Sleazy Robocall In Iowa’s Election Tells Voters to Call Democrat, Ask What Gay Sex Acts She Endorses



A disgusting last-minute robocall in Iowa's special election targeting Democrat Liz Mathis is getting a lot of attention.

Says the call: "Homosexual marriage obviously involves homosexual sex. So, before you support Liz Mathis, call her (at phone #) ...and ask her which homosexual sex acts she endorses."

KGAN reports on the call (and has audio):

Andrea Jilovec was one voter who received the call.

"I was shocked, I was dismayed, and I think it's one of the worst phone calls I have ever received," she says.

The caller says the message is sponsored by the Citizens for Honesty and Sound Marriage in Iowa and it targets Liz Mathis and her stance on same-sex marriage. The calls come in as private and cannot be traced or called back. Monday night the Golding campaign quick to say the message didn't come from them or the Republican party.

NOM and Iowa's anti-gay group The Family Leader are denying involvement in the calls, claiming that it's they are a plot against them.

BrownSaid NOM President Brian Brown:

"Yesterday a phony group claiming to support marriage launched robo calls that were so offensive they clearly were designed to turn voters away from Cindy Golding because she supports marriage between one man and one woman. Neither NOM nor Family Leader had anything to do with these calls and we decry them. We call on the Attorney General to launch an investigation into this dirty trick to determine who is behind the calls, which are designed to steal the election from Ms. Golding...This is a dirty trick that is being played on Ms. Golding, NOM, Family Leader and all legitimate supporters of traditional marriage. We demand that the Attorney General find out who is trying to steal this election by the use of dirty tricks like this."

Said Bob Vander Plaats, president and CEO of Family Leader: "NOM and the Family Leader have been out front advocates for Cindy Golding’s election for weeks, because she will help ensure that the voters of Iowa have the opportunity to vote on the definition of marriage in our state. Our involvement in the race is well known and well documented. We would never use some phony group to deliver messages that are not only vile, they are bound to backfire."

Values_goldingMeanwhile, the Values Voter Bus paid a visit to Marion, Iowa yesterday and Golding was there to greet it:

Golding spoke only briefly at the rally and left immediately after offering her remarks. Campaign staffers indicated that she was only barely able to fit the bus stop into her final push.

Golding told those attending that it isn’t social conservative groups like the National Organization for Marriage, Family Research Council, The Family Leader and others pushing to keep gay marriage in the spotlight, but a focus that has resulted from media coverage of the race.

“I want to point out something that maybe has been lost on a few people,” Golding said.


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