1. says

    Well that’s very nice, but there’s no reason to bring up religion at all.

    “Freedom of Religion means freedom FROM religion.

    The fascists who insist “We are a Christian nation” should be sent packing.

    And over and above all the church — being a political institution — should be taxed.

  2. Abel says

    What a wonderful speech. It’s long, but I hope EVERYONE will listen through to the end. This is a powerful and thoughtful statement, well worth making and well worth hearing. Thank you for posting this.

  3. Silas says

    David I would disagree with you becuase listen to the religious right and how they go on and on…plus this is a very conservative state which use the bible a great deal…it was a great speach and its the first I have heard that detail!!!!thanks Ed Shadid

  4. Jacques says

    Keith, you are so wrong. If Brandon hadn’t said, ‘that guy can talk’ I probably would not have watched the video at all and certainly not to the end. I am so glad I did. Thanks, Brandon.

    Regarding Shadid’s discussion of Jesus, let me say this. The worst advice I ever heard from a gay rights activist was that we should always avoid getting into a religious argument because we will always lose that one. Mr. Shadid proves otherwise.

  5. Rick says

    Yet another example of how masculine, straight men are taking the lead in furthering the cause of gay rights, even as the Michelle Bachmans and Maggie Gallaghers and Victoria Jacksons and other catty little things lead the crusade against it.

  6. chad says

    Rick, surely you haven’t forgotten the team of masculine straight men throughout history who have lead the crusade against gay men and who continue to do so today. The emergence of women in this role may be relatively new but they are sharing the reigns with masculine straight men. I would also like to suggest the the Michelle Bachmans and Maggie Gallaghers of the world have some very powerful masculine straight men helping to pay their bills.

    Ed Shadid is an well informed eloquent speaker and would not be any less so were he not masculine or male. Im happy he is on our side.

  7. paul b. says

    Great presentation by Mr. Shadid. Oh, “masculine straight men”…tired, ignorant, and irrelevant. I thought as a community we had moved beyond that crap…it’s what got us into this mess in the first place. Let’s leave “masculine” where it belongs…can you say “toilet”???

  8. Caliban says

    Sadly, I think religious opposition to gay rights *does* need to be addressed even in the context of government if for no other reason than to preempt it. If you don’t bring it up you can be sure they will, so you might as well get your arguments in first.

  9. says

    Are none of you people aware of the concept of “separation between church and state” ?

    Are you aware that the constitution prohibits the establishmentof a single religion in order to govern us all?

    YOU COULD LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!

  10. Rick says

    “Rick, surely you haven’t forgotten the team of masculine straight men throughout history who have lead the crusade against gay men and who continue to do so today”

    Yes, it took the emergence of feminism to demonstrate to them how foolish they have always been to make themselves dependent on women socially, emotionally, and sexually……to make them aware of just how imprisoning emotional attachment to women and living by women’s rules (absolute monogam, “romantic love”) really is.

    Thank God “straight” men are finally beginning to see the light and liberate themselves from this dependence, which explains their increasing willingness and even desire to dispense with homophobia, even as straight women become more vociferously homophobic in ways that they never were before.

    If you think carefully about it–and are willing to dispense with the past and embrace the future–you cannot fail to see that those two phenomena are related.

    It will become clearer to you and others as time goes on–it is only clear to the more astute observers now because we are in the midst of a process and a transition, from an old male culture to an entirely new one….and the vestiges of the old one are still quite evident, INCLUDING the resistance of some gay men to the change that is coming, I guess because they have invested themselves so heavily in the old paradigms.

    But the magnitude of this change will sweep that old gay male culture aside, just as it sweeps the overall male culture and the culture at-large aside…..indeed, I expect that 25 years from now, the entire concept of “gay” will have become meaningless and obsolete.

    And it will be a fantastic development that makes all men’s lives infinitely better than they are now……

  11. Derek Pearce says

    Rick, soooooooooo much of the drivel you constantly write is beginning to make sense now. It’s okay buddy, we all fantasize about getting it on with straight men– that’s normal and healthy to do! But if you sincerely believe that the concepts of “straight” and “gay” will be a quaint memory 25 from years now then you’re pretty delusional. 25 years from now, you’ll still be identified as a guy who digs other guys but doesn’t want to call himself gay, but who others will still call gay.
    And your continued belief that women are somehow becoming more homophobic as men become less so is just so Freudian I can’t even begin to go there.

  12. Artie says

    @ Chad and Rick,

    In the mid-twentieth century, there were straight men who were loudly homophobic because they were successfully terrorized by Christians. The Christian stranglehold on society has collapsed, and Rick has pointed out the result.

    Take a walk through 21st-century American society, Chad. The only homophobic straight men are high-profile professional homophobes who are doing it because they are making lots of money from it. Outside of that, it’s entirely women who are leading the homophobic parade, and you can easily tell that their very heartfelt venom is directed against gay and bisexual men, not lesbians. Although these legions of homophobic women fortunately represent a minority of women, their hate is the result of conviction, not monetary gain. I see this everywhere I go in America, and so do you, Chad. What Rick is pointing out is common knowledge, verified by everyday experience.

  13. Artie says

    @ Derek Pearce,

    From your comment: “And your continued belief that women are somehow becoming more homophobic as men become less so is just so Freudian I can’t even begin to go there.”

    The large homophobic minority of women that Rick is referring to have always been so. There is nothing in Rick’s post which claims that this is a recent phenomenon, so you can toss that straw man argument in the garbage.

    Why do you assume that Rick’s argument is only sublimated sexual desire for straight men? What an asinine assumption. Take an honest look around everyday American society today in the 21st century. The vast majority of ill-will towards gay and bisexual men comes from a minority of women. If you have blinders on and ignore that, you’re delusional.

  14. Artie says

    @ Chad, Derek Pearce, et al,

    In the twentieth century, many men and women were homophobic, but it was impossible to guess men’s motives for being homophobic. It could be conviction or it could be the fear that if men weren’t homophobic, people would think they were gay. In the 21st century, it’s finally clear that men used to be homophobic out of fear, and a minority of women were homophobic, and still are, out of conviction. Now that the truth is obvious, it might offend your political beliefs. Too bad. Science uses empirical observation to verify. Take a look around at 21st-century American society. That’s empirical observation.

  15. Blub says

    Derek, I wouldn’t take their delusions too seriously. Look at Artie’s comments: Pure phantasy, talks about science, but all he has is his personal perception. It’s too clear that his hypothesis automatically wins.

  16. Artie says

    @ Blub,

    Have fun getting your time machine to work. Set it for the early 1950s McCarthy era. Have even more fun kissing up to straight women while they mock you behind your back.

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