1. John says

    He shaved his chest for last week’s episode of Glee, where he appeared in a tank top. I guess the Glee creators thought his hairy chest was too mature for someone who’s supposed to be a high school junior.

    I’ll take him either way.

  2. Strepsi says


    If it was for the “First time” episode of GLEE, they should have had Kurt in the tank top. But even more they should have left him as-is. Lots of high-schoolers are hairy, get over it.

    Even in the TV teen world, look at DEGRASSI — Riley is an extremely hairy little Greek, and he is realistic AND sexy. (QUick IMDB search — he’s 21. I can say sexy.)

  3. dk says

    He’s ok, but I’m so tired of everything being all about him. Would take Harry Shum or half of those unnamed Warblers any day over him. Either come out or go away.

  4. Robert says

    Uh, tons of guys Glee have hairy chests. They don’t give a crap about making them look 17.

    Anyway, Darren Criss is impossibly beautiful. And he’s gay. I just wish he’d admit it.


    NO!! Mr. Criss is not gay. He said so himself. If he does seem so to you, it is because he was practically raised by gay men since he lived in SF area. And body hair is so 70s. Hairy men are the grossest of them all. Thank the Gods for allowing Bel Ami to spread that message. To all the old timers on here: Those days have passed. Come on in and join the silky smooth revolution.

  6. ProfessorVP says

    Merely because Criss “said so” doesn’t mean he’s straight, because- forgive me for stating the obvious- there are still, in the year 2011, bigger opportunities and financial rewards in the entertainment industry for those perceived as straight.
    It is why there is not one- not ONE major name-above-title male film star who is openly gay. Don’t tell me they’re all straight because they “said so.”

    Is Criss gay? I don’t know, I don’t claim to know. I’ll put it this way– I wouldn’t be surprised if he was. But please don’t pull this “he can’t be gay because he says he’s straight” crap. Until the playing field is leveled for straights and gays, and there are no more incentives for being secretive or downright lying, we’ll never really know, will we?

  7. rocco11 says

    I don’t have any clue who this average looking guy is. All I have to say is that it takes TWO people to make a conversation interesting. When you find one that isn’t interesting Darren- it may really be you who is lacking. Own that and you’ll mature a lot less smugly as I find that clip of your interview entirely uninteresting.

  8. marica says

    in his case the shaving was a good thing, not because he is playing a high school student (plenty of kids are super hairy from an early age), but because he doesn’t have nice chest hair or that much for that matter. for what i saw in the past just a treasure trail and some long nipple hairs that look fug…certainly not a nice chest rug like Riley from Degrassi

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