1. Don says

    I wish Gabrielle Giffords all the best. I also wish that she would talk about how sensible gun control could have avoided all of this, how fortunate she is to have a cadillac health care policy that we all pay for, and how a psycho with a gun that should have never been sold to him ruined her legislative career. Then we could talk about all of the avoidable health care costs.

  2. truthiness says


    what this makes me think is that we don’t need the 2nd amendment anymore.

    and that we need to seriously consider single payer.

    Gifford had/has a Cadillac health insurance – you or I would either have perished or been bankrupted.

    I wish her well. But I wish our government wasn’t owned by lobbyists more.

  3. The Milkman says

    This is a great example of how speech-language pathologists, of which I am one, can make a huge difference in the lives of people who have endured horrific injury. The same goes for all the physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other health care providers whose work is poorly-reimbursed and desperately-needed.

    Kudos to Rep. Giffords, her family, and her team.

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