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    Back in the early 1950s, I quit a Chicago high school because I had “Those” tendencies and back then it was taboo just to know someone “queer” and that’s what we were known as back then. I moved to S.F. in the 60s and spent 25 years as a Chicagoan in Exile before returning to live back in my home town. I’ve seen so many changes in that time and almost all of them for the good. A few years ago, I was given a ticket to a student stage-play at the Walter Payton College Prep High School and in the PLAYBILL,
    several student actors listed that they belonged to the Gay/ Straight/ Alliance. It’s nice to know that kids do no longer have to quit school when they have the support of their school,their teacher and their peers. Chicago has become a gay friendly city for tourist and residents and some high-school age kids.

    I happen to be a photographer that documented the evolution of the early San Francisco Gay Rights Movement in the 1970s and spoke to the Teacher at Payton’s G/S/ Alliance and have since talked to their group on several occasions. Sadly, not all Chicago Schools have after school chapters and too many other big cities and small towns do not either. I’m glad that this information is being made to so many via Towleroad.