Gay Chicago Couple Ejected from CTA Bus Over Kiss

Christopher Buchanan and his boyfriend Derrell Hughes say they were kicked off a Chicago Transit Authority bus on October 22 for kissing, the Windy City Times reports:

Chicago"I was holding his hand and kissing and whatnot," Buchanan told Windy City Times.

As the bus approached downtown, he said, a middle-aged White woman approached the bus driver to complain about the two. The driver allegedly got up and told Buchanan and Hughes that someone had complained about them and that they needed to get off his bus.

"He was really in my face," said Buchanan. "He said 'you bitches need to get off the bus…I can't stand fags.'"

When the couple refused to leave, Buchanan said, the driver called police. Buchanan said that while police said they had not done anything illegal, they got off the bus after a two-hour ordeal during which a CTA supervisor was called. Buchanan said he felt the two were targeted because they were two black men kissing in public. He noted that a straight couple was also kissing on the bus at the time of the incident.

The couple is being represented by Jacob Meister of The Civil Rights Agenda, who says he will seek some other kind of resolution before pursuing legal action.

Gay couple allegedly booted from CTA for kiss [windy city times]


  1. jason says

    This is yet another example where a woman finds male-male sensuality offensive. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – women are responsible for a lot of homophobia in today’s society.

    Women are not these darling, innocent creatures that many gay men claim them to be.

  2. dw says

    What’s the “and whatnot” part of what they were doing? Kissing is fine but if you’re feeling each other up on the bus that’s another story.

    Still, the bus driver’s response was inappropriate.

  3. Pete n SFO says

    First we had to tolerate uppity black folks…

    Now we have to tolerate uppity GAY black folks?!!

    What is this world coming to, when everyone gets the same treatment I do???

    Once again, the driver ought to have told the other passenger to either look away or file a complaint at a later time.

    I realize that inclusion of the fact that the woman was ‘white’ bolsters the racism/entitled privilege stuff, but really isn’t that just noise? Don’t anyone get side-tracked here, there is absolutely nothing wrong w/ a young couple in love acting sweet w/ one another on a bus.

    I hope the boys do something useful with their money.

  4. says

    This is reprehensible. Mr. Towle, please keep us updated on this case?

    Also, folks: there’s more to every story than just one side. Let’s wait for the rest of the story to come out before leaping to conclusions.

    I agree that some women are responsible for the homophobia in society. However, the poster who commented first sounds like a misogynist. Just sayin’.

    Lastly, the young men in the picture are adorable! Great couple.

  5. jamal49 says

    One wonders. Was the woman white? Was she black? And, the bus driver? Calling those young men “fags”? All because of a kiss? If two, young gay men of colour in love cannot kiss innocently on a public bus then I don’t want to see any straight couples being allowed to kiss. What a shame. I feel badly for the couple. When will all this bigotry ever end?

  6. Francis says

    The bigotry will never end. There will always be bigotry. Even in Chicago. When it comes to these kissing cases, it’s almost ALWAYS someone 40 and over doing the complaining. We’re talking about middle aged and older people who are sheltered when it comes to homosexuality, and this is how they react.

    The problem isn’t the complainers, though. The problem is the fact these bus drivers/flight attendants/etc. go along with the homophobia and are homophobic themselves. Reminds me of the Ari Gold case where the bus driver got told off by the police after wanting to arrest Ari and his boyfriend for kissing.

    I know that bus drivers are definitely NOT people you look at for social commentary but at the end of the day these companies need to do their jobs, and make sure there is a policy in place that goes through how their employees behave when it comes to the LGBT community. The fact these employees end up freaking out and then leveling the hammer against gay/lesbian couples for doing the same things heterosexuals do is unacceptable, and it’s something we need to make hell about.

    A kiss-in is in order here. Every time that a couple is ejected off a bus, airplane, out of a building, solely for same-sex kissing, there absolutely should be a kissing demonstration at the responsible company. The only way these bigots, especially these older ones, will realize that they we’re here, we’re gay and we’re going to continue kissing and not be forcibly closeted is by kissing more and being open with ourselves in the same way straight people are open.

  7. CJ says

    I know I am going to get crap for this – but something tells me there is more to this story. I have been on MANY a bus in Chicago and I live very close to Boystown. I have seen boys holding hands and showing affection from the North side to the South side without so much as a bat of an eyelash from other passengers. Something tells me they were doing more than just kissing. I have heard MANY people on the bus complain about straight people being inappropriate and once actually saw a very intoxicated straight couple kicked off – but she was also trying to give him a hanj under his coat.

    I also don’t think that a CTA driver would call passengers “bitches” or “fags” – someone needs to review the tapes from the security cameras and see how this played out.

    My final point is this whole “there was another couple kissing” comment – was this a make out bus? And if you guys were being all in love and kissy face, would you really notice another couple? Yes, I have seen people being affectionate on a bus, but it is NOT the norm. I feel like there is drama being added to this story and until this story can be confirmed, I find it somewhat suspect.

    Let’s hope the CTA actually recorded what went on that day – it can really help the plaintiffs (or really hurt their story)

  8. KEN says

    The Chicago CTA has cameras on ALL buses. Hopefully they can use the footage to further investigate the matter. I’m a native Chicagoan and take the CTA bus daily. It’s hard for me to understand the bus driver would kick them off for kissing. Chicago is a very diverse city with many different kinds of people from age to race and sexuality. There are even many CTA employees that march in the gay pride parade and the city has dedicated a whole neighborhood to the lgbt community. Although they were two gay black men kissing it’s not abnormal to see on a CTA bus. I see it all the time.So this bus driver is pretty stupid if he might of thought he could kick them off the bus for kissing and get away with it.I’m thinking there might be more to the story we’re not hearing yet. If I were on the CTA bus when this happened I’d pull out my Iphone and start recording. If it’s true that this bus driver did this, he will be fired. Chicago has no tolerance for this kind of discrimination on CTA buses or trains. I love my city VERY MUCH and know this particular incident doesn’t represent the CTA or the many employees that run it. I can’t wait to see the follow up of this story.

  9. says

    All you nitwits who think we can “reclaim” dehumanizing insults like “f*g”, “b*tch”, “queer” . . . you need to read this story. This is what it’s really like for Gay and Transsexual people of color every damn day in this world.

  10. Redebbm says

    Ah the towleroad comments board, its never long before someone questions the story all together against the LGBT individuals themselves. “Oh of course they must be lying because….of my cynicism.”

    If CTA buses are any thing like Metro L.A. buses they have cameras and can be easily verified. These two individuals did nothing wrong. I see straight couples kissing all the time, do i care …no. However it seems there will always be people who feel they must impose themselves on others peoples lives. Like she couldn’t move? or wait for another bus? Oh no lets kick the Gay guys off. They are 2nd class citizens after all.

  11. Shannon says


  12. Derrick from Philly says

    “…who cares.. they’re black. They will probably die of aids or be in jail in a couple of months, LOL”

    Or maybe some couple just like them will pass by you one night in your city’s gayborhood and kick your pale pimpled azz.

    Triple LOL :-)

  13. CJ says

    Oh yes Chris Dachocolatebearcub, you have me all figured out – First of all, you don’t know what color my skin is – so way to assume and falsely call me a biggot. Not cool. Anyone has the right to complain about the CTA, I never said this had ANYTHING to do with race. But if you read the previous story that Dustin posted and then read this story, you wouldn’t raise your eyebrows too? Everyone has different experiences and like I said, if the cameras show that this really happened, I feel horrible for them – but from MY experience (yes, MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE) I have never seen a CTA worker act like this, and if they did, they should be fired. Get off your racial soapbox – this has NOTHING to do with race – I simply think they aren’t telling the full story.

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