone calls, letters, faxes, emails sent to legislators. I know because they told me this when I called and visited.

    Religious protection is a major part of this bill. He lies when he says a religious liberty clause is not in the bill. There is such a clause, even extended to organizations and facilities related to sects, faiths and denominations. The Knights of Columbus, a truly homophobic organization, is mentioned in the bill by name.

    Notice the use of the term “these people.” This is a well-known attempt to create the sense of the lgbt community as “the other,” hardly in keeping with the Church’s plea that it respects all people. The same is true when you call unions that are legal in NYS “so-called gay marriages.” Sorry, like it or not, I AM married according to the laws of the state of New York whether you like it or not. I love introducing my husband with that term — husband. It drives the haters up the wall.

    Dolan lies when he says he was assured he had the votes to defeat equality. He uses this canard because he wanted to wield the gavel in his new role as president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. He did not stay in NY to lobby against this bill. He wanted to cavort with his “brother bishops” and pontificate at their meeting. He got his wish, and so did my husband and I.

    If there is an organization that knows about a “very well-oiled, high-financed program of manipulation,” it is the Catholic Church, which secretly sends money to NOM and other organizations to spread lies about the lgbt community that actually leads to violence against gays and lesbians from teenagers to old age. I don’t even need to go into other lies perpetrated by the Church over the centuries and recently. Others have documented them.

    Dolan lied when he claimed clerks were fired for not performing “so-called gay marriages.” Not one clerk has been fired. Ask him for one name of a town or city clerk who has been fired. There is not a single one. That said, no official paid through tax dollars, including mine and my husband’s, should be allowed to disobey the law and not perform a civic duty because of someone’s race, religion, or sexual orientation. If a clerk refused to issue a marriage document to a Catholic couple because s/he did not agree with the Catholic Church, you know Dolan would call for that clerk to step down or otherwise be removed from office.

    While there may be a constitutional duty to protect religious freedom, there is also an equal constitutional duty to protect civil liberty promulgated by laws duly adopted by the legislative process. Dolan’s demand for religious liberty does not trump my husband’s demand and mine for civil liberty. There is no hierarchy of liberties where his are greater than mine. This is not a theocracy, it is not the Vatican. He knows that but wants to be “more equal” than the lgbt community.

    Dolan tells the truth once. In the United States, “the government exists to protect our rights, now to bestow them or take them away.” That includes my husband’s rights and mine too, Archbishop.

  24. says

    I have no intention of clicking that link. The only thing I want to hear from Dolan is a full confession of his crimes once he has turned himself in to the authorities.

  25. MajorTom says

    @Tim – Great rebuttal. One question: Could you identify the source of the quote in your last paragraph? I would love to know who said that! Thanks much.

  26. Tim says

    @MajorTom Thanks so much for your kind comment. My apologies for some repetition and a grammar error or two. I should have proofed it better.

    The line within the quotation marks in the last paragraph was a direct statement by Dolan taken from the above interview — toward the end of the section that discussed marriage equality. I only threw that in to say what is true for his POV of the government’s role in right is also true for mine.

  27. Ed says

    He was mislead by politicians? The Archbishop is either a liar or a fool, and I doubt he rose so high in the church’s power structure by being a fool.

  28. Sister Vira says

    Deceived? Dolan is deceiving himself if he thinks anybody believes this load of horse$hit. The FACT is that Dolan knew that the vote was going to pass. That’s why he tried to distance himself from the political shenanigans and in-fighting that occurred in the weeks/days leading up to the vote. That’s why he LEFT TOWN to address a bishops conference during the critical days leading up to the vote. He miscalculated that distancing himself from a failed campaign to continue denying marriage equality would save face for him with his congregation. He was wrong. The bigots in his church are furious at him for having failed and for not having delivered on his bigoted promise, and donations have been affected. Dolan’s credibility has suffered within the church as well. This ridiculous story about being ‘deceived’ is just another desperate (and failing) atttempt to duck responsibility for his failure. Even among the faithful, there are tens of thousands who pray for the demise of Dolan and Ratzinger, and hunger for a reformation of the Church, so that it can return to relevance in the 21st century. Uneasy rest the heads of those who bear the beanies and pointy hats. When you see the pitchforks and torches in the street, it will be too late.

  29. MajorTom says

    @Tim – Thank you. I couldn’t stomach much of the interview. I should have watched it in its entirety before asking you for clarification. Thank you for being so gracious about it.

  30. says

    I find Dolan’s comments pretty funny. So he thought he cut a back-room deal and got taken. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

  31. jomicur says

    Timothy Dolan believes in talking snakes, dudes who can walk on water, and bread that magically turns into meat. How hard can he be to deceive?

  32. Ted says

    We remember this day 33 years ago, as the news spread East, that Harvey Milk and George Moscone had been assassinated by former SF fireman and cop, Dan White.

  33. jamal49 says

    @TIM: Kudos for a wonderful rebuttal to Miss Archbishop Thing. One wonders where the courageous reporter is who might confront this wretched excuse of a man with all the lies you have exposed and call this SOB out. We are talking about an effete, elitist snob who wouldn’t know what suffering is if it came up and kicked him in his fat, flabby, Catholic can. The audacity of Dolan to cry “foul” because courageous politicians in NY State voted their conscious and not the dictates of Dolan’s church is beyond comprehension. To you, Tim, or to Parker, your eloquence has made my Sunday a little brighter. Both of you should run for office. I’ll not only vote for you, I’ll volunteer to help in any way I can.

  34. anon says

    It’s a “Oh, how the mighty have fallen!” kind of story. There aren’t many religious denominations that have come out in favor of gay marriage, so Dolan’s reactionary views are not unusual.

  35. miles says

    Some one should pull dirt on Timothy Dolan..I’m sure he is not the angel he claims to go do it people..:) bring him down..:)

  36. GRivera says

    SCREW THESE ANCIENT FREAKS! Move ahead. Their ideas never will and have not worked! Your priests seem to the proof.


  37. RexT says

    And the Knights of Columbus – Loads of Cash – Maggie Gallagher & NOM – Funded and Brought to you by, Knights of Columbus. Dolan is an evil man.

  38. Jerry6 says

    The only way the Catholic church, or any other religeon, can endure is by it’s “Believers” contributing money each week at Mass so that the priests and Nuns do not have to go out and earn an honest salary to support themselves. Oh! And these “Believers” have to produce lots of children to be trained and brainwashed into supporting the Priests and Nuns after their parents die.

    Leviticus realized that marriage and children were the keys to perpetuating the system. That is why he decided to create his list of sexual sins that would help the system to continue. After all, if sexual activities do not result in new children to be thus trained, the religion will slowly die off. That is why men who sleep with women not their wives, and men who sleep with other men, and men who sleep with prostitutes,etc, are to be put to death because these acts, generally, do not produce any children that will be brought up to put money in church collection plates.