1. Caliban says

    I love Stephen Colbert!

    He’s an apparently devout Catholic who teaches Sunday school, yet he’s probably the most pro-gay host of any show, addressing gay topics frequently. He’s one of “the good ones,” someone who makes it possible for me to believe that religion isn’t necessarily synonymous with homophobia.

  2. Jonster says

    Colbert’s a devout Catholic who teaches Sunday school? Seriously? I agree he’s definitely one of the good ones. My Dad, also one of the good ones, told me once: “Pay attention to people who squawk the loudest about gays. They’re in the closet. Men who are secure in the sexuality really don’t care about anybody else’s.”

  3. Laura says

    Love Stephen Colbert. He’s also done an “It Gets Better” video. Dan Savage was a guest on his show a few months ago and the interview was a classic. One of the funniest Colbert moments I’ve ever seen!

  4. Smartypants says

    The insanity is that as a whole the Catholic laity are the Christian denomination that is strongly supportive of gay rights, including marriage. In a poll released earlier this week, more than 90% of Catholics support full equality for transgender people.

    The problem is the hierarchy of priests, bishops, cardinals and pope who are insane about anything related to sexuality. Most of them are, at heart, still profoundly insecure adolescents.

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