1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “But what’s this business about “warning: many folks will find this deeply offensive”? Is NOM really acknowledging that its audience is too lily-livered to handle a little light religious satire?”

    Nah. It is an invitation to those who get off on being righteously outraged to witness deeply offensive stuff, become righteously outraged, and donate money to NOM.

  2. Jake says

    Just remember, NOM is nothing more than a hate organization who feels extremely financially threatened by the changing tide from America’s youth who by in large accept all forms of equality for the LGBT community. Although they will never admit it, they know very well it’s only a matter of time before they’re toast. Why do you think Brian Brown crIed after the passage of marriage equality in NY? It had nothing to do with marriage, he knew at that moment it was the beginning of the end for the financial fat cow (no pun, Maggie) known as NOM.

    NOM and their mindless, ignorant followers are so blinded by their hatred they can’t even see how amusing and incredibly entertaining it is to watch their heads explode from every step we make towards equality.

  3. John B. says

    Note that NOM copied the video to their own site, rather than linking to the original–almost certainly in violation of Youtube’s terms of service.

  4. MKe says

    NOM does not have a right to take other’s interpretation of God and mold it to theirs. I know they believe so highly of the God they’ve read about, but every human being has a soul and a brain and the right to their own belief about God. My advice to NOM would be to not watch this video, because they are not talking to them. I only wish NOM wasn’t talking about me in their own videos, but I am gay.

  5. walter says

    at this point lawyers should be lined up suing nom for violations of tax, civil rights and political contribution laws. they operating outside of dozens of laws. they lie ,bear false witness overstate their support and generally fight the truth at every turn. time to start pushing for criminal sanctions.

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  7. macmantoo says

    I guess they’re taking lessons from the muslims and their feeling over Allah. If it’s not NOM is the dumb religious freaks the republicans have running for President.