1. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, child. I would put Elizabeth Taylor to shame with the make-up I wore in highschool…in the Gay Gay 1970s. But, Thank God, I was in Philadelphia Pennsylvania NOT Tennessee.

  2. Jason says

    Okay, I have to side with the principal on this one. I don’t get the make-up thing and I’d be distracted by him too if I were in school. Kasey is obviously trying to draw attention to himself. Its a public school; not a circus!

  3. says

    The make-up is fine. You wouldn’t think gays would be so judgmental. I like eye make-up on guys. Just because you “don’t get it” doesn’t mean no one should express themselves the way that makes them feel good. It’s just make-up. Yeesh.

  4. wtf says

    Oh Jason, of course you do! Because you’re a troll and a dooshbag. If they’re going to suspend a male student for wearing some purple eye makeup then they damn well better suspend those male students running around with their a$$e$ hanging out, female students with cleavage all over the place, and athletic coaches with those tight polyester shorts (lawd have mercy) showin’ they stuff. So don’t even get me started on distractions! At that age, honey, the wind blows and a mind is distracted- mmm, mmmm! What a SHOCK that this principal is such a bigot, coming from the south. Oh and don’t get all offended children – I was born and raised down there, I know of which I speak.

    Oh, and Jason? You’re still a fool. Best to keep your mouth shut.

  5. John says

    This wouldn’t bug me if said policies were applied broadly and fairly. That makeup would, indeed, be a distraction. And quite honestly, why marginalize yourself even more? Especially in an conservative town.

  6. Jason says

    Curt, I don’t see any positivity from this. I try not to be a judgmental person, but I think its important to present the fact that so many of us want to be considered to be just like other people. There has to be a limitation in an academic environment. What’s next, should he just come to school in his underwear if it makes him “feel good” too? Where do we draw the line and how does this benefit anyone but “Please Look at Me” Kasey?

  7. says

    But if your eye turns the same shade of purple after you’re punched in the face that’s not disruptive.

    And what about vagina owners? Are they allowed to wear makeup? If so then this is sex discrimination. Boys should have the same opportunity to doll themselves up to woo the captain of the football team as anyone else.

    Unless the school can prove that females must be accommodated for something that doesn’t apply to boys (like being allowed to possess tampons and Midol) then it’s just arbitrary sex discrimination.

  8. Nigel says

    Why care what he looks like? High school is when youth experiment and learn how to dress, apply make-up, etc. Disruption is about his behavior. Is he attentive in class? polite and kind to others? How are his grades, does he apply himself to the school work at hand? Is he late to class? Many a girl that is just learning to apply make-up do horrible jobs but are they kicked out?

  9. John K. says

    Jason: king of ridicuolous analogies. Underwear? Really? You want to be taken seriously, right?
    If the girls can wear makeup, the boys should be able to. Apparently from other articles I’ve read about this, other BOYS are allowed to wear makeup. This one beieves he is being targeted specifically because he is gay.

  10. at says

    Exactly Anastasia. If the rule is applied regardless of sex, this is fine. Otherwise, it’s discrimination based on sex and the school district should be worried, ’cause they could have a very legitimate lawsuit on their hands.

  11. Mike in the Tundra says

    “I think its important to present the fact that so many of us want to be considered to be just like other people.”

    Jason, I’ll never be like other people (at least a very large percentage of other people). I’m a guy who likes c*ck.

  12. Francis says

    When looking at homophobic incidents in schools, there is almost always one of two reasons why the discrimination is taking place:

    1) Religion.

    2) Social conservatism.

    Coincidence? No. The reality is this is a gay teen in Tennessee, who was being denied to express himself as he pleases because the principle at the school probably sees it as flaunting his gayness. Let’s call it what it is. Whether you think his makeup application is cute or not, whether you think that boys wearing makeup is weird, the bottom line is, that he should have had the freedom to wear his makeup and not be essentially bullied by his principal. More than that, he was clearly primarily punished because of his sexuality.

    I’m happy the school has implemented a new rule allowing all children to express themselves freely and the suspension was lifted, but I feel bad for Kasey. Being gay in Tennessee is hard and he shouldn’t ever feel down about being gay, hopefully his family continues their strong support for him.

  13. Ricco says

    JASON, Firstly: of all kids draw attention to themselves. Teens are at an age that they are trying forge their identities, and their place in the world. They should be given a lot of leeway to work that out, and it is an educators job to help them figure that out. They are not there just to teach math and chemistry. Anyone can do that.

    Secondly: Everything in a high school is a distraction to the learning process. That is actually part of the process, and not just for the kids. A good teacher, a truly good teacher, while monitoring, and guiding kids, should not think themselves better than the kids, and above learning something from the kids.

    Thirdly: Steve Lindsey said that another kid, a straight kid also wore makeup and nothing was said about that kid. It would seem the principal has issues with Steve’s sexual orientation.

  14. Joey says

    If girls can wear make-up then boys can too. This has nothing to do with natural gender differences, it has to do with cultural prejudices and should be treated as such. Men in many cultures wear make-up. Time to grow up folks and accept life as it is.

  15. Francis says

    Once again, Jason makes comments that are awful and exposes his internalized homophobia and misogyny. Really not worth a response, so I’ve said all I need to about him.

  16. Jason says

    @Francis… Just because you don’t happen to agree with my opinion, does not make my comment awful. I’m a conservative gay man living in Alabama. If somebody can explain to me why a student would wear purple make-up for any other reason in school other than to attract attention to themselves, I’ll listen. Now what he does outside school hours, is his business. That’s all I meant to infer. Thanks.

  17. MattS says

    Thought problem: Suppose a bible-thumper kid wears a shirt that says “Jesus is my savior” or wear a big honking Tammy Faye Bakeresque cross or some such thing. Nothing in her wardrobe is attacking anyone else. Should she be allowed to wear that?

    Then we ask the bible thumpers who support this suspension: if kids tease that girl and it disrupts class, should she be disallowed from wearing that? Should she be suspended?

  18. MattS says

    @Jason, don’t girls also wear make up to call attention to themselves? Many people dress and style there hair in ways that gets them attention. Why is this boy’s attempt to do so so much worse than anyone else’s?

  19. Danny says

    He looks fine–certainly no more outlandish than many, many kids’ goth look seen all the time at malls and on the streets. I imagine most kids barely gave it a thought after they first noticed it.

    And I dont think he did a bad job with it at all.

  20. Paul R says

    I’m really glad that I continued reading the comments. The first 6 or so were really depressing and sadly predictable.

    Heh. My mother—a very conservative Christian Republican—gave me makeup when I was 12 and going to an Adam Ant concert because I had a massive zit and she wanted it covered because she thought I had a crush on one of the girls I was going with. Umm, not quite.

    Who cares what kids wear? At that time in life, you feel powerless. One of the few areas of control is your appearance. Purple eyeshadow is far preferable to other extreme measures such as bulimia and anorexia. Let the kid be happy; he has more guts to do this at his age, in his area, than most people will have in their lives.

    Oh, and I think there may be more than one Jason posting.

  21. GregV says

    @Jason: According to the news report, this WAS outside of school hours. Which still leaves A.T’s legitimate question unanswered: How can what a student wears OUTSIDE of school hours be labeled a “distraction?”

    The news reporter didn’t pose that question, nor did he mention the pertinent issue of whether or not female students are given the freedom to paint up their faces after, or even during, school hours.

    I do wonder why Kasey is choosing this way of expressing himself. (Because, really, purple eyes have no direct connection to anyone’s orientation).
    If, indeed, he is gay, does he feel so stifled in this hick-town high school that he is looking for any symbolic way to be a visible representation of the unusual? I’d be interested to know how many ways he has tried to express himself so far, and what the reaction from the administration has been.

  22. says

    That is absurd. For starters, the idea that someone would get SUSPENDED for wearing makeup is so unnecessary and really just speaks to bigotry on the part of the administration. I highly, highly doubt very many, if any, other kids are getting suspended for violated dress codes — and I’m sure, if it was like anything when I went to high school, the dress code is violated every day with barely a whisper.

    I know court is costly, but it’s time to get a lawyer to 1) get his record cleared and 2) ensure his right to wear as much or as little make up as any girl is wearing at that school.

  23. jason says

    Women are to blame for a lot of this. They can’t stand it when men start to neutralize the double standards which women themeselves have created.

    From the make-up double standard (women can wear make-up or not but men must never wear make-up) to the clothing double standard (women can wear trousers and dresses but men must only wear trousers) to the bisexual double standard (female bisexuality “hot”, male bisexuality “not hot”), women are responsible.

    Forget about our battles with right-wingers. It’s women who are waging a war against our sexuality in ever so subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

  24. ratbastard says

    1) I admire his guts and honesty
    2) I went to school with goths who looked A LOT ‘worse’.
    3) Schools should have a strict dress code IMHO. Some kids (and many adults) like to attract attention to themselves, wearing and doing ‘outrageous’ things with this in mind. School is in reality serious business (like, in general, the work-place), and it’s inappropriate and un-necessarily distracting. When this kid enters the so-called real world, he’s in for a shock. He’ll of course be expected to display self-control and maturity. Part of a schools job is to get this across to young adults.

    I attended public H.S. for 2 years, and Catholic (all boys!) for 2 years. Anything went at the public school,including no real dress code. My Catholic all-boys H.S. had a strict dress code (standard prep: white dress shirt, maroon tie, khaki pants), as well as strict rules regarding acceptable behavior. The public school couldn’t really enforce rules or expel anyone, the Catholic school could and did. It made for a better environment for learning.

    God, do I miss those locker rooms full of ‘boys’ in their underwear 😉

  25. Benny the Jet says

    Jason is lonely guys or writing a dissertation on Pavlovian responses by gay men online to comments they find offensive. He pokes and you give him a reaction every time. It’s all a little codependent at this point. Anyway, I hope the kid sues. He deserves it!

  26. rovex says

    Got to love western double standards. No one these days seems to think that wearing fake tan is girly, yet it most certainly IS make-up. Are tribal men in the Amazon ‘girly and gay’ because they wear ‘make-up’? Christian conservatism is selfish, backward and a social poison.

  27. Gary says

    This seems harmless enough to me. However, if a student wore clown makeup, would that be ok? Where does one draw the line? I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable making these kind of distinctions. Do we really want school officials spending time debating what is appropriate makeup? Tough issue, with no clear cut answer.

  28. Gigi says

    When I was in high school, in a small farming town, I wore Ralph Lauren clothes. Layer upon layer of it. Pink, yellow, purple and striped shirts. Every color imaginable. I WANTED to stand out! Doesn’t sound very brave to some but in a school filled with Christianists, farmer’s kids, jocks and stoners, my style of dress was the equivalent of wearing purple eye make-up. I got harassed and ridiculed but it was my way of standing apart from the rest.

    I applaud Kasey for wanting to express himself. We have enough Abercrombie clones in the world. There are some, like Jason, who “don’t get the make-up thing” but that’s their problem, not Kasey’s. The only reason the make-up is distracting to the school is…repeat after me kids:
    HOMOPHOBIA. And yes, Jason, gay men can be homophobic as well. Just ask Prissy Barron from GOProud.

  29. says

    Gary — In the case of clown makeup, boys should be allowed to wear the same clown makeup as girls. If clown makeup is a distraction then it can be banned, but the same rule must apply equally to boys and girls, and regardless of their sexual orientation.

    This school is allowing [undeclared but presumed] heterosexual boys and all girls to do “X”, but denies a declared gay boy the same liberty (though without specifying the reason). Squirm, school district lawyer, squirm!

  30. JB says


    I received this statement from the TV station this morning…I included them in my email to the school board.

    The reporter of the TV station said…

    I haven’t confirm it, but we received word from Kasey’s mom the principal has reversed Kasey’s suspension and anyone is now allowed to wear makeup.

  31. Joe says

    I love the purple. It’s very about what’s going on right now. How come there isn’t anybody talking about how cool he looks? I wouldn’ve been his friend. Still would.

  32. Morgan says

    I go to school with Kasey. He’s never caused a distraction by wearing make-up. Our principal is just a homophobe. The truth is, our school has a lot of that kind of diversity. At least half of the student body is made of homophobes though. I’m bisexual, and because I wore purple to support Kasey and the LGTBQ, I’ve been spit on and shoved around. It’s not Kasey and his make-up that’s causing the problem,it’s the fact that he’s gay.

  33. starpeople88 says

    @ Jason i’m totally with you, don’t be bothered by all these usual uppity rah-rah-all-gay-all-the-time-in-everyone’s-face nellies who think no one’s opinion matters but their own.

    A boy wearing that kind of makeup to school in a place like Tennessee is just looking for attention – and asking for trouble. If he didn’t get sent home he probably would have gotten his ass kicked instead so the principal did him a favor I’d say.

  34. George M says

    Starpeople88 why does it matter tho if he does use it. That’s the point. How can you evenly apply the distraction rule. Everyone is distracted by different things. If I walked in with a mo hawk I’m sure I’ll distract someone, really tho how do you apply it. Boys only do boy things and girls only do girl thing?
    Jason has a right to what ever, both sides take a different view on things. The left wants to make sure all lgbt’s are equal no matter what, those of you on the right well I don’t know what you want. There is a huge difference on how gay people on the left and right work to gain equality. That can be a good thing.
    Question what do you think of bullying prevention laws?

  35. Tom Smith says

    uniforms. no make up, either sex. if you create a problem in a learning environment they can send you out to the fields for a few days to do work that Americans do not want to do.

    You are gay. Fine. I am open minded.
    You want to draw attention to yourself. Wrong place.

    If you want to wear girl stuff. OK. Girl Uniform. When you realize that their stuff is just as boring you may change your mind.

    They should save field work for bad teachers as well.

  36. says

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  37. Jason 2 says

    I don’t think he should be suspended, but I also kind of see the point that he’s doing something potentially disruptive. The problem I have with that argument is that the “disruption” standard is practically impossible to apply fairly and equally across different situations. I guarantee you the prejudices of the administration have a lot more to do with it than anything else, especially since there don’t appear to be clear, explicit standards, and there definitely should be.

    As others have said, what actions would be taken if this were a “straight” thing rather than a “gay” (or not-straight) thing?

    Arbitrary and childish abuse of power on the part of the principal.

  38. says

    I’m a conservative gay man living in Alabama.

    Posted by: Jason | Nov 4, 2011 8:32:23 PM

    Well that states it. So why would anyone question Jason’s comments any further. He just told why his comments are what they are.

    I’m a conservative gay man living in Alabama…….aka..I live in the closet!

  39. andy says

    I love the irony of the supposed reason for the suspension was he was a distraction. So… let’s make a huge case out of him and suspend him. No distraction there. Dress codes are so stupid, especially when they’re open to interpretation and are selectively enforced. As for the person saying “what if he wanted to go in his underwear?”
    Yeah, what if he did? If someone’s attire or lack thereof is a distraction that’s the observers problem.

  40. just_a_guy says

    I hope the ACLU or Lambda or some other attorney group gets behind him. Even if this state law seems to give him no chance by the way it’s written, it seems a bullocks law on its face.

    Unless girls are also barred from wearing makeup, which I have trouble believing.

  41. says

    ignore Jason and Rick – they’re both furiously angry with ‘femme gays’ because their own fathers resent having to call them Son.

    Rick. Jason. it’s not the fault of gender-nonconformists that your fathers are ashamed of you.

  42. Jason says

    Wow!… So because I was honest and stated that I was a conservative, you automatically attribute my standing as being a closet-case. Could you be any more shallow? And incidentally, my father is very proud of me and my career… and he actually likes my boyfriend (more like husband but marriage is not legal in Alabama) too.

  43. George M says

    Jason, can I ask you something not looking for a fight trying to understand. Being a conservative gay man can you vote for the current GOP runners knowing where they stand on lgbt issues? Or are there other factors that you look at. I just can’t get past their positions on lgbt issues to vote for them. Do I wish the dems were better at balancing a check book Yes but how do you over look the other stuff? I’m 37 and never voted for a republican and don’t know if I ever will.

  44. MikeGC says

    Let’s hope that Jason gets over his pathological need for attention while he’s still in school. If he tries to express himself by wearing purple eye shadow at work some day, he could very well find himself out of a job, without the spotlight of media coverage, without anyone caring in the least.

  45. Gregv says

    @George M: I can’t recall a time when the Republicans have been in power and ever balanced a checkbook. They use words like “fiscal responsibility” and “freedom” as buzzwords for campaigning but then vote to charge up trillions (with no plan at all on how to pay for any of it), and they pass national laws and local bi-laws wherever they can to take away others’freedoms for flippant reasons.

  46. George M says

    I guess what I’m tying to understand and not really sure why, is how a gay conservative votes for someone who has positive views on some issues and holds negative views about us. How does one justify making that choice (i understand that its a personal choice). I don’t have any republican friends to ask. I’m not sure why this sticks in my head. I do have some conservative leanings just no where near enough to vote GOP. Like capital punishment, guns and the military. But I couldn’t vote for someone who was 100% on these topics and negative on lgbt issues. Idk

  47. George M says

    But being conservative on issues do you vote for conservatives even if their anti gay? I hold some strong conservative views but cant vote passed “me”. I get this is not the place for a discussion like this.
    Its hard to separate the GOP and conservatives sometimes, the GOP hates it when the two are pulled apart.

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