1. sparks says

    I don’t care for mohawks but I think that’s the sexiest photo I’ve seen of Mr. Lutz. (It helps that the pic doesn’t show his body, which lately has seemed disproportionately huge relative to the size of his head.)

  2. jason says

    How has Kellan Lutz getting a mohawk got anything to do with gay rights? There are millions of battles to be fought and yet we agonize over a mohawk.

  3. tinhouston says

    oh put the hair back on, please.
    (it’s not that i don’t like bald men–i do–i just don’t like him with that style.)
    Maybe it’s the pic. lets see more. :)

  4. say what says

    jason bemoaning gay rights yet every other thread always sees jason spouting right wing talking points and praising repubs

    ironic hypocrisy

    PS jason didn’t you also recently post how wonderful and brilliant herman cain is and how he would make a better president than Obama? How is that support for cain working out for you?

  5. The Milkman says

    Oh no, I beg to differ. Lutz looks way hotter with a shorn melon. But then again I’m a sucker for a clipped head on top of a mountain of muscle.

  6. Jerry says

    Thanks @Jason for reminding us to quit sexualizing people and start supporting Hermain Ca-…oops.

  7. peterparker says

    I’ve never found him all that attractive…until now. WOOF with the mohawk and the shaved head…and I rarely like a shaved head!

  8. Blake says

    I love Andy’s blatant favoritism when it comes to Kellan Lutz. “I run this blog, goddammit, and I’ll post about Kellan WHENEVER… I… WANT TO.”
    (But I’m not complaining, either.)

  9. Marie says

    Again…Why anyone would want to bag on this super sweet, charitable and oh-so-hawt man is beyond my understanding. Find a better waste of your time and disdain. There’s tons of worthier targets out there, haters.

  10. johnny says

    Meh.To me he looks like an ex-con, just needs a bit of face ink to complete the picture, some sort of prison/biker chic, maybe a skull or a big ol’ iron cross up his neck, something really poorly executed by a cell mate. And the words “Die In Honor” or some other high-minded drivel scrawled across his forehead. Yup, that oughta round it out just perfectly.