1. metroptomist says

    I wish people would stop trying to “commune with nature” and getting close to whales… there’s no way these people weren’t aware that whales were feeding out there; they didn’t just pop up out of the blue. I imagine that these people paddled out there specifically to be close to the whales.

    We’ve done plenty of damage to whales already… the least we can to is to avoid interfering with and annoying them.

  2. metroptomist says

    from the YouTube post:

    “A pod of humpback whales has been hanging out off the Santa Cruz coast, noshing on anchovies that flock to the area to feed on plankton. The woman found herself in the middle of a feeding frenzy called lunge feeding, which occurs when whales herd anchovies and shoot straight up out of the water with their mouth wide open to catch the fish.

    The whales have had quite a few dangerous close encounters with humans and boats in recent months. Whale watchers are warned to stay at least 100 yards away from the feeding area. Roettger says she has now gained a greater respect for whales, their feeding patterns and will now only spectate from the decidedly safer dry land.”

    I rest my case.

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