Gawker: Ken Mehlman Must Never Have Sex Again

KenMehlmanKen Mehlman is that closeted Republican fellow who ran George W.'s reelection campaign in 2004. He uncloseted himself in 2010, and since then he's been a barnstormer for LGBT rights. Now he's made the Out 100 — that august list of 100 "LGBT movers and shakers who made big impressions on the cultural and social fabrics of this year."

Brian Moylan, of Gawker, is having none of it. (Neither's Joe, of Joe My God, but Moylan approaches his disgust more pro-actively.) Writes Moylan:

… shouldn't [Mehlman] have been fighting for gay marriage, oh, I don't know, when he was helping to run the Republican party? Shouldn't he have cared how these votes were going to go before they happened rather than fighting to reverse them now that they have?

Thanks to Ken Mehlman, we need to fight even harder to achieve marriage equality in all 50 states. Good thing he's going to help, because it's going to take a lot of extra work to reach that goal, in part due to his handiwork. At the time I was working at the Washington Blade, the country's oldest and largest gay newspaper, and we tried like hell to find proof of the gay rumors so we could out the bastard while he was still in power. We never got the chance, and he came out himself in 2010.

… we have to do something to punish Mr. Mehlman for all he's done while still giving him credit for his accomplishments. I have a suggestion. As of this day, every gay man in the world (or at least America) should pledge that they will never sleep with Ken Mehlman. No kissing, no touching, no handies in the bathroom at a Log Cabin convention. Nothing! Yes, he is allowed to be gay and to fight for gay civil rights, but for his past sins, he should be rendered completely celibate. You can date him, you can go to parties with him, and you can invite him to your fundraisers, but don't you so much as dare do anything below the belt … This is the price all traitors should pay — a long, lonely life of frustrated misery.


  1. Dan says

    Punish him and you punish yourself. Great, we teach him a lesson and we lose his ability to connect with Republicans who can be swayed to support our cause. YAY TEAM!

  2. Greg says

    Ha! Joke’s on us! There’s always going to be some pathetic starfucker with a decent body, who’s also decent in bed, who will sleep with the likes of Ken Mehlman. Life isn’t fair. And Kennie will enjoy acclaim from Out Magazine and his high-priced Chelsea loft while the rest of us don’t hurt people for a living.

  3. Rich says

    Jeez, people, can we just give it up already? If we punish people who used to be enemies once they become allies, what incentive is there for people to become allies? How many of you spiteful types are New Yorkers? Remember that we needed Republican votes in the state Senate to achieve marriage equality? Do you think those votes appeared by magic? The simple fact is that he is gay, he is on our side now, and he’s using all his resources (which are unique among gay power brokers) to help our cause. I propose we say “Welcome.”

  4. ophu says

    Forgive, people!

    Be better than our oppressors! That’s all I have to say. We need allies, and Ken is as effective an ally as we’ll ever get. We are nothing without crossover appeal and you damn well know it!

  5. says

    Instead of hoping others will punish him for you, just don’t buy Out magazine. Punish them for trying to rehabilitate his beyond-redemption reputation.

    Hitler was Time magazine’s 1938 Man of the Year, so I never subscribed to Time because I determined it wasn’t being published for the betterment of the human race. Same deal here. And I seriously didn’t even know there was still an Out magazine (the whole concept of Out seems so 1990, and print is so 1995), so it won’t be difficult for me to not buy it.

  6. I recall says

    Is his home decorated with a blow-up of the flyer the RNC sent out to Arkansas in 2004? You know, the one about outrageousness of supposedly banning the Bible but allowing homos to have civil rights?

    Can someone also make a ringtone of Mehlman’s statement around that time about how all those untrue gay rumors were having a negative impact on his (heterosexual) dating life?

    Hostility to gay people tilted Ohio – as Mehlman wanted, and with momentous results – in 2004, did it not?

    It will be a very, very long time before I could possibly summon warm feelings for this guy.

  7. finkles2000 says

    Thanks for saying what you did about Joe My God. I’ll go to his blog for some gay news articles, but he’s petty, incredibly vindictive, and horrendously (horrendously!) self-aggrandizing and self-promoting, which of the three bothers me the most. It seems like one out of every three of his posts include him and his self-importance in some way or another. Which is why Towleroad ranks #1 in my gay blog list.

    As for Mehlman, he’s a disgusting hypocrite, and Moylan hit the nail on the head — it’s because of him that we’re having to fight even harder on LGBT rights. I’ll neither forgive nor forget, but I’ll take the high road and just hope that he can somehow redeem himself. I won’t be holding my breath, though.

  8. NY2.0 says

    Ken Mehlman can jump off a roof for all I care. The guy is a self-centered scum that played a major role in damaging the lives of millions of Americans. Now that he is out of power, he is trying to play noble hero?!?

  9. says

    PS I don’t believe Thorp’s comment about Joe was meant as a criticism. All he said was Joe was disgusted, but that Gawker’s disgust was more pro-active because it offered something for us to do with our disgust—deny Mehlman sex.

  10. says

    My comment to FINK disappeared. I said in part FINK, you should start a blog instead of uselessly commenting bitterly about someone like Joe, who creates news cycles and frames issues brilliantly and in ways that always benefit the LGBT community.

    To Rich: It’s not petty vindictiveness, it’s called not being a damn fool. How is he no longer my enemy? I don’t believe in almost ANYTHING he believes in, he’s still supporting Republicans who are explicitly anti-gay and he is personally responsible in no small part for the anti-gay laws that are now in a bunch of states’ constitutions for the long haul.

  11. Wade says

    What a bunch of jackasses. I for one am glad he’s helping now instead of doing harm. Is he perfect? Not even close. But you all can keep your bitterness and anger, I’ll take marriage in NY that he helped win. With gratitude.

  12. Skooter McGoo says

    No more Out magazine for me then, this guy worked hard to discriminate for Bush against gay people, all is not forgiven because he is still a gay hating Republican. He has yet to prove otherwise.

  13. finkles2000 says

    I’ll agree to disagree. Perhaps my language was too strong and I should have said, he *can be* all those things, MATTHEW. I stated that I still go to the blog. I don’t think he’s (or anyone, really) always “brilliant,” and I don’t think every single one of his posts “always” benefit the LGBT community. Is he an important, passionate ally, MATTHEW? Yes. And I link to his linked articles often, as I probably wouldn’t have found them any other way. But I don’t always appreciate the way his message comes across (to me, I guess — the cheese stands alone). It’s his blog, he can run it however way he wants, I just personally find it oddly self-promotional at times when I don’t think it’s particularly warranted. And while I completely agree with his assessment of asshats who call themselves “christians,” I sometimes think he goes overboard in his ridicule of the religion. That’s just me. I’m not speaking for anyone else, and in retrospect, my words were probably too harsh. But I’m not going to change my opinion.

    And while my blog postings were too infrequent to be of any merit now, I don’t really feel the need to start another one, as you suggested. I do freelance writing for a couple websites, though. I’m just too lazy to link to them here and I doubt anyone would be interested in reading them, because they’re incredibly low-brow. That’s not sarcasm, by the way.

    My apologies to you and other Joe My God fans. He has his opinions, I have mine. So be it.

  14. Sancho says

    I think it’s worth pointing out here that Mehlman has not switched parties. He may have helped New York State to get marriage equality (how handy for him and his future partner and heir), but he continues to help anti-gay Republicans elected – Republicans who will help to confirm conservative judges and Supreme Court justices, who will oppose the repeal of DOMA, etc. Even as he’s helping the gay community, he’s also still hurting it.

  15. Von Lmo says

    Ken, you must be quoting from the Book of Obama.

    What is remarkable is that the article’s author could not find “proof” about Mehlman. I guess that is why all the rumors about the vast gay Republican network in Congress will remain mere rumors & who Jeff Gannon was whoring for, in the White House, will be unknown.

  16. says

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  17. Reggie says

    In my opinion, those who are so ready to “forgive” KM do not fully comprehend the depths of his betrayal of the community, or the countless lives he caused hurt and pain. The divisiveness he instigated, and actively promoted still hurts the nation to this day. Some might say my unwillingness to let him off the hook is being petty, or bitchy. I say their willingness to minimize the damage this person has done is shallow. While they are at it, maybe they could forgive Khadaffi, or the Taliban, or Bin Laden.

  18. Fahd says

    My impression is that his listing in OUT, which is definitely out, and any positive comments about him here or elsewhere are manipulations or postings paid for by/through his publicists.

  19. Christopher says

    @What a bunch of bitter, hateful queens posting here. Grow up and get over it! Focus on the future not punishing people for the past!

    Posted by: Ken | Nov 6, 2011 1:42:53 AM


  20. says

    Fine, let’s not throw him under the bus. But I do hope and pray he catches some major non-fatal but totally disfiguring venereal disease and suffer rejection from even the most cash-strapped rent boy for at least a decade then manage to pick up some homeless kid with no overt symptoms of tubeculosis but is actually incubating hepatitis, herpes, and typhoid.

  21. MadTwatter says

    No opportunity to have sex with gay activists, who are some of the ugliest men on the planet? That’s a reward, not a punishment.

    Also, while I don’t care for Mehlman, it makes no sense to wage a jihad against him after he has admitted that he was wrong and has tried to use his fundraising abilities in our favor.

    Also, of the 11 anti-gay measures that passed in 2004, every single one would have passed even had he done nothing or had opposed them. In most of these 11 states, the gay community didn’t even bother to mount an opposition b/c it knew that it was a lost cause. That’s the way things were in those states seven years ago. It’s different now, so let’s stop living in the past.

  22. Putrid Gossipmonger says

    This kind of infantile ranting by Moylan is so foolish. It’s pointless to attack people who are actually advancing the equality cause, when there are so many more worthy targets who are actively attacking the rights of gays and lesbians. Mehlmann’s ‘forgivenes’ as well as his sex life should be the least of a responsible gay journalist’s worries.

    But since Moylan raises the subject, I have no doubt that a putrid gossipmonger the likes of Brian Moylan would jump at the chance to notch Mehlman’s bedpost for the sake of tallying up a 5th-tier ‘starfuck’. Just another vapid queen protesting way too much.

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